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Any Language. Any Application. The CanTalk Advantage.

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3 Any Language. Any Application. The CanTalk Advantage

4 CanTalk Overview Service Capabilities Update on the Canadian Scene Call Centre Fulfillment Summary Benefits Contents

5 International Telecom Resale Telecom Billing and Collection Operator Services Language Services Prepaid Services Call Center Services (inbound and outbound) International Directory Assistance Plus … All in the language of your customers choice! Your CanTalk Capabilities

6 Government – health and public safety, Telecom, Legal, Agriculture, Finance and real estate, Worldways. Applications

7 Combined 200+ years of Telecommunications Customer Service Experience State of the art 7x24 call center in Winnipeg, Manitoba Network of language specialists off site and operator/CSRs onsite Extensive experience with international card transactions and reseller customer services Knowledge of languages and cultures and in the development of marketing strategies aimed at ethnic markets Patented language applications and routing engines Process over 500 K calls per month CanTalk – Your advantages

8 CanTalk offers multilingual operator and call center customer services in over 110 languages to over 140 countries Supported by a network of over 1200 interpreters and translators 200 on-site language specialists 350 remote operator agents CanTalk – Your Languages

9 ADVANTAGES Fully customized, live-voice, advanced technology solutions Enables ethnic customer service, expands demographic reach A rapid solution for unpredictable peak volumes Reduces costs for contact center and language applications Call Centres/Contact Centres

10 Tailored to suit customer care needs Billing inquiries Help line New product/service introductions or promotional initiatives Valuable data collection, tracking up to 35 call details for marketing and technical attributes. Call Centre Service

11 Why CanTalk? Why Winnipeg?

12 Linguistic professionals specialized in business disciplines High level knowledge of language and cultural differences Accessible services from almost anywhere in the world Advanced language telecommunications technologies Internet applications and fulfillment Strict standards and code of security and confidentiality Escalating 24x7 technical and application support Data recovery and analysis, crisis management/ disaster recovery Can customize to any industry Multiple and complimentary services Customer report management process oriented Why CanTalk?

13 Qualified and educated workforce Stable, educated and bilingual workforce Savvy call center environment Central strategic location Strong work ethics Cost competitive Why Winnipeg

14 Language is at the center of everything CanTalk does In language customer services In language operator services Over-the-phone interpretation and rapid translation Custom or self-tailored translation Custom-designed language service packages Language consultation Language Services

15 Your Customer People live and think in their native language. If you want to communicate with people of other ethnicities and have them truly relate to your products or services, you must speak the language….... their language.

16 Customized language services and applications that will further extend and enhance your product offerings fueling revenues and fortifying greater marketplace presence within North American ethnic and international communities. One comprehensive setting, inbound contact center support and service offerings that would be value-add to existing customer service. In an outsourcing format, link CanTalk's call center and specialized language capacity to your existing services and infrastructure to achieve optimum efficiencies and maintain quality standards. CanTalk as the Call Centre Provider



19 Dedicated multilingual support services Other languages Recruiting Training Quality standards Service levels 4-12 second response time CanTalk Response and Fulfillment Plans

20 Customization process for assessment of customer requirements Full customer service support - Technical review and application development - Data analysis and forecasting to support customer application - Language integration into customer application - Training – customization, - language specific, - technical application - Application implementation in to operations Multiple technology deployment options Project management implementation team process On-going technology review process Customer Fulfillment

21 Proactive quality control process Call monitoring, call quality, immediate feedback and control Total quality philosophy Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement Quality

22 Reduce cost of current bilingual services Improve timeliness and provide direct two way communication "in" language Improve efficiencies of response and seamlessly integrate with current operations Ensure quality standard of qualified advisors Build portfolio of extended supplementary services that provide new competitive advantages Typical Client Objectives

23 Strategic IT and IS growth planning Marketing and engineering project teams Modular and scalable technology platforms Single layer implementation process Client/Customer information process Client/Customer sign-off Ramp up

24 24 hour immediate access to 110 languages Cross cultural experience and deep understanding of world cultures Proven skills and capabilities in direct customer interface with inquiries and customer satisfaction issues Experience and expertise in handling of emergency issues over the phone Highly competitive rates A central location to all time zones Accent neutral language services agents continued Summary Benefits

25 A seasoned contact center environment with a skilled and knowledgeable labor force Access to a private global network and telecommunications services such as collect, concierge and competitive long distance calling Branded language and long distance card products for customers or employees Innovative solution and strategies to complement business objectives CanTalk's proprietary forecasting tool that reduces cost and overhead Summary Benefits


27 Call Management and Reporting

28 Caller places call through Telecom Provider Call is routed to CanTalk Operator center MobileHomeAt sea Office Train Cell Phone Long Distance Call Handling Application

29 CanTalks Switch processs Routing and Language algorithm to Determine Country of Origin Language Country Call Rates Personalized Scripting Call is then connected. The appropriate operator follows script and requests the destination number for dialing. Mobile HomeAt sea Office Train Cell Phone

30 Destination Number validated using LIDb database. Destination Number Dialed, And acceptance Of call requested. HomeAt sea Office Train Cell Phone

31 CanTalk operator completes the call leaving the caller connected to the destination party Home At sea Office Train Cell Phone

32 Operator Defaulted Call in Language Access Via Foreign and Domestic International Toll Networks Global Access Platform German LanguageChinese LanguageOther Languages SAC CanTalk Canada Language Centre German Services Queue CMS Call Statistics - Day, Time, Length of calls, Language Types, Call Volumes, and Billing. CanTalk Canada Inc. --Language Centre On-Site Language Operators In-Language Operator Services CTI Language Types CanTalk OSP Chinese Services Queue Other Language Services Queue Language Services Request Identified Language Services Request Identified Language Services Request Identified Language Determination Algorithms CanTalk Canada Inc. Proprietary Chinese Caller Japanese Caller * Service Access Code German Caller CanTalk Canada Language Operator Call Flow

33 Real Time Call Performance Monitoring

34 Real Time Language Operator Monitoring

35 Emi 175 Records For Destination billing Emi 175 Third Party Billing Record 010501010521115700011210100109449224284000000010000000002454002400012000000000340000001000000 0000000000000000000954922228413337 062300000000000000000000000 Detailed Reseller Reports

36 Forecasting Process for Inbound Calls Agent Scheduling and


38 Tabulation And Processing DateCreoleEnglishFrenchSpanishTagalog 8/20/012,733941723862750 8/21/012,969850678780695 8/22/013,156883697873812 8/23/013,490916863802763 8/24/013,397901811843833 8/25/012,969862733881792 Trend Analysis Prepare Table Data Show Weekly and Daily Forecast Data Close

39 CanTalk Service and Continuity

40 Any Language. Any Application.


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