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1 911 Facts or Fiction and What you need to Know Presented by Shayne Waterbly.

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1 1 911 Facts or Fiction and What you need to Know Presented by Shayne Waterbly

2 XTEND Communications Corp2 Introduction Mr. Shayne Waterbly VP Sales XTEND Communications Corporation Sr. Director of Telecom Resurrection Healthcare Responsible for : 55,000 Nortel Phones 10,000 Avaya Phones 17 Option 81s 61s 11s 2 G3 switches 117 sites throughout Chicago Director of Information Services Catholic Health Partners Responsible for : 2 G3 Avaya switches, an Option 81 and 23 sites

3 XTEND Communications Corp3 Agenda History of 911 Anatomy of a 911 Call Regulatory Jurisdictions Risks and Exposure of non compliance 911 System Basic Requirements Considerations before implementing a 911 system Questions

4 XTEND Communications Corp4 Fact or Fiction ? Where did 911 Come from ??? More then likely we got it from Britain Why 911 as the numbers ??? On a rotary phone in the dark one could find the 9 and the 1 quickly

5 XTEND Communications Corp5 Fact or Fiction ? Why three numbers instead of 2 or 4 ??? Central office Centrex speed dial supported 3 digit codes Where was the first 911 call made ??? Haleyville, Alabama

6 XTEND Communications Corp6 History of 911 Jul 1937 Britain implements its 999 emergency phone service Feb 1967 Commission of Law Enforcement recommends single contact number for police within a metro area Nov 1967 FCC sends Congress comments on Resolution 361 which supports the concept of a single nationwide emergency number Jan 1968 AT&T announces their designation of 911 as a universal emergency number

7 XTEND Communications Corp7 History of 911 Feb 1968 First 911 Call placed in Haleyville, Alabama by Speaker of the house Rankin Fite to the City Hall answering point April 1970 First 911 center installed in Odessa, Texas Mid 1970s Alameda County pilots project for selective routing of 911 calls, until this time all 911 calls are routed via hard wired connections Jul 1978 First federally-financed trial of selective routing E911 goes on-line in Alameda County. System provides ANI but no ALI

8 XTEND Communications Corp8 History of 911 Dec 1982 Minneapolis St. Paul area implements an E911 system that is the first multi-county Enhanced system in the country. Oct 1999 President Clinton signs Senate Bill 800 which designates 911 as the national emergency telephone number. Oct 2001 St. Clair County, ILL is the first 911 center in the country to provide Phase II wireless E911 for Verizon customer. Rhode Island begins state-wide Phase II for Sprint with GPS handsets

9 XTEND Communications Corp9 Anatomy of a 911 Call Police Hardwire Connection 9-1-1 CALL FLOW C.O. Call 911 Assumes Geo-Political are the same Assumes single carrier provider

10 XTEND Communications Corp10 Anatomy of a 911 Call Original concept did not consider multiple police departments within the same CO. Original concept was based on a single number for police not all emergencies. Makes sense why the first 911 center was in a small local area covered by a single CO within a single jurisdiction.

11 XTEND Communications Corp11 What We Thought We Were Doing Easy to remember, number 911 is simple Would work everywhere. Telephone systems could be made to recognize 911 as a unique set of dialed digits

12 XTEND Communications Corp12 Fact or Fiction Do 911 calls provide location information with the call when it goes to the 911 center ?? No only the ANI (10 digit telephone number) Where does the 911 center get the location information from ? The Local Exchange carriers ALI Database

13 XTEND Communications Corp13 Enhanced 911 Call

14 XTEND Communications Corp14 Enhanced 911 Call

15 XTEND Communications Corp15 Enhanced 911 Call

16 XTEND Communications Corp16 Enhanced 911 Call

17 XTEND Communications Corp17 Enhanced 911 Call

18 XTEND Communications Corp18 Enhanced 911 Call

19 XTEND Communications Corp19 Enhanced 911 Call

20 XTEND Communications Corp20 Enhanced 911 Call

21 XTEND Communications Corp21 Enhanced 911 Call

22 XTEND Communications Corp22 Enhanced 911 Call

23 XTEND Communications Corp23 Regulatory Jurisdictions FCC Federal mandates for Service Carriers National Emergency Number (NENA) Pushes for national standards and training State Legislation 11 states currently Defines penalties, fines for non compliance Sarbanes Oxley Act 2002

24 XTEND Communications Corp24 Fact or Fiction State laws only define penalties for non compliance. If there is not a state E911 law, do I have to comply What is the real exposure on 911 ? Wrongful injury suits Wrongful death suits Exposure to Sarbanes Oxley Act

25 XTEND Communications Corp25 Risks and Exposure Wrongful death or injury Knowledge that you have a problem Analysis of the problem or issue Failure to mitigate or warn Joe Doe public of the Issue Sarbanes Oxley Act 2002 Jury is still out

26 XTEND Communications Corp26 System Basic Requirements 1) Send out the correct phone number on a 911 call 2) Phone number needs to define an area in the building within the site 3) Move, add, changes need to be updated in site database 4) Database must have enough fields to comply with NENA standards 5) Need access to public ALI database to update changes and billing records

27 XTEND Communications Corp27 System Basic Requirements

28 XTEND Communications Corp28 911 system considerations PBX Vendor provided switches do not provide ALI update ability PBXs do not have all of NENA fields required for public ALI record There are FTEs cost associated with manual ALI updates There are errors in updating records manually

29 XTEND Communications Corp29 Fact or Fiction Numbers change, Switch might cover a different area in the building Switch covers more then a single floor NENA standards change for ALI FCC changes requirements Your state changes 911 requirements IF I setup my system with an ELIN per switch I will never have to change the ALI again ?

30 XTEND Communications Corp30 911 systems should Identify 911 PBX Caller location Provide on-site or remote notification Database Synchronization Record and log all 911 calls Provide for ANI updates on outbound 911 calls Pubic ALI Database update Multiple PBX integration

31 31 Questions ? Shayne Waterbly Thank you

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