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Development of the Indore Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System

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1 Development of the Indore Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System
A Learning Experience Chandramauli Shukla (CEO, AICTSL) 7th September 2012 Presented by: Amit Bhatt Atal Indore City Transport Services Ltd. (AICTSL)

2 Project Basics Initiated 2007 Length of route 11.6 km Road section
Niranjanpur Project Basics Initiated 2007 Length of route 11.6 km Road section 31.6 / 60 metres System type Closed Median stations Stations 21 Number of buses 50 Type of bus 12 m long with AC 900 mm Semi Low Floor 245 hp, BS III engine Completion November 2012 Rajiv Gandhi

3 ‘PLANNING’ more important than ‘PLAN’
Initial cost estimate = INR Cr. (Plan) Included cost of civil works of corridor only Cost ‘EXTRAs’ not planned for Land acquisition Utility laying / shifting Relocation of religious structures Stations Buses ITS (AVLS + AFCS + Signalling) EXTRA Costs amounting to INR 300 Cr.

4 Lack of Strategic Partnerships
Initially Delhi BRT design model followed for Indore However, Delhi BRT turned unsuccessful Ahmedabad BRT introduced – proved huge success Decision to change Indore BRT design to Ahmedabad BRT design model Corridor construction was underway Design change involved re-configuring of utility ducts Further additions to cost and timelines Partnerships with BRT experts at the outset would have avoided such time and money losses

5 Technical Expertise Limited capacity at AICTSL
Adequate technical expertise not available with government to provide assistance / guidance to AICTSL External consultation came with a price-tag

6 Project Publicity Lot of negative publicity received from press and media BRTS blamed for ‘any’ and ‘every’ traffic incident along BRT corridor by media and experts National-level committees throw negative light on Indore project No consultation with AICTSL / IMC Limited awareness among people and media presents great challenges for BRTS

7 Partnership Partnership with EMBARQ India bridged the knowledge gap for the BRT project

8 BRT’s Impact on Urbanisation in Indore
New Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Corporate Offices etc. have developed since project inception Premium on FAR in commercial buildings presents significant funding generation

9 Transforming Indore… Before After Mangal City

10 Transforming Indore… Before After Niranjanpur

11 After Transforming Indore… Before After Arts and Commerce College

12 Transforming Indore… Before Before After After

13 Transforming Indore… After Before

14 Lack of external funding support
Funding commitments from government sources not received Funding from World Bank for ITS project available, but not flexible to suit the changes over time AICTSL had no other streams of revenue to fund excesses DELAYED

15 Innovations in alternate funding generation
All land acquisition done using Transfer of Develop Rights (TDR) model Savings to the tune of INR Cr. Advertisement rights along entire corridor transferred to AICTSL from IMC Proposed share of Urban Transport Fund (UTF) tax being introduced in Indore Proposed share of Land Value Capture Increased FAR – new building permissions Sale/purchase of property

16 A quick comparison… Parameters Ahmedabad (Ph-1) Delhi (Ph-1 partial)
Indore (Ph-1) System type Closed Open Stations Median Staggered Network length 12.5 km 5.5 km 11.6 km Bus type AC & Non AC AC Technology AFCS, AVLS - AFCS, AVLS, Signalling Accessibility Level boarding Stepped boarding







23 Indicative Timelines (1)
August 2012 September 2012 October 2012 Bus operator finalised Prototype bus from Corona received and feedback sent Tender Automatic Sliding Gates floated Drawings for Bus Workshop finalised Tender for ITMS on BOT model Commence work on Branding and Outreach Agreement with bus operator Receive first lot of 8 buses from Corona Finalise contractor for Automatic Sliding Gates Finalise contractor for construction of Bus Workshop Hold ITMS tender Pre-bid meeting Complete 50% work for Branding and Outreach Complete corridor railing construction Tender for advertising along BRT Staff recruitment and training by operator Total 16 buses received from Corona Commence installation of Automatic Sliding Gates – Complete bus station construction Complete 50% construction of Bus Workshop Finalise concessionaire for ITMS tender Complete Branding and Outreach project (100%) Finalise advertising contractor

24 Indicative Timelines (2)
November 2012 December 2012 January 2013 Start trial runs on BRT corridor using 16 buses Total 24 buses received from Corona Complete installation of Automatic Sliding Doors Complete construction of Bus Workshop (100%) Vendor starts ITMS procurement Outreach efforts continue Advertising contractor commences work Continue BRT trial runs Total 32 buses received from Corona ITMS vendor begins installing equipment Full system test run for streamlining operations Advertising work continues Launch of full passenger operations on BRT corridor Total 40 buses received from Corona ITMS project continues (full operation of ITMS by August 2013)

25 Atal Indore City Transport Services Ltd.
Thank you! Atal Indore City Transport Services Ltd. Plot. No. 30, Residency Area, A.B. Road, Opp. M.G.M. Medical College, INDORE Ph. : | -

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