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Weekly ACT Suit Reconciliation Interface ACT User Meeting June 23, 2011.

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1 Weekly ACT Suit Reconciliation Interface ACT User Meeting June 23, 2011

2 LAWSUIT SELECTION RULES By venue, all open suits and all suits closed within last 30 days Include all accounts except dismissed/non-suited Pre-judgment - include petition years only Post-judgment - include judgment years only Show years by juris where juris is collected by active plaintiff If no petition or judgment years exist, build single placeholder record with suit and account data only





7 SUIT RECON SUIT AND ACCOUNT DATA SUIT #ACCOUNT SUIT TYPE FILING DT LIT STATUS & DATE YEAR JURIS FILE STATUS CRT NBR ACCT STATUS CRT COST * TM COST * ADL COST * FIRM COST* J OR NULL *Cost data added for out-of-state client, but will remain available as optional data. ************** BK FLAG – B1 JUDG DATE

8 SUIT RECON TAX SALE DATA* SALE TYPE AND DATE SALE STATUS JUDG AMT SALE AMT PURCHASER NAME PURCHASER ADDRESS CITY STATE/ZIP * Tax sale data currently used by El Paso only. All Suit Recon files include this data if it exists.

9 HOW TO GET STARTED Work with your LGB&S Attorney or Area Manager to start implementation process Area manager will make request through Oracle Help Desk Implementation actions: – Request secure server folder location – Identify notification e-mail recipients and create new e- mail address group – Provide DTAX Software Group the venue name, file location, e-mail info and required start date Files will be produced every Thursday night after start date

10 HOW YOU WILL BENEFIT No need for manual coding Less work Increased data accuracy Timeliness of updates Greater accuracy for 33.48 coding

11 Legal Status Detail Litigation 11

12 Legal Status Detail Bankruptcy 12

13 Legal Status Detail Sheriff Sale (Legal Status is set to Sold) 13

14 Legal Status Detail Sheriff Sale Detail 14

15 Legal Status Detail Liens 15

16 Legal Status Detail Manually adding a suit 16

17 Legal Status Detail Manually updating a suit 17

18 Lawsuit Reconciliation Why update lawsuit information manually when you can use the advanced lawsuit recon process ? We recommend using either the manual process or the advanced lawsuit recon process 18

19 Upload Lawsuit Recon File to the ACT Processing Area E-mail notification with file name Move the lawsuit recon file to ACT's processing area 19

20 Process Lawsuit Recon File Must be run in edit mode first Generates a lawsuit recon report 20

21 Lawsuit Recon Report Process summary 21

22 Lawsuit Recon Report New suits to be added – Suit record in lawsuit recon file and suit record does not exist in ACT 22

23 Lawsuit Recon Report Suits to be modified – Suit record exists in lawsuit recon file and ACT, but legal status or file date is different – For example, status changes from active to judgment 23

24 Lawsuit Recon Report Suits to be dismissed – Suit record exists in lawsuit recon file with a file status of closed and in an active status in ACT – File includes suits closed within 30 days 24

25 Lawsuit Recon Report Suits to be dismissed (not on file) – Suit record no longer in lawsuit recon file, but still in an active status on ACT 25

26 Summary of the lawsuit reconciliation process Legal status is set in ACT according to rules for reading data from lawsuit reconciliation file Eliminates double entry of suit information Maintains a better communication channel between the tax office and the customer 26

27 33.48 Dates 15% attorney collection fee of the total amount of taxes, penalties, and interest 33.48 dates normally set in January Applies to accounts delinquent as of 02/01/ current year + 1 Collection fee attaches to account on 02/01/ current year + 1 and may also include current year receivables

28 33.48 Dates ACT recommends code A (active) lawsuits be set with 33.48 date

29 Setting 33.48 Dates Selects accounts based on legal status requested Can be run for accounts needing a 33.48 date or for accounts that already have a 33.48 date set

30 Setting 33.48 Dates

31 33.48 Dates 33.48 dates are established by data as it is on a specific date when the process was completed. If data changes during the year, the dates must be manually updated to stay in sync with the penalties and collection fees that are appropriate.

32 For example…. If you set a legal status to active and ACT runs the 33.48 process that reads that status and sets a collection fee date, then you must also change/remove the date as appropriate. Likewise, if your active lawsuit code was not entered on the ACT system when we ran the 33.48 process, you must manually set the 33.48 date when you change the delinquent status.

33 Questions Interested? Contact your LGBS law office and ACT to get set up. 33

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