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DJ Pirkle, Nick Slot, Jordan Meyers & Megan Steenhuysen.

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1 DJ Pirkle, Nick Slot, Jordan Meyers & Megan Steenhuysen

2 Background Maryland has been a member of the ACC since 1954 As of July 1st Maryland will be newest member of the BIG 10 Maryland is being sued for $52.3 million for leaving Maryland countersuing the ACC for $157 million

3 Secondary Issues CORE ISSUE: $52 million exit fee imposed by ACC In General Consumers will be adversely impacted (increase in ticket prices/fees in order to counterbalance exit fee) May deter/prevent other schools from changing conferences (especially in the midst of budget issues)

4 Secondary Issues (case specific) ACC withholding $$ Maryland claims that $16 million in revenue shares has been withheld while the case plays out An ACC associate was cited in a letter stating that the revenue shares were not being distributed because they were being held as collateral against the exit fee. According to the Washington Post: The ACC withheld well over $3 million in gross television revenues from 2012-2013 Maryland attorney generals office perceives this as intimidation and and a reaction to Maryland leaving for the Big Ten

5 Secondary Issues (case specific) ACC/ESPN poaching Big Ten schools Allegedly, athletic officials from Pittsburgh and Wake Forest made attempts to recruit at least two Big Ten schools to their conference ESPN supposedly provided specific counsel and direction (trying to gain access to certain teams) ESPNs involvement with college sports has long been perceived as giving favorable coverage to certain teams/conferences This is also being viewed as a competitive response to Marylands decision to leave the conference for the Big Ten – hypocritical for the ACC to lure schools from the very league to which it is losing Maryland

6 Appeals Gansler moves to dismiss lawsuit due to no jurisdiction over Maryland November 2013, NC Court of Appeals rejects UMDs bid to escape the $52 million fee Basis revolved around UMD college park and board of regents sovereign immunity arguments

7 The Issue Directly affects UMD Other ACC schools are hesitant to leave due to this suit Conferences witness the stress of this situation and try to avoid it

8 Similar Cases Rutgers v. The Big East- $10million exit fee Accused Big East of holding back funds owed to Rutgers Boise State v. The Big East BSU cancelled entry to the conference. Contractual agreement of $5 million back-out fee

9 Whats To Come More conference jumps Greater divide between the major BCS conferences and the NCAA – Separate entity? What about the mid-majors? So much talk, so little resolution

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