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First Aid Emergency Call System Presented by the.

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1 First Aid Emergency Call System Presented by the

2 Scenario Swimming pool, gyms, nursaries any medical Emergency. Assistance is required by staff or client. First aider of ambulance required.

3 Solution Our fully wireless assistance call system that alerts staff instantly. Voice box situated at the reception desk with display unit. Unit activated by a call point or wrist band type button.

4 Call points These call points are fully waterproof and are suitable for all pool areas. These points could be sited at either at or near a lifeguard station, either end of a large pool. A full site assessment can be made. A risk assessment can be provided.

5 Wrist Straps These straps can either be worn by staff or loaned to clients who would like an assurance that they can call for assistance by simply pressing the red call button.

6 How it works Main unit at reception Call points in pool gym or other location Wrist straps worn by staff Wrist straps worn by clients

7 Voice notification When the system is triggered the unit specifies to the receptionist which area assistance is required in. For example medical emergency gym or assistance required pool area. Also a visual status can be shown on the display unit. The sound levels can be adjusted to suit any requirements.

8 Resetting the main unit Resetting the system is done at the control panel situated at reception.

9 Features and expansion. The system logs the last 250 events. Can have a module to allow sms notifications to mobile phones. Allow toilet smoke and assistance units to be incorporated. Gas or carbon monoxide detection. Flood sensors. Shock or glass break detection. All done wirelessly.

10 Thank you. Thank you for watching our presentation. Please feel free to ask us any questions about the system.

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