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Bell ringers Week 13.

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1 Bell ringers Week 13

2 11/11/13 Print last week’s bell ringers
CNN Student News If you could interview a veteran, what questions would you ask? How does your community commemorate Veterans Day? Can you think of other ways to honor military veterans? Explain.

3 11/12/13 CNN Student News What do you think might be some of the benefits and limitations of the "Iron Man" suit ordered by the U.S. military? What modifications would you make to such a suit to give it new functions? Can you think of non-military uses for this kind of suit? Explain.

4 11/13/13 CNN Student News What actions would you take after finding a large sum of money inside an item you purchased? What options does a person have when it comes to found money? Would the circumstances surrounding the discovery of money (including the amount) influence your decision on what to do with it? If so, how? If not, why not?

5 11/14/13 CNN Student News Do other countries have a responsibility to help a nation that is overwhelmed by a natural disaster? What might be the benefits and challenges of providing relief aid to another country?

6 11/15/13 CNN Student News Can watching an on-camera broadcast of a court case affect how the public perceives the case? How would this contrast to reading about the case online or in a newspaper?

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