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Appalling Science in Hollywood! And some decent stuff… Starring… Jake Leaman Taylor Fizzix 7.

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1 Appalling Science in Hollywood! And some decent stuff… Starring… Jake Leaman Taylor Fizzix 7


3 Inertia? Tonys free fall (his velocity in the down direction) is 4.33 seconds. (assume his deceleration takes.1 seconds) – Acceleration of gravity: 9.8 m/s 2 – V f = (g)(t) V f = (9.8 m/s 2 )(4.33s) V f = 42.43 m/s (no wind resistance) 42.43/.1 = 424.3m/s 2 (deceleration) 424.3/9.8 = 43.3 Gs (the G force of his impact)

4 The average person can survive a force of 7 Gs A pilot in the airforce can grow tolerant to 10 – 12 Gs NOBODY ON EARTH survives 40 Gs Tony comes to a complete stop causing his insides to turn into jello, mush, etc.

5 Flashing Bullets? – Bullets are NOT hot when they strike an object no flash would be visible (especially under the lighting conditions of a desert) Fireballs arent hot? – YES, they are the suit would act as a conductor to the raging flames surrounding tony, frying him in a matter of seconds. – Tony stark + those fireballs = Tony STEAK


7 Newtons first law …and object in motion will remain in motion indefinitely in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force… – The insurgent pointed his gun upward – Too short for gravity to effect bullet – Bullet would crunch on contact – Conclusion…? That man should still be alive. Again with the flashing bullet


9 First of all… – There is no such thing as a 3-D hologram Second… – Tonys little pen gizmo is pointing light at nothing but air – The light from the pen isnt reflecting off anything And lastly… – Light is intangible has wave properties NOT matter properties Conclusion…? – He couldnt have invented Ironman


11 Inertias gone!? again!? – Tonys free fall is plenty long enough (26.46s) for him to reach terminal velocity (roughly 50m/s) – His turn once he reaches the ground propels him horizontal to the ground 90° – As the force from the thrusters redirects the suit, the velocity of Tonys body is still moving downward – A conscious/laughing Tony is NOT possible


13 Cell Phone service? – Tony is too high to receive cell service – Tony is moving too fast for the waves to produce a solid signal – Phone call = just no The Bullets in this scene give off an orange trail when fired the friction from the atmosphere at that height is not capable of that. Missile? – F22 Raptors missile is NOT a heat seeking missile Flares would have no effect on it

14 Missile (cont.) – A missile = (V fm - V im )/t = (>340 m/s )-(<340 m/s )/(7.47) = > 45.52 m/s 2 – V tony = > 340 m/s – Is this possible..? Yes, surprisingly The fastest missile is the X-51 hypersonic cruise missile. Top speed: 15,000 mph 6705.6 m/s

15 – Could it have happened in this clip? NO WAY X-51 missiles are not fired from F22 Raptors We hear the sonic boom from Tony, but there is no sonic boom when the missile is fired Any object that travels faster than the speed of sound (Mach 1) produces a sonic boom. – Conclusion…? The missile never reached supersonic speeds and would never have caught up with Tony in the first place.

16 Deploy Flaps! – At supersonic speeds, the deceleration of the suit shown the in clip from the flaps would kill Tony – The suit is slowed down by the wind resistance but Tony is still moving at supersonic speeds in the the forward direction – Tony would be be smeared onto the inside of the front of the suit because of INERTIA.


18 Convenient Escape As soon as Tony breaks off the wing of the plane, it gains centrifugal velocity (having only one wing) – The pilot would have no control or stability – When the pilot escaped, plane is gliding conveniently for him to pop out

19 The pilot enters free fall almost immediately. – The pilots velocity when it exit the plan is the same as the plane. He should have decelerated forward slowly as if he were a projectile. – Although there is a slight parabolic path visible, it is under exaggerated immensely.


21 Exploding Motorcycle? Bad – The motorcycle would not explode on contact with Ironman Crumbling Bus Good – The bus would crumble in that manner Should have kept their vehicle destruction constant


23 Helmets lights Obadiah rips the ironman head off and the lights remain illuminated – The power source is the arc reactor in tony the circuit that illuminates the head is cut off Tony weighs less now? Obadiah throws him onto the class and it doesn't even crack.

24 Bullets bullets bullets… – Their flashing… again… – Tony protects himself a solid SECOND after we hear the first shot no WAY did he react fast enough to avoid being shot in the face – A person would have already been shot had they heard the sound of the bullet

25 The glass from the window doesnt harm pepper pots impossible – The magnitude of glass that fell from the ceiling would cut pepper No distortion from missiles, Tony? – No excused for Tony, his helmet is off – The shockwave (moving air pocket from explosion) from the 3 missiles would distort his ability to hold on as well as his ability to hear pepper from below.

26 General Hiccup Arc Reactors exist However, Tonys entails a Fusion Reaction (two hydrogen ions crushed together to produce helium) This type of Arc Reactor would need to be HUGE. One that is the size of Tonys chest plate could never be achieved The End

27 Works Consulted d=20090325131129AAxvc3V d=20090325131129AAxvc3V

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