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I AM NUMBER FOUR By Pittacus Lore.

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1 I AM NUMBER FOUR By Pittacus Lore

2 I AM NUMBER FOUR Prologue Vocabulary Futile Amulet

3 Chapter 1 Vocabulary Assimilate , pg. 6 Unbeknownst, pg. 7
What happened to the first three children? How does Number four know when one of them dies? Who or what is Henri?

4 Chapter 2 Vocabulary Skittishness, pg. 12
Why do they choose to change the boys name to John Smith? Why is he tired of running?

5 Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Why do the boy and Henri have to travel light?
What do they always take with them?

6 Chapter 4 Vocabulary Criteria Snickering Dumbfounded
Why does Henri travel with many laptops and monitors? Foreshadowing happens on page 24. Why is this important? Who trips John and why? Where does John hid when he starts feeling sick? Have you ever been to a new school? Describe your first day. Does it compare to John’s?

7 Chapter 5 Vocabulary Meddles
What is the significance of John leaving his backpack in the classroom? What do the three circles on his ankle represent?

8 Chapter 6 Vocabulary Lumen Describe the flame “treatment”.

9 Chapter 7 Chapter 7 Who does John think has his phone?
According to this chapter, how many life-sustaining planets are there in the universe? Do you agree or disagree…..why or why not? What is the outcome of the meeting with the principal after the meatball incident? How does he get his phone back?

10 Chapter 8 Chapter 8 How does John open the chest?
When John’s mind drifts, what happens to him? What does he see?

11 Chapter 9 Chapter 9 Vocabulary Gregarious Manipulative Herbivores
Carnivores Ferocity When the door opens……who or what is there? The dog has a tag that reads Bernie Kosar. Where have we read that name before?

12 Chapter 10 Vocabulary Horrendous Gerund Ludicrous incentive
What does John find at his locker? What is the brown blur at the track? What is the significance? Predict what you think will happen with Bernie. John doesn’t use oven mitts to take the muffins out of the oven. How does Sarah react?

13 Chapter 11 Chapter 11 Vocabulary encompassed
Predict what you think happened to the second ship? How long were John and the other on the ship before they landed on earth? What is the relationship between John and the man in the silver and blue suit?

14 Chapter 12 Chapter 12 Vocabulary Bustling Intermittently Contentious
Discord Off-kilter caricatures Sam and Henri have an interesting conversation. What dos Sam say that shocks Henri? Why is this important to the plot of the story?

15 Chapter 14 Chapter 14 Vocabulary delusional
Why does John not want to tell the sheriff what happened on the hayrack ride?

16 Chapter 15 Chapter 15 Vocabulary Inherent Transcends monochromatic
In the tennis ball scene, why is John so frustrated? Henri wants to move again, why? The glass balls depict what? What is the purpose of the balls?

17 Chapter 16 Chapter 16 Vocabulary anonymity Vulnerability Persistence
Why does Sam pull a gun on John? Where do the publications that Sam reads come from?

18 Chapter 17 Vocabulary Imperative Ostensibly
Why is John running to school now? Why is Henri going to Athens, Ohio? What would happen (in your opinion) if Henri did not go to Athens?

19 Chapter 18 Chapter 18 Predict what has caused Henri to miss Thanksgiving dinner with Sarah’s family. “The whole camera is shaking in Sarah’s hands”. How would you feel in this situation? Describe John’s telekinesis practice. How do you think you would use telekinesis powers?

20 Chapter 19 Vocabulary Piqued Scenario Devious Volition
How are Sam and John going to get to Athens? Do you think this is a good or bad idea? Explain.

21 Chapter20 Chapter 20 This is an exciting chapter. Describe John’s new abilities.

22 Chapter 21 Chapter 21 Vocabulary Anguished Describe the Mongadorians.
How do John, Henri and Sam escape from the second floor? How would you feel about having to leave your friends again? How do you think John felt? How did he respond when Henri told them they were leaving?

23 Chapter 22 Vocabulary Transcend Sentinel Segues
Describe John’s fire suit. According to the author, “some of the greatest figures in Earth’s history were actually the product of humans and the Loric”. Name them.

24 Chapter 23 Chapter 23 Vocabulary Discernible Chimaera
Why did the other rocket hold animals? Where did it go?

25 Chapter 24 Chapter 24 What is the significance of the orange flyers? Whose party is it? How would you feel about going to the party?

26 Chapter 25 Chapter 25 Vocabulary Coyly Assuage
In the end of the chapter a scream comes from the second floor. Predict what will happen in the beginning of chapter 26.

27 Chapter 26 Chapter 26 Vocabulary Sporadically cordoned
How does Sarah react when John tells her he is Number 4? Why do Sarah and John lie to the police? Would you tell the truth?

28 Chapter 27 Chapter 27 Vocabulary incriminate Haggard Wanes Cathartic
Contemptuously Gothic Foreboding Callous Harbinger The principal, Mr. Harris, asks John “So, is it true?” What is he referring to?

29 Chapter 28 Chapter 28 Vocabulary Vertigo
How does John react in the principal’s office? Who does he find at his house? Why is he there? Have you ever felt the terror that Sarah and John must have felt in the darkened school? Describe how your body felt. Who is the surprise visitor that grabs Sarah and John in the classroom? Have you ever been grabbed in the dark? Describe your situation.

30 Chapter 29 Chapter 29 Vocabulary Vigilant
Henri uses a healing stone on Six. How could doctors make use of a healing stone here on Earth? Discuss the possibilities. John says the time has come. What is he referring to?

31 Chapter 30 Chapter 30 Who does Six think Bernie Kosar is?
When the group is lead out of the tunnel beneath the school…what do they discover?

32 Chapter 31 Chapter 31 Vocabulary Villainous Wraiths Nonchalantly
Effigies Guttural Convalescence Postelectrocution Vertiginous Dearth Ominous Concentric

33 Chapter 31 Another twist in the terror Six, John and Henri face. Describe the BEAST. Where does the soldier get energy for his cannon? Wow, an exciting chapter. Describe one of the many beasts/soldiers/demons in this chapter. We learn something else about Bernie Kosar. Did you predict this back in chapter 9 or 30?

34 Chapter 32 Chapter 32 Vocabulary Blatantly Vortex
Do we know if Bernie Kosar is alive at the end of the chapter? Have you lost a pet? Can you describe how John must be feeling?

35 Chapter 33 Chapter 33 Vocabulary Translucent Verdant
What makes John feel rejuvenated? How does John get the beast to help him? Who kills the last soldier?

36 Chapter 34 Chapter 34 Vocabulary Impenetrable
Why would Sam be allowed to travel with John and Six? Now that you have finished the book…what did you think of it? Did you read the sneak peak of the second book in the series? Why or why not?

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