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Zoot Suit: Who can you trust? Unreliable Narrator.

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1 Zoot Suit: Who can you trust? Unreliable Narrator

2 Warm Up – You have TWO minutes Fill-in the My Reflection part of your Context Letter Handout Write your homework in your planner Start it

3 Quick Write What helps you know that you can trust someone no matter what? What makes you think that you cant trust someone? Who is this dude? Do you trust him?

4 Characterization: Who do you trust? Trustworthy Reliable Credible Untrustworthy Unreliable Not Convincing

5 Recognizing Unreliable Characters 1.What do we notice about the character? 2.What does this evidence reveal about the character? 3.Check out the signs of unreliability: Is the narrator/character: too self-interested? experienced or knowledgeable enough about the topic? moral enough? too emotional? words too inconsistent with his/her actions?

6 Which character do we trust more?

7 Ticket Out: Letter to Ms. Haak Using evidence you found during the group task, write Ms. Haak a letter that answers: who is the most reliable or unreliable character in Zoot Suit? – How do you know? Use at least two examples from the text. – Sentences starters We believe _____ because ______. Although some people think ______, we think _______. We are convinced that _____ is reliable or unreliable because ______. When you look at _____s actions in scene _____, When we considered the five qualities that make characters unreliable…

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