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GlobalComServer A MODULAR AND POWERFUL CONCEPT … Unified messaging server.

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1 GlobalComServer A MODULAR AND POWERFUL CONCEPT … Unified messaging server

2 Introduction French firm created in years of expertise in communication Developement center in Lyon 15 Developers full time on GlobalComServer Turnover amounting to 15 M Communications server creators

3 References International references SHELL, TOTAL, ELF, RHONE-POULENC, ALCATEL, ERICSSON, MATRA, NORTEL, HEWLETT PACKARD, CIBA, LOREAL, LANCOME, VIRGIN MEGASTORE, RENAULT, CALOR, CRISTIAN DIOR, PHILIPS, SCHNEIDER, TEFAL, BRITISH COUNCIL, MITSUBISHI, LEVER, ROCHE, NOVARTIS, SEB, SMI / KOYO …….. Thousands of users in 30 countries All sectors of activities Partnerships with the world leaders of Data processing

4 Chronology 1994 Topsrv32 Suit / Windows NT Environnement Addition of the & SMS Option G lobal C om S erver Suit Topsrv16 Suit 1990 PCL Support Trafic Fax DOS Client Application Interface Telex HP3000 Windows Client Messaging Interface / Documents convertor SpoolNT Certifications SAP R/3 Lotus Domino Exchange 2000 certification 2002 Addition of the Voice option –IVR - TTS Voic Linux & Oracle Database Fax over IP ( Cisco )

5 Communication gateway G lobal C om S erver

6 Global architecture CLIENT Windows Web TSE APPLICATION ERP SAP Others MESSAGING SMTP Exchange Lotus Domino Admin. TélexFaxMailSms GLOBALCOMSERVER Vocal

7 AS/400 SAP ERP UNIX VMS Windows Server NT/2000/2003 Linux GED Call centers Messaging Exchange Domino/Notes SMTP API Com/Dcom SPOOLNT File Interface Archiving Multi-criteria search PrintersScanner Multi functions Network client GCSWindowsGCSWeb NomadeUser GlobalComServer Web Application Reception processing Unified messaging

8 GCS linked to the different interfaces and modules : Messaging, Exchange, Domino/Notes, SMTP Web Application GED, Call centers Windows, Server, NT/2000/2003, Linux AS/400, SAP ERP, UNIX, VMS API Com/Dcom, SPOOLNT, File Interface Printers, Scanner, Multi functionsPrinters, Scanner, Multi functions Network client, GCSWindows, GCSWebNetwork client, GCSWindows, GCSWeb Nomade, UserNomade, User

9 GlobalComServers range FaxServer32 Allows you to send fax from your PC like you send s.FaxServer32 VoiceServer32 Is an reader. It allows you to manage your s by listening to them.VoiceServer32 SmsServer32 Thanks to this module you can contact you nomads team discreetly.SmsServer32 Server32 Is an server. It allows you to archive all your communication. Server32 TelexServer32 Is a Telex server, it manages centralized and complete telex communications.TelexServer32

10 Whats new in GCS-2005 ActiveDirectory integration (v 4.7) Fax over IP ( Cisco ) Partnership with Canon Unified Messaging ( Voice integration )

11 To conclude, AVM is … A standard in term of technology A reliable, efficient and up-to-date solution A modular approach A reactive company A real partnership with the leaders (0)

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