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Call: 0741855343 We are based in Durban and work nationally.

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1 Call: 0741855343 We are based in Durban and work nationally

2 TOPOGRAPHICAL SURVEYS Detailed surveys to aid design Contract: Tesco, Pitsea

3 ELEVATION SURVEYS We survey building elevations We can survey elevations in 3D, giving you true depth and perspective Contract: Tesco, Sudbury

4 Industrial roof surveys Roof plant layouts Contract: Tesco, Sudbury

5 Structural building surveys Non-destructive detailed building surveys Contract: Sky Chefs, Durban

6 Platform earthworks quantity balancing By combining our survey with your design we can minimise cut/fill cost Contract: Crawford School, LaMercy

7 Google Earth We can place our work into GE for you.

8 Remote measuring All our machines have laser distance functionality This function allows for safe remote measuring at height or into adjacent properties where access is denied. We can measure window sizes, roof beams, undersides of structures, bridges etc.

9 The not so normal designs We use CAD enabled equipment to quickly and efficiently set out very complex objects We have been called on to set-out over 20 houses in Phezulu, no straight lines. Other examples are complicated pools, ponds, curved stone features, spiral hand rails, all manner of vertical or horizontal curves, tiling and paving patterns, landscape tree placement... Basically anything that needs to be recorded in place to CAD or from CAD to placement.

10 GLASS Glass will neither stretch nor compress to suit accumulated errors. Very careful surveying techniques are required to ensure the overall effect is achieved. This job: AstraZeneca, Manchester

11 Retail and commerce We handled more than 20 Superstore upgrades in the UK We offer engineered surveys to suit the retail sector We provide floor surveys, shelving and merchandise surveys, footprint surveys, structural surveys, topo surveys, traffic accommodation surveys.

12 EXPERIENCE Our service to the Architectural industry has always been with an open mind. We are able to assist in so many ways with both the usual and the unusual.

13 To Conclude We are a dynamic multifaceted survey company We have experience in many sectors We are your measuring specialist Call: 074 1855343 Call us, we are at the forefront of modern surveying and are here to assist you.

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