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GlobalComServer A MODULAR AND POWERFUL CONCEPT … Unified messaging server.

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1 GlobalComServer A MODULAR AND POWERFUL CONCEPT … Unified messaging server

2 Introduction French firm created in 1983 23 years of expertise in communication Developement center in Lyon 15 Developers full time on GlobalComServer Turnover amounting to 15 M Communications server creators

3 References International references SHELL, TOTAL, ELF, RHONE-POULENC, ALCATEL, ERICSSON, MATRA, NORTEL, HEWLETT PACKARD, CIBA, LOREAL, LANCOME, VIRGIN MEGASTORE, RENAULT, CALOR, CRISTIAN DIOR, PHILIPS, SCHNEIDER, TEFAL, BRITISH COUNCIL, MITSUBISHI, LEVER, ROCHE, NOVARTIS, SEB, SMI / KOYO …….. Thousands of users in 30 countries All sectors of activities Partnerships with the world leaders of Data processing

4 Chronology 1994 Topsrv32 Suit / Windows NT Environnement Addition of the E-mail & SMS Option 19992001 G lobal C om S erver Suit 2000 1992 Topsrv16 Suit 1990 PCL Support Trafic Fax 3000 1987 DOS Client Application Interface Telex HP3000 Windows Client Messaging Interface / Documents convertor SpoolNT Certifications SAP R/3 Lotus Domino Exchange 2000 certification 2002 Addition of the Voice option –IVR - TTS 1983 2003 2004 VoiceMail Linux & Oracle Database Fax over IP ( Cisco )

5 Communication gateway G lobal C om S erver

6 Global architecture CLIENT Windows Web TSE APPLICATION ERP SAP Others MESSAGING SMTP Exchange Lotus Domino Admin. TélexFaxMailSms GLOBALCOMSERVER Vocal

7 AS/400 SAP ERP UNIX VMS Windows Server NT/2000/2003 Linux GED Call centers Messaging Exchange Domino/Notes SMTP API Com/Dcom SPOOLNT File Interface Archiving Multi-criteria search PrintersScanner Multi functions Network client GCSWindowsGCSWeb NomadeUser GlobalComServer Web Application Reception processing Unified messaging

8 GCS linked to the different interfaces and modules : Messaging, Exchange, Domino/Notes, SMTP Web Application GED, Call centers Windows, Server, NT/2000/2003, Linux AS/400, SAP ERP, UNIX, VMS API Com/Dcom, SPOOLNT, File Interface Printers, Scanner, Multi functionsPrinters, Scanner, Multi functions Network client, GCSWindows, GCSWebNetwork client, GCSWindows, GCSWeb Nomade, UserNomade, User

9 GlobalComServers range FaxServer32 Allows you to send fax from your PC like you send emails.FaxServer32 VoiceServer32 Is an email reader. It allows you to manage your emails by listening to them.VoiceServer32 SmsServer32 Thanks to this module you can contact you nomads team discreetly.SmsServer32 E-mailServer32 Is an email server. It allows you to archive all your email communication.E-mailServer32 TelexServer32 Is a Telex server, it manages centralized and complete telex communications.TelexServer32

10 Whats new in GCS-2005 ActiveDirectory integration (v 4.7) Fax over IP ( Cisco ) Partnership with Canon Unified Messaging ( Voice integration )

11 To conclude, AVM is … A standard in term of technology A reliable, efficient and up-to-date solution A modular approach A reactive company A real partnership with the leaders 0033 (0) 4 78 56 59 13

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