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Cloud Services from Justin Paul Senior Virtualization Engineer / VMware vExpert –

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1 Cloud Services from Justin Paul Senior Virtualization Engineer / VMware vExpert –

2 What are Cloud Services Cloud computing is about how computing is getting done, not where it is getting done. The great promise of the cloud is that it will enable things to get done faster and more cheaplyby removing and hiding complexity. -Paul Maritz CEO of VMware

3 Services SMSproTech Offers Fiber Internet Services Offsite Backup Replication Server Co-Location Cloud Compute

4 Fiber Internet Services Time Warner Fiber NKTelco Fiber P2P, P2MP, Internet Connectivity

5 Offsite Backup Replication Exagrid Arca Vault Veeam Replication Others Built to Suit

6 Server Co-Location Limited access server room Fire Suppression Cooling Redundant UPSs and Generator power Cisco Switching Infrastructure Cisco Firewall or Fortigate UTM Hybrid Solutions with Cloud Compute

7 Cloud Computing Services The next few slides are an excerpt from this presentation:

8 Lets use a simple analogy Say you just moved to a city, and youre looking for a place to live

9 You can either Build a house or Rent an apartment

10 If you build a house, there are a few important decisions you have to make…

11 How big is the house? are you planning to have a large family? Remodeling and additions typically cost a lot more once the house is built

12 But, you get a chance to customize it tile flooring Roof floor plan landscaping windows lighting

13 Once the house is built, youre responsible for maintenance Hire Landscaper Electrician Plumber Pay property tax Electricity Water Gutter Cleaning Heating and Cooling House Keeping

14 How about renting ?

15 Consider a builder in your city builds a massive number of apartment units

16 A unit can easily be converted into 2,3,4 or more units

17 You make fewer, simpler decisions You can start with one unit and grow later, or downsize

18 But… You do not have a lot of options to customize your unit

19 However, builders provide you with very high quality infrastructure high speed Internet high capacity electricity triple pane windows green materials

20 No need to worry about maintenance cost No need to Hire landscapers, electricians, plumbers

21 Cloud Computing Services VMware vSphere 5 Based Built on leading hardware platforms vCloud Director Interface (coming soon) Flexible Billing Methods Robust Datacenter –Redundant UPS Power –Natural Gas Generator –Multiple Internet Carriers Offsite Backup to DR Datacenter Built to Suit Self Service or Fully Managed

22 Why Cloud Computing? Developers / Project Team IT Admin Developers and other users place high demands on IT… May we have a LAMP stack, please? Queues? Custom requests? Hardware acquisition? Individual approvals?

23 Solving the demand on IT Achieve the economics and agility of cloud computing without sacrificing security or control Customers can self provision virtual servers from scratch or templates, eliminating wait times associated with hardware purchasing and setup Scale capacity as needed without purchasing more hardware or having idle equipment Self-Service Portals Virtual Data Centers Catalogs

24 vCloud Billing Methods Pay-As-You-Go - Resources are committed only when vApps are created, pay for only what you need. (Great for Test/Dev environments) Allocation Pool - Only a percentage of the resources you allocate are guaranteed. (Great for Tier 2 Applications that are important, but do not demand 100% committed resources 24x7) Reservation Pool – All resources you are using are guaranteed. Meaning CPU / RAM / Storage, and are not effected by other customers on the cloud. (Great for Tier 1 Applications that are business critical)

25 vCloud Interface



28 What is vCloud hiding?

29 Questions? vCloud Demo Accounts are available by contacting or

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