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One World Express.

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1 One World Express

2 Who is One World Express?
One World Express Inc. Ltd. has a host of services relating to Logistics, but we are more than simply a logistics company, we are rich in human resources with a team that has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Courier, Freight, IT and eCommerce solutions. These varied talents and dogged determination for quality of service and sheer excellence has driven the company forward under steadfast guidance of the Directors and Senior Managers and has moved us into the headlines of the eCommerce World. We are proud and happy to offer all these solutions to our customers in order for them to attain success. We’re the Right choice for you…

3 Meet the Team Key Members
Managing Director Mr Atul Bhakta General Manager Gordon Shuttleworth Finance Sales & Marketing Operations Finance Controller Binda Jessel Operations Manager Jagjit Phagura Business Development Mgr Agha Zakir Abbas Customer Services Customer Services Manager Yasmin Elias Account Supervisor Alison Sutton Transport Manager Arshad Saeed Sales Executive Faisal Khan Import Controller Mike Berry Customer Services Hannah Bradley Account Supervisor Zahid Khan Sales Executive Vivek Singh Warehouse Controller Malav Shah Customer Services Jasmine Randhawa Sea Freight & Projects IT Services Finance & Projects Chatan Rajan IT Manager Mohammed Shabbir Warehouse Controller Rakesh Sehmi Customer Services Andy Chen

4 Security and Technology Online Track and Trace

5 Returns Management Solutions B2C and B2B eCommerce
Sending B2C & B2B packages to European countries is a simple Matter whether you ship via a Courier or a postal service. But what happens when the Goods purchased by the Consumer are incorrect and You need them back in order To refund or replace? That’s where we come in, we Offer a range of solutions to Suit almost every requirement.

6 Returns Management Solutions Europe to UK – Paid Service
The Paid Service is a slightly more cost effective service for the supplier. The buyer will pay the local return cost to return their faulty or incorrect goods from their home back to the returns centre based in their country. Once the goods are received at the local receiving centre they are processed and on forwarded to the central hub based in Germany where they are consolidated and then shipped back to the UK and delivered to the supplier. This service is an excellent option for any e-tailer which promotes online sales and reduces costs to both the e-tailer and the customer due to simplicity.

7 Returns Management Solutions Europe to UK - Prepaid service
The Prepaid Service is the ultimate solution for any supplier and buyer alike. The buyer will not pay any costs to return their faulty or incorrect goods to the local returns centre and receive the best possible service. The service includes a pre-paid return label with the parcel as an option or when requesting for a return. The customer is ed a label which they ` can quickly print and attach to the return parcel. Once the label is attached, the buyer simply needs to drop the parcel off at their local post office or designated drop off location listed on the label. Goods returned locally have the benefit of being refunded or replaced much faster than those sent overseas and more likely to be returned if the buyer does not have to pay the charges to return the goods. This option is fully tracked from the time the buyer drops the package off at the local drop off centre. Furthermore, each service can be uniquely tailored to the requirement to suit specific client requirements with elegant touches such as bespoke labels with seller logos.

8 Returns Management Solutions UK to Europe – Working Prepaid service
Hugo Boss, the brand and its logos are registered Trademarks of Hugo Boss AG UK Limited

9 Returns Management Solutions Europe to UK – Paid Service vs Prepaid
“Did you know that a consumer who can return goods Free of charge will spend up to 357% more in your online shop” Prepaid Paid Simplified returns Managed service No charges to buyer Higher online purchases Improved International returns Satisfied customers Great online reviews Increased ratings Fully tracked Simplified returns Consumer pays Domestic Charges only Reduced costs to e-tailer & customer Higher online purchases Improved International returns Satisfied customers Great online reviews Increased ratings Tracked from local hub back to you All Logos and designs are owned by their respective organisations

10 Returns Management Solutions Available in 19 countries
Country Prepaid Paid Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Poland Portugal Slovakia Spain Sweden United Kingdom “Simple and cost effective “

11 A Dedicated Team of logistics & IT professionals

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