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History & Heritage. Our slogan is more than a platitude. It is a promise that each employee and purveyor of our products makes to you. With our unrivaled.

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1 History & Heritage

2 Our slogan is more than a platitude. It is a promise that each employee and purveyor of our products makes to you. With our unrivaled breadth of product styles and the numerous options we offer, the possibilities are truly infinite. Infinite Possibilities

3 Unlimited attention means just what it says: Attention to detail in design, craftsmanship, and shipping. When you choose Century Furniture you can be confident you are getting quality furniture personalized to your distinctive tastes at an extraordinary value. Unlimited Attention

4 Harley Ferguson Shuford, Sr., established Century Furniture Company in 1947. He started with $500 of paid-in capital, according to a financial summary he later wrote for the bank when he sought a loan. In the beginning, Century was a selling agent for local upholstery lines. Mr. Shufords new company sold the output of these small companies, stabilized their sometimes shaky finances, and advised them on market trends and quality issues. History

5 A couple of years later, having built a successful sales organization and turned a good profit, Mr. Shuford dreamed of managing his own production under one roof with the use of modern equipment and sophisticated management practices. He recognized the pent-up demand in the years following World War II, and he convinced a brother-in-law and three close friends to join him in capitalizing and operating a modern physical plant. History

6 Century Furniture is one of the world's largest privately owned manufacturers of upper-end residential furniture. Its broad product line of wood and upholstered and outdoor furniture consists of bedroom, dining and occasional collections in traditional, transitional and contemporary styling. History

7 Century is recognized in the industry as a design leader, ranked in the forefront for its expertise in finishing and the many details of fine craftsmanship. History

8 The average length of employment is greater than 10 years, and many boast more than 40 years of distinguished service. In many cases three generations of the same family have passed their specialized skills from one generation to the next. It is the kind of company that once you join, you never want to leave. History

9 You will find Century Furniture in the finest homes in America, including the Whitehouse. From our extraordinary designs, through our exquisite craftsmanship details, you cannot buy better furniture. History

10 While construction features may not always be visible, they nevertheless allow for comfort and durability for life. State of the art frame construction combined with 8-way hand-tied double cone coils, layers of foam and fiber and a coated steel-mesh base provide solid support, insulation and comfort. Hardwood legs are engineered into the frame for strength and stability. Apparent luxury lies in the well-padded back, sides and pillows of all Century upholstery. Superb Craftsmanship

11 Century makes a dazzling array of fine furniture customized to suit the needs of each individual consumer for every room in the home. Our categories include: Wood Collections for the Dining Room, Bedroom, and Living Room, Custom Dining Tables & Chairs, Upholstered Seating, Outdoor/Indoor Leisure, Home Entertainment, Home Office Product Scope

12 At Century, we have only one standard: The Best. That means only the best materials, design, and craftsmanship. We expect every piece we make to be perfect and we stand behind it, hand-in-hand with the finest retailers, interior designers, and other partners. Century is all about luxury, innovation, and speed. These three concepts permeate our corporate culture and every aspect of the customer experience. One Standard: The Best.

13 Only the finest materials are worthy of Century furniture. Exotic woods. Imported Italian stone. Hand-hammered wrought iron. Luscious silks, velvets, jacquards, and leathers. All of these elements are brought together by a team of talented designers and craftspeople, worked and finished by hand, to create furniture thats more than just furnitureits a work of art. Materials

14 The true superiority of fine furniture is often found in the hidden details of design and craftsmanship. Our patented double dovetail drawer glides are found only in Century Furniture products to ensure heirloom quality for future generations. They are more than twice as strong as conventional construction and the double glide is smoother than ordinary drawer glides. The English dovetail joints provide unrivaled strength and craftsmanship. Corner and reinforcement blocks ensure rattle free operation. Drawer Construction

15 Unlike mass-produced furniture, each piece is distressed and finished by hand. Distressing

16 Thin foil sheets of silver or gold are applied by hand to accent design details such as carvings and mouldings. They are worn through and burnished to a fine patina to simulate aging. Gold & Silver Leaf

17 A gold or silver paint is made by combining a mixture of gold or silver powder to a clear glaze or gloss lacquer. The brush is dipped into the mixture, and then is brushed on an absorbent surface until it is nearly dry. Only then is it applied to furniture. As a result, it is more subtle than leafing. Gold & Silver Dry Brushing

18 Hand rubbing brings out the luster in fine wood finishes. A skilled artisan applies a special formulation of wax and rubs it to a high sheen. The formula, which contains beeswax and carnuba, produces a long-lasting shine which brings out the depth of complex multi step finishes. Hand Waxing

19 We Believe Flow Matching is an Art Form. We have a dedicated production process to ensure dressmaker tailoring and detailed personal attention. There is nothing more pleasing to the eye that a perfectly 4-way flow matched piece of upholstery. But achieving it requires great skill in visualization, which comes from years of experience in cutting and sewing. We make all of our Signature Upholstery by hand in our factory in Hickory, NC. Flow Matching

20 Customization is another aspect of luxury. Each piece of our furniture is its own creation. Consumers can choose from dozens of fine finishes, hundreds of fabrics, and a dazzling array of upholstery skirts, fringes, nail head trim, and other extras. We even have a custom dining group that lets you build a stunning table from the floor up. Finally, when all the decisions are made, you get your custom-designed furniture fastso you dont have to wait to bask in the luxury at home. Customization

21 All of our finishes are expertly rendered: hand-applied layer after layer, polished to perfection, carefully distressed to create the timeworn patina of a well-loved antique. Unlike ordinary furniture, most of our casegoods may be finished in a multitude of options. Each expertly crafted piece is hand finished one at a time by our skilled artisans. To personalize a piece for your distinctive tastes, choose from one of the more than 50 finishes offered. You can even choose a different finish for the top and the base. Custom Finishes

22 Century creates unique pieces that simply cannot be mass produced. Take the Radial Table from our Oscar de la Renta Home collection, shown here. It's based on an 1835 design by an inventor named Jupe. Unfortunately, the tolerances required were so narrow that minor changes in humidity made the mechanism unworkable. Modern wood and metal working techniques, along with engineering know-how, solved this problem. Innovation

23 Century is known for its speed of delivery. After a consumer places his/her order, we typically have his/her customized furniture available for delivery in four weeks or lessby far the fastest turnaround time in the luxury segment of the furniture industry. Speed

24 We have found that collaboration generates tremendous creative energy. In recent years weve joined forces with fashion giant Oscar de la Renta, and international furniture designer Richard Frinier. The results? Diverse and breathtakingfurniture collections that are fresh, and unexpected. Creative Alliances

25 Our goal is to never say no. We offer a practically unlimited range of custom upholstery built to your exact requirements. This includes custom widths, depths and heights, skirt options, cushion and back details along with the plushest seat and back fills, and application of unique trims. More than likely, if you can design it, we can build it. Our skilled craftsmen have worked miracles in creating one- of-a-kind pieces. If it is possible, we will quote you a price. Then you can decide whether or not to proceed. Extreme Customization

26 We strive to make furniture of such impeccable quality that it brings joy not only to the people who own it, but also to the craftsmen who build it. Harley F. Shuford 1947

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