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NOT an impossible mission. Portfolios & Communication Tools What is Career Cruising? Career Cruising Assessments Career & School Information What are.

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1 NOT an impossible mission

2 Portfolios & Communication Tools What is Career Cruising? Career Cruising Assessments Career & School Information What are we going to do today? Career Cruising for Counselors Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 CAMS (Management System)

3 What is Career Cruising?? Exceptional Interest Assessment In-depth Occupation Profiles Multimedia Informational Interviews Comprehensive College, University, and Financial Aid Information Engaging Career Portfolio Tool Career Advisor Management System

4 Career Matchmaker Proven - Matchmaker is based on a system that has been the world's leading computer-based career matching tool for over 30 years. Easy to understand – Your students receive clear feedback on why individual careers may or may not suit their interests or skills. Interactive - Participating in the matching process creates an opportunity for learning and self-awareness. Flexible – Your students can complete anywhere from 39 to 116 interest- related questions, and can complete the optional My Skills component. Intelligent - Matchmaker creates customized sets of questions for each user. Accessible – Your students can save their work and log back in from home or wherever they have access to the Internet. 4

5 Self Awareness and Learning Career Matchmaker provides clear and helpful personal feedback. Matchmaker not only suggests suitable occupations, it also shows how each of those occupations matches personal and work interests. This practical and individualized feedback helps make the matching process a meaningful and empowering experience. If the student completes the My Skills component, Matchmaker will also show how their skills match up with those required for each occupation, helping to see which skills they may need to develop. 5

6 Other Assessments Rate your level of skill in 45 key areas to see how your skills match up with the careers that you are interested in. Learning Styles Ability Profiler Discover how you learn and retain information and find tips on how to improve your study habits to suit your learning style. My Skills Learn more about your abilities and see how your abilities compare to those used in careers that interest you.

7 Portfolio Tool Career Cruising's Portfolio Tool allows you to save and organize your career exploration activities, develop an education plan, and create a resume. With the Portfolio, you can: Save Matchmaker results and other assessment results Bookmark careers and schools that interest you Create a personalized high school plan Develop a post-secondary education plan Establish short-term and long-term career goals Record career development activities, such as internships, volunteer work, career fairs, etc. Document work experience, extracurricular activities, skills and abilities, and awards Upload and store documents such as essays, reference letters, or scanned art work Create a customized, professional resume 7

8 Encourage Students - Help students prepare for the world of work by encouraging them to engage in various career and education-related activities (e.g. job shadowing, campus visits). Store Accomplishments - Provide students with a means of electronically storing a collection of material that demonstrates their knowledge, skills, and competencies. Develop Plans - Enable students to create and maintain a four-year education plan throughout their high school years. Create Resumes - Allow students to create professional looking resumes for job applications.

9 Portfolio Tool The Portfolio Homepage is the first page a student will see after they have logged into their portfolio. There are a number of options available from this page. Students can: Review messages received from their career advisor Update their personal information or invite others to view their portfolio Enter personal website links or view websites recommended by their advisor Upload documents or images (scanned artwork, essays, etc.) 9

10 Portfolio Tool Students can store their results from Matchmaker within the Assessment Results section of their portfolio. Students can later return to Matchmaker, where they can answer more questions, complete the skills component or investigate their results. Additionally, students can also store their assessment results from any number of other assessments (e.g. ACT, Holland, ASVAB, SAT, CEI). 10

11 Portfolio Tool Within the Careers of Interest section, students can: Save any career information that they have researched in Career Cruising. Record their thoughts about a particular career and why it is of interest to them. Update or delete these careers and comments on an ongoing basis. 11

12 Portfolio Tool Similarly, within the Schools of Interest section, students can: Save any school information that they have researched in Career Cruising. Record comments about programs, costs or other important information. Update or delete these schools and comments on an ongoing basis. In addition, students can view a list of college programs related to careers they have saved in their portfolio. 12

13 Portfolio Tool Within the Portfolio Tool, students have the option to create a personalized four-year high school education plan. Enter the high school courses they are planning on taking for each grade level, or, choose from the course listings that have been uploaded into the system View a tally of credits for the courses they have selected View a list of suggested high school courses for any career that they have saved to their portfolio View their completed education plan at any time and make changes 13

14 Portfolio Tool One of the goals of the Portfolio Tool is to help students prepare for the world of work. Accordingly, the Portfolio Tool can also be used to store a number of career-related activities. Long term and short term goals they have identified Career-related activities they plan to complete in the coming school years Any career preparation activities they have already completed A post-secondary education and training plan 14

15 Portfolio Tool Students have the option to enter a variety of additional items into their portfolios. Work and volunteer experiences Extracurricular activities Skills and abilities Awards and certificates 15

