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Pre-Externship Workshop 2/27/12: 10-11 AM 2/28/12: 6-7PM 2/29/12: 4-5PM.

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1 Pre-Externship Workshop 2/27/12: 10-11 AM 2/28/12: 6-7PM 2/29/12: 4-5PM

2 TODAY WE WILL COVER: Externship Guide Action Items What to Expect How to Prepare What To Wear Follow-Up Questions

3 Externship Guide What you should have done or should do now Checklist Before Externship March 9 Tips To Remember (helpful for any internship or job) Guide For Day of Externship (will help you reflect and write paper quickly)

4 HAVE YOU CONTACTED YOUR HOST? Communicate Professionally!!!! Introduce yourself: Good morning Mr. Thompson, My name is Joe Smith. I am a Sophomore at IUPUI majoring in Accounting and Finance. I am excited and really looking forward to spending the day with you at XYZ Company on March 9. If you have any questions or need to get a hold of me, my phone number is: 317-123-4567 or you can email me at Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, Joe Smith

5 Externship Experience No perfect experience! You can expect your site supervisor to be your guide for the day. They will give you all the details for the day. Your site host should share the following information with you: – Who you will be working with – When to report – Where to report – Parking information – What to bring – What to do about lunch But don't forget they have their jobs to do, so they might not be able to give you 100% of their attention

6 BE PREPARED: WHAT TO WEAR BUSINESS ATTIRE Women: Suit Skirt Dress Pants Hosiery Dress Shoes Men: Suit Dress Shirt Tie Dress Shoes

7 BE PREPARED: WHAT TO WEAR BUSINESS CASUAL Wear a collar! Tuck in your shirt Gentlemen, you need a belt and clean, likely polished shoes

8 BE PREPARED: WHAT TO WEAR CASUAL No tennis shoes unless instructed to wear them! Tuck in your shirt! No t-shirts whatsoever Would you considering hiring you down the road?

9 WHAT TO BRING Supervisor contact information (some instructions include calling your host when you arrive) Directions/ instructions Notebook and pen!!! Lunch or lunch money Questions and knowledge about field and company Enthusiastic Attitude; this is a networking event after all……!

10 Dont forget!!! We set the experience up and introduce you to your host; you are expected to continue the communication from here, show up and on time, and express any emergencies to your host. No gum! No texting or cell phone use! (LEAVE IT IN THE CAR) Ask questions; do not expect the host to form the experience

11 Questions/ Research What is a typical day like for you? What are your duties/ functions/ responsibilities? Who do you work with? What was the path you took to get where you are? What advice do you have for me? In your words, what does your company do? What is a summary of your job description? What was your major/ education path? What about your colleagues? What do you think is more important to know and be able to do for your job? How do you feel about the stability and growth of your field? Are there specific paths employers are seeking? Are there are any professional organizations or other groups you are a part of that you find helpful for young people in this field? What advice do you have for me? Are there additional resources I should seek to learn more?

12 Elevator Speech Who are you? Major Summary of where you have been (classes you have taken, work experience relevant to field) Where you are now (currently sophomore studying criminal justice) Where you want to go (deciding between probation officer or private investigator)

13 SURVEY You will receive a survey about 1 week after your externship Please answer this survey promptly and thoroughly. Voluntary, but research helps!

14 THANK YOU NOTE Dear Ms. Thompson, Thank you so much for taking the time to allow me to visit Roche Diagnostics yesterday. I learned so much about the bio-medical field and feel that the path I am pursuing in Engineering is a great fit for me. Thank you for coordinating the meetings with different staff and allowing me to observe a client meeting. I have a great idea of what your field and also Roche do after this experience. Thank you again for a wonderful day! Sincerely, Jill Vanderwall


16 QUESTIONS??? Jill will be out of the country March 9, 2012. Contact your host directly in case of emergency or specific questions; Jill only has what you have in terms of the hosts profile IUPUI contact: Jen Schott, Director Career Planning (317-274-4856)

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