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Malema Excess Flow Valves Confidential 1. Use & Applications Malema Excess flow valves are used as safety devises to shut-off the flow of hazardous and.

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1 Malema Excess Flow Valves Confidential 1

2 Use & Applications Malema Excess flow valves are used as safety devises to shut-off the flow of hazardous and expensive fluids in the event of rupture caused in downstream piping Applications: Various fluids used in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical industries, Chemical industries Confidential 2

3 M-XF Applications - Transfer lines in the petroleum and chemical industries Confidential 3

4 LPG TRUCK/TANKER LOADING STATIONS Another most common M-XF application Confidential 4

5 Design Confidential 5

6 How It Works Poppet position is set for a given flow rate by adjusting the set screw. During normal operation poppet is open thereby allowing flow through seat. During the excess flow condition the poppet is closed due to suction effect and the fluid is held back. Confidential 6

7 Technical Data Confidential 7 Available Sizes: ¾ to 12 Optional up to 20 Pressure Ratings:ANSI #150, 300, 600, 900, 1500 Optional : Other standards and ratings Material of Construction:Carbon Steel, SS 304, 316, 316L Optional: Hastalloy and Monel Shut off Range:Water: 0.1 to 2500 US GPM Air: 0.5 to SCFM Applicable Standards:Face to Face dimension as per ASME/ANSI B16.10 Flange Dimension as per ASME/AMSI B16.5 Hydro test as per API 598.

8 Confidential 8 Testing and Calibration: Testing:Hydro test Calibration:If factory setting is required the valve will be calibrated using water flow rate equivalent to the application fluids shut of flow rate. Optional testing:Liquid dye penetration Positive Material Identification Hydro test as per API 598 Radiography

9 Sizing & Selection Confidential 9

10 A Typical Installation: By-pass Line Configuration A reset valve is installed on a by-pass line To Reset a closed excess flow valve: Close the isolation valve and Open valve in bypass line to equalize pressure in the main line Confidential 10

11 Malema Excess Flow Valve with built-in Reset Reset mechanism is integrated to the excess flow valve Eliminates additional piping and hardware required upstream of the valve Reduces the cost installation Confidential 11

12 Additional Accessories Excess valve OPEN/CLOSE indication can be provided with a use of differential pressure gauge. Remote OPEN/CLOSE contact signal can be provided with a use of differential pressure switch. Useful for integrating with safety shutdown systems and other control strategies. A combination of built-in reset with above features is also available as an option. Confidential 12

13 Confidential 13 Local On/Off Indication Local On/Off Indication and integral bypass reset valve

14 Benefits Field Adjustable Set Point – Adjustments can be made without removing the valve Easier Reset Variety of pressure ratings Variety of wetted parts to suit the application Preventive Maintenance Performed in Line – Valve does not have to be removed – Reduces down time 2 Year Warranty Lower Cost of Ownership Confidential 14

15 Excess Flow Valve model M-VF - for low flow, high/low pressure sample lines, gas supply lines and analyzer panels Confidential 15 Standard Excess Flow Valve Excess Flow Valve with integral reset option

16 Operation Confidential 16 As the fluid (liquid or gas) enters the valve, the pressure differential across the piston creates a venturi effect, accelerating the flow through the valve. At a preset flow rate, when the differential exceeds the magnetic attraction between the piston magnet and the adjusting screw magnet, the piston travels instantaneously over towards the output port, thereby shutting off the flow. When the pressure is equalized between both sides of the valve, the piston automatically returns to its previously adjusted flow set-point. The shut off set point is field adjustable and this is achieved by turning the adjusting screw.

17 Various Options: Bleed to Atmosphere Manual Rest option for non Hazardous medium Confidential 17

18 Excess Flow Valve with Intrinsic Reset Option Suitable for hazardous fluid applications where even a small amount leak to the atmosphere during reset is not permissible. Confidential 18

19 Bleed to Sample container Suitable for costly and hazardous liquids where bleed during reset is directed towards a customer provided container. The integral bleed valve helps achieves this function. Confidential 19

20 M-VF FOR GAS CHROMOTOGRAPHS M-VF can be used in the hydrogen carrier lines which helps hydrogen leaks Into atmosphere in the event of accidental line rupture. Confidential 20

21 Customer Reference List ADM BASF Corporation Bechtel BMW CITGO Petroleum Corporation Caterpillar Dairen Chemical Earthsafe Systems, Inc. Florida Gas Transmission General Mills Operation, Inc. Georgia-Pacific General Electric Glaco Midwest, Inc. Hoerbiger Corporation of America Hoidale Co, Inc. Hyundai Heavy Industries Hunt Refining Company JGC Corporation Lanza, Inc. Lyondell Chemical Company Roberts Oxygen Company Sherwin Williams Tampa Electric Trigon Engineering Confidential 21

22 Confidential 22

23 Our Commitment A Safety product is bought on trust that the customer has in the product and the company that stands behind it. Malemas two decade of experience in manufacturing excess flow valves delivers you a trusted product. Our engineers will be available to install the first units to train your engineers. Confidential 23

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