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Recognizing words with long u vowel sounds ue, ui, Vce.

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1 Recognizing words with long u vowel sounds ue, ui, Vce

2 Definition 1: a hollow, cylindrical body of metal, glass, or rubber used for conveying or containing liquids or gases 2: a small cylinder sealed at one end and having a capped opening at the other Examples: - test tube -large pipes - tube of toothpaste - inflatable tube for floating What is it like? - pipe - hose - cylinder The water tube slide was a fun and exciting ride.

3 Definition 1: to be deprived of 2: to fail to win; fail in 3: to get rid of Examples: - lose or get rid of weight - lose a tooth Same - misplace - fail - unable to find - be defeated - get rid of Different - find - win Mom is always losing her car keys.

4 Definition 1: discourteous or impolite 2: without refinement 3: roughly constructed Examples: - talking to a rude person - bad mannered driver - impolite to talk during a meeting What is it like? -impolite -discourteous -bad mannered -offensive The driver was very rude to other drivers on the highway.

5 Definition 1: of exceedingly great size, extent, or quantity 2: of exceedingly great scope or nature Examples: - our new huge house - huge rocking chair What is it like? -enormous -gigantic -vast -giant The new house we bought is huge.

6 Definition 1: a strong liquid adhesive 2: any of various similar adhesives, such as paste, mucilage, or epoxy Examples: - glue bottle - glue stick - glue gun for bonding What is it like? -fasten - sticky -paste - join -attach - bond -adhesive Jim and Jan used glue to repair the vase they broke.

7 Definition 1: of the color blue 2 : low in spirits Examples: - denim blue jeans - blue roses -sadness What is it like? - azure - sapphire - cobalt - indigo - navy-sapphire - depressed - sad The water in the swimming pool was a nice blue color.

8 Definition 1: anything that serves to guide or direct in the solution of a problem, mystery, or crime 2: to direct or point out Examples: - looking for clues - evidence of a crime scene What is it like? -sign - suspicion -hint - trace -evidence - indication I have no clue on how to answer the crossword puzzle question.

9 Definition 1: the natural fluid or liquid part that can be extracted from a plant 2: the natural fluids of an animal body 3: to extract liquid from Examples: - orange juice drink - grapes for making juice - fruit drink juicer What is it like? - sap - fruit drink - liquid I drink a glass of orange juice for breakfast every day.

10 Definition 1 : to sail or travel about, as for pleasure 2: a pleasure voyage on a ship with stops at various ports Examples - a trip by ship, airplane, or train - a voyage on a cruise ship What is it like? - journey - travel - voyage - sail - tour - trip My friends and I are planning to go on a cruise.

11 Definition 1: a set of clothing, armor, or the like intended for wear together 2: any costume worn for a special activity 3: to make appropriate or adapt one thing to another Examples: - mans suit - suit of armor - astronaut suit What is it like? - set of clothes - costume - outfit - ensemble My brother wore a white suit on his wedding day.

12 The glue made a mess.

13 our father took a blew soot when we went on our cruz

14 -graph ped

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