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Decontamination at a suspected radiological incident.

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1 Decontamination at a suspected radiological incident

2 Level B Suit Boots Inner Gloves Outer Gloves Helmet SCBA Chem-Tape (Duct Tape)

3 Donning and Doffing Level B

4 Remove watches, jewelry, etc. Remove items that impede movement Remove items that may puncture the suit Remove items that you dont want decontaminated

5 Remember to work as a team Remove Shoes Put Suit on to Waist Put on the Oversize Boots Tape the Boot to the Suit using Chem Tape Continuous piece of tape At least one circumference around boot Complete seal; no gaps between boot and suit Remember toCreate a Pull Tab Donning Level B:

6 Don Inner Gloves Don Outer Gloves Tape the Outer Glove to the Suit using Chem Tape Bend at elbow before taping to create greatest mobility Use one continuous piece of tape Wrap at least once around the forearm Seal the gaps Create a Pull Tab Zip suit to just below the neck in preparation for donning of SCBA Don SCBA Pack Don SCBA Mask Don, Zip and Seal the Level B Suit Hood Tape Facepiece and Hood Check visibility Place three pieces of tape Overlap the ends of the tape Seal the hood to the facepiece Create Pull Tab for each piece of tape On Air Ready to Work

7 Doffing Level B: Complete final decon rinse station Step into large size plastic trash can liner removes SCBA harness from back protecting the facepiece, regulator and hoseline Sit down Use Pull Tab to remove tape from Boots Place tape in trash can liner Doff Boot Remove Tape from Facepiece Unzip suit Remove Hood; Start to Peel… Remember to keep hand on outside of Suit! Pull Hand from Sleeve Peel down suit like a banana Step Out of Suit

8 Continuous Air Flow! With the gloved hand loosen the facepiece straps and gently push the facepiece away from the face with activated Bypass (open or on) Air MUST continue to flow away from the routes of entry to the body Remove inner Glove Report to Medical Surveillance

9 Nuclear Boy!

10 Recommended Personnel Contamination Survey

11 Contamination Survey Hands (Pause at Palms for approximatly Five Seconds Arms Have the Pt Turn their hand and Arm Over Backside of Hands and Arms (Pause at each elbow) Top and Sides of Head, Face (pause at mouth and nose for approx 5 seconds) Chest and front of Abdomen Front of the Legs (pause at each knee) Shoe Tops Shoe Bottoms (Pause at sole and heel) Have the person being surveyed Turn Around.

12 Contamination Survey Back of the head and Neck The Back and Pelvis (pausing at the seat of the pants) Back of the Legs Any dosimeters worn by the person being surveyed. If the dosimeter is not contaminated return to person.

13 Roles and Responsibilities Decon Group Supervisor

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