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Healthcare Product Comparison System

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1 Healthcare Product Comparison System
Find the information you need to UNDERSTAND and COMPARE medical equipment.

2 Turn to HPCS for medical technology insight to get the job done
Online database of 450 types of devices, including CT scanners, infusion pumps, physiologic monitors, and more! Side-by-side model specifications Technology overviews Customizable RFP template Export the charts for use in a spreadsheet Export manufacturer contact information HPCS Hotline with personal assistance

3 Understand the Technology
Keys specifications to consider before purchase are highlighted Easy-to-read technology overviews cover Principles of operation Reported problems Purchase considerations ECRI Institute Recommended Specifications explain minimum performance requirements

4 In-depth Content Full-text searchable by device, manufacturer name, medical procedure, or model name Links to product literature and cut sheets Easily print and export reports, figures, and photos Dynamic supplier lists from Sourcebase, ECRI’s online database of medical device manufacturers

5 Compare the Models Choose which models to compare—and then see how they match up against our Recommended Specifications!

6 ECRI’s Institute’s“Key Specs”
In-house experts have indicated these product specs are the most important to review when considering a specific device

7 Get product literature, cut sheets, and photos—all in one place !
Product cut sheets

8 Search across all of ECRI Institute’s databases and publications

9 Use HPCS Resources to Purchase Medical Equipment
Now that you’ve done your research, it’s time to make your purchasing decision Request For Proposal (RFP) template tool Customized comparison charts with export tools for model specs Links to supplier contact information

10 Request For Proposal (RFP) Template The RFP template can be customized to suit your needs.

11 ECRI Institute gets you started with our Recommended Specifications included in the technical requirements section. Add your contact information just one time and it populates the whole document! Customize the RFP to suit your facility’s needs.

12 Supplier Contact Information Supplier information includes links to s and Web sites Even if a company or sales office has changed names or been sold, our database keeps you updated

13 Order HPCS Today to Understand, Compare, and Purchase Medical Equipment!
Do A Free Demo of HPCS Contact ECRI Institute: Linda Weir Product Manager Healthcare Product Comparison System Telephone: +1 (610) , ext. 5505 Fax: +1 (610) Your annual HPCS subscription includes 10 user passwords and access to the Hotline to call, fax, or for report updates or clarifications. HPCS is also available on CD-ROM. This collection of full-text searchable Adobe PDF files is updated quarterly and includes access to the Hotline.

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