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EXtreme Duty.

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1 eXtreme Duty

2 Designed and Engineered for Fleets requiring eXtreme Duty protection
It protects against damage ordinary scuff cannot

3 This is an example of the Alternative:
Hot rolled steel plates Often 10’ in length Welded together Requires prime or paint Welds can rust and break in the field

4 Innovative Features Include:
A five inch floor angle to protect against floor damage…

5 Innovative Features Include:
…damage such as this

6 Innovative Features Include:
Countersunk holes eliminates snag points

7 Innovative Features Include:
Top edge offset to protect fasteners while eliminating snag points

8 Innovative Features Include:
Floor lip turn down increases life of scuff while providing a snag free surface

9 One piece design offers ease of installation by both OE’s and the aftermarket.
Because it’s a rollformed section, any length is available and piece price is competitive

10 Available in 10 or 12 gauge Galvanized High Strength Steel Hole start and centers to suit

11 Available in heights of 18 5/8” and 12 5/8”
Custom heights available between 10” and 20”

12 Innovative scuff design coupled with eXtreme Durability equals simplified installation, reduced maintenance cost, and a longer useful trailer life.

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