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By Sheepscot Part of the TASI Group of Companies.

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1 By Sheepscot Part of the TASI Group of Companies

2 Who we are At EXACT Dispensing Systems, we help manufacturers find solutions to meet their single and plural component dispensing needs. We never do it by selling a one-size-fits-all product. 2

3 The Company EXACT Dispensing Systems is part of The TASI Group of companies, which is comprised of three product platforms linked by a disciplined focus on Flow, Leak & Measurement, and Test & Assembly. As an integral part of TASI Flow, EXACT Dispensing Systems delivers world-class industrial equipment for the dispensing of single-component fluids and plural- component reactive resins such as epoxies, urethanes, and silicones. Markets include: Aeronautical & Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Electrical & Electronic, Filtration (air & liquid), Medical, Marine, Sporting Goods, Telecommunications, Transportation, Consumer and General Industrial. 3

4 During its first year in business, EXACT completed development of a positive displacement inline piston metering system that has become a standard in the industry. Constant improvements over the years have resulted in one of the most accurate, robust and trouble-free metering systems on the market today. With over 30 years of experience plus total in-house capability, EXACT Dispensing Systems is in a unique position to serve its diverse customer base with products and systems that integrate efficiently and sensibly with their process requirements. History 4

5 Applications Potting / Encapsulation Vacuum Potting Filter End Cap Molding Filter Panel Production Doming & Scripting Bonding / Sealing Gasketing Overmolding Resin Transfer Molding 5

6 Potting / Encapsulation Printed Circuit Boards LED Panels LED Arrays (tail lights) Torroidal Coils Transformers Wire Bundles (Overmolded) Connectors & Cable Plugging 6

7 Vacuum Potting Meter/mix integrated with an EXACT built Vacuum Chamber. Provides air-free potting and improved impregnation in difficult to reach areas (i.e. around pins, under circuit boards) ensuring void-free encapsulation. Critical for high voltage components that are prone to corona effect. Some processes allow same day shipment of vacuum-potted components. 7

8 Filtration Filter End Cap & Panel Production Molded in place Bonded/molded caps & panel frames 8

9 Doming & Scripting Doming: The application of an optically clear doming material (urethane & epoxy) to the surface of labels, nameplates or decals for the purpose of creating a clear raised (domed) surface. Used to enhance and protect the appearance of these products. Scripting: An automated doming system incorporating a precise EXACT Servo Bead Meter/Mix with XYZ motion to traverse scripted products. 9

10 EXACT Meter/Mix Systems are configured to process: Epoxies Urethanes Polybutadienes Silicones Polysulfides Acrylics Foam Meter / Mix Systems 10

11 EXACT Single-Component Systems are configured to process: Single-Component Systems Epoxies Butyl Rubber Greases Pumps Tanks Lubricants Flowable liquids Products include: Dispense Valves Metering Devices 11

12 Meter / Mix Products Piston Metering Systems – Single Acting – Double Acting Blind Rod Metering Systems Gear Pump Metering Systems 12

13 Meter / Mix – Single Acting Meters on one side of the pistons Recharges after full stroke of cylinders Suited to use with abrasive, filled resins that settle out of suspension. Multiple sizes to suit production needs. 13

14 Meter / Mix – Double Acting Meters on both sides of the pistons Provides continuous output Suitable for use with some filled materials Multiple sizes to suit production needs 14

15 What Differentiates Our Piston Systems from Others? EXACTOthers Linked Diverter Valving Offers the following advantages Independent Check Valves Ensures positive flow of material into and out of the metering cylinders Possible lead / lag issues due to non-synchronous valve actuation No phasing adjustments Phasing adjustments often required 15

16 What Differentiates Our Piston Systems from Others? EXACTOthers Large metering cylinders allow incremental shot sequencing Recharge required after each shot Less motion for a given volume, means less wear Increased wear Piston seals always in contact with the metering cylinder wall A/B seal engagement subject to change as seals wear Inline cylinders, no racking Side by side orientation subject to racking and off ratio conditions Fixed ratio……no ratio drift Variable ratio linkage subject to variances 16

17 Gear Pump Metering Provides continuous, precise fluid delivery Servo Bead, excellent for integration with XY dispense platforms, provides precise deposition rates. For use with non-abrasive materials 17

18 XY Motion Platforms EXACT can integrate any of its meter/mix systems with commercially available XY motion platforms from most manufacturers. EXACT also designs and manufactures custom systems to suit your needs. Typical work envelopes range in size from 12"x12" up to 4'x8'. Some of the features of our motion systems are: AC Servo Motors driving hardened ball screws THK type rails to provide large payload capacities and long-term durability. This is in contrast to less robust belt driven motion systems. User friendly Windows style software 32 bit, RISC processor Easy to use sequence style programming 18

19 Other Systems by EXACT Heated System for Overmolding Mil-Spec Connectors Hot Butyl Metering Systems Cart mounted Meter / Mix 19

20 Other Systems Silicone Oil Metering System Cartridge Filling System Centrifugal Molding System 20

21 Feed Systems Tanks (2 – 60 gallon) –Stainless or Galvanized –Agitation –Level Sensing –Vacuum Degassing –Heat 21

22 Feed Systems Drums –Cascade Drum Assembly –Cart mounted Cascade (shown) –85 Gallon Drum (Agitated shown) –Drum Roller 22

23 Feed Systems Pumps –Power ratios from 1:1 – 40:1 –Drum & Stub lengths –Piston & Diaphragm models –Ram Pumps with follower plate (5 gallon & 55 gallon) 23

24 Totes 275 Gallon Tote 24

25 Dispense Valves 400 Series Autovalve (2K Mix head) 900 Series Dispense Valves Pinch Valves Special Application Valves 25

26 Circular Bead Dispense Cost effective means of generating circular beads on products. Can be integrated with 2K MMD or with single component systems. SM-2497 CBD End Cap FillingAdjustable Nest Step Down Nest on enclosure with variable speed control 26

27 Customer Support Superior on-time delivery Responsive customer service technicians Custom engineered dispensing solutions Exactly what you need, when you need it Remote access to comprehensive service database with pertinent information on every machine sold 27

28 Want to See More? Visit our website. Request a literature packet. www. Call EXACT Dispensing Systems today! 207-563-2299 Exactly what you need! When you need it! 28

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