16 Portfolio Tool At any time students can print out the results of their portfolios by clicking on the "Printer- Friendly Report" option. Students can use this option to keep a paper-based record of their portfolio or to share its contents with teachers, career advisors, and parents. 16

17 Portfolio Tool The Portfolio Tool also contains a Resume Builder that allows students to produce a customized resume using the information they have stored in their portfolios. Within the resume section of the portfolio, students are able to: Choose a resume style for their final output Choose which sections of the resume they wish to include Choose the order in which the various sections of the resume will appear Export the resume in Word, text, or html formats Print their resume directly from their web browser 17

18 Career & School Information

19 In Depth Occupation Profiles 19 Career Cruising contains detailed information on hundreds of occupationsfrom Actuary to Zoologist. Each profile includes: Job description Working conditions Earnings Education and training requirements Direct links to related college programs Sample career path Related jobs Other resources Multimedia interviews

20 Explore Colleges & Universities 20 Career Cruising provides comprehensive information on thousands of 2-year colleges, 4- year colleges, and career and technical schools across the country. The school profiles include: School overview (including type, location, setting, website) Admission requirements and contact information Estimated expenses Enrollment and freshman profile Details on libraries, housing, and other facilities Clubs and social organizations Intercollegiate athletics, intramural sports, and athletic scholarships Majors offered

21 Financial Aid Information 21 Career Cruising's financial aid database includes details on thousands of scholarships, grants, awards, fellowships, and other assistance programs. Using our Financial Aid Selector, you can find financial aid programs that you qualify for based on factors such as gender, background, academic record, educational plans, and more. Scholarship profiles include: Award and donor/sponsor descriptions Award criteria Application process and requirements Contact information

22 Information Management

23 Career Advisor Management System Career Cruising's Career Advisor Management System (CAMS) allows you to effectively implement and manage the use of Career Cruising at your site. Customize the program to suit your needs Produce detailed aggregate reports View work done by students at your school Manage student and advisor profiles Communicate with students Create custom course lists to help students create their education plans 23

24 Career Advisor Management System Our Career Advisor Management System (CAMS) can help you effectively implement and manage the use of Career Cruising at your site. As an advisor you can: Tailor Career Cruising to meet the needs of your students View individual student portfolios and resumes to monitor their progress Create customized course lists to help students generate their education plans Generate accountability reports for your students' career and education plans Communicate with your students using our internal messaging system 24

25 Career Advisor Management System Advisors also have access to customization options for the Assessment sections of Career Cruising. Some of these options include: Choosing a student-friendly or adult-oriented look for Career Matchmaker. Allowing students to enter results from additional assessment tools into their portfolios. This can be useful if your school uses other assessment tools such as ASVAB, ACT, SAT, etc. Activating or deactivating "My Skills", the new Career Cruising skills assessment that works together with Career Matchmaker, helping students identify careers that match both their interests and skills profile. 25

26 Career Advisor Management System Administrators have a number of ways in which they can access and manage the student information stored within the Portfolio Tool. Options include: View student portfolios and resumes in order to monitor progress and determine if any help is needed. Search for students by grade, first name, last name or by the advisor to whom they have been assigned. Export a list of portfolio usernames and passwords either as an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file to help students who have misplaced their login information. Add Notes to track individual students' career exploration progress. Over time these notes can be edited, updated or deleted. 26

27 Career Advisor Management System Within the Education Plan section of the portfolio, students can create detailed four-year education plans by entering courses they intend to take or have already completed in high school. To help ensure the accuracy of the data students are entering, you can use the CAMS to pre-enter course information. You can include as much information as you like, including course number, course description, course length, number of credits, and subject area. Once this information has been entered, all students have to do is select the course name from a dropdown and the system will automatically enter all of the additional information. 27

28 Career Advisor Management System There are a number of real-time reporting features built into the administrative section of Career Cruising. Portfolio Usage Statistics – Summary statistics for the number of portfolios and resumes created at your site. Careers of Interest – Summary data on the careers that are of interest to students at your school. Schools of Interest – Summary data on the post-secondary schools of interest to your students. Mass Print Portfolios – Print all the portfolios at your school or print a subset of portfolios based on criteria you select. Course Forecasting – Course demand projections based on course selections in students' four-year education plans. Date Last Changed – See when students at your site last logged into their portfolios. Extracurricular Activities – Aggregate data on the extracurricular activities of your students. 28

29 Career Advisor Management System Imagine being ablewith just a few clicksto notify all grade 12 students at your school about a visit from a local college or university. Within the Career Advisor Management System it is just that simple. First, select the criteria of the students that you want to reach. Compose your message, press send...and it is instantly delivered to your students' portfolios. If a student has entered an email address into their portfolio, the message will also be delivered via email. 29

30 Lets Investigate

31 Questions? Comments?

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