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HULC Exoskeleton and How it Relates to Physics

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1 HULC Exoskeleton and How it Relates to Physics
By Alex Marangoni

2 Table of contents Science Fiction H.U.L.C. Exoskeleton
Continued (H.U.L.C. Exoskeleton) Relation to Force Relation to Motion Videos Natural Exoskeletons Astronaut Suit Wet Suit and Dry Suit Hazmat Suit Bibliography

3 Science Fiction HALO 4 Crysis 3

4 H.U.L.C. Exoskeleton (science Fact)
The average soldier often carries heavy loads, which can and will lead to potential injury This issue is now a thing of the past with H.U.L.C. (Human universal load carrier): a hydraulic-powered, completely untethered, anthropomorphic exoskeleton Gives the average soldier the ability to carry a huge quantity of gear for prolonged periods of time Works on all terrains Has a flexible design so the user can still be light on his or her feet

5 Continued Onboard micro-computer ensures the exoskeleton moves in unison with the user H.U.L.C.’s major components are interchangeable in the field Can operate on battery power because of its power-saving design Does not restrict mobility Can also carry a maximum load with or without power

6 H.U.L.C. is hydraulic-powered
Relation to force The hydraulics take large amounts of force, with the help of a microcomputer, to move in unison with the soldier or whoever is using it H.U.L.C. is hydraulic-powered

7 The built-in microcomputer is calibrated to the user
Relation to motion The built-in microcomputer is calibrated to the user With the help of special sensors, H.U.L.C. can move in unison with user without restricting mobility Can carry up to 200 pounds of gear (rifle, sidearm, magazines, food, etc.) for extended periods of time still allows the user to walk, run, sprint, leap, preform deep crouches, and go prone and crawl

8 h6k
(Could not find a second video that had a hyperlink)

9 Exoskeletons on Insects and Coruscations
superorganism-leadership-and-fire-ants Beetles, ants, and lobster have their own natural exoskeleton. Now humankind has stepped up to bat with their own wearable exoskeleton.

10 Astronaut Suits Astronaut suits may not augment one’s abilities but does keep the user from suffocating by covering and sealing their body from the outside. bitesluncheons-with- astronauts.html

11 Scuba Diver Suits Like astronauts, dry suits and wet suits, along with the oxygen tanks, protect the user from the outside.

12 Hazmat Suits Hazmat suits are like scuba diving suits, instead hazmat suits are built for blocking lethal radiation.

13 Bibliography H.U.L.C. Exoskeleton ml

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