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Evolution. 11/06/20143 Copy this into your jotter The Theory of Evolution is the idea that the universe and all life (animal and human) have developed.

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1 Evolution


3 11/06/20143 Copy this into your jotter The Theory of Evolution is the idea that the universe and all life (animal and human) have developed gradually over millions of years.

4 The Theory of Evolution Is widely accepted as the best explanation for the origin and development of human life. 11/06/20144

5 Free Template from www.brainybetty.com5 Charles Darwin In the 1830s he went on a scientific expedition to Australasia

6 11/06/2014Free Template from www.brainybetty.com6 What did he see? Many species that were not found in Europe Lots of fossils In the Galapagos Islands: 13 different types of finch.

7 Why would God create so many different species to suit each island?

8 Its more likely that each species gradually changed over a great period of time to suit its surroundings! Survival of the Fittest

9 11/06/20149 Darwin decided that… In each generation of a species theres always variation. The most valuable qualities are the ones that help animals survive. These animals are more likely to survive and breed. Their qualities will be passed on to their offspring. The animals without these qualities will eventually die out.

10 11/06/2014Free Template from www.brainybetty.com10 Published in 1859, Darwins book caused public outcry from the church.

11 11/06/2014Free Template from www.brainybetty.com11 Natural selection is a process in which species of plants and animals change to suit their environment...

12 Evolution?

13 The Theory of Evolution

14 11/06/2014Free Template from www.brainybetty.com14 The Theory of Evolution

15 DNA: You receive a set of genes from each parent. These make up your DNA. These 2 sets form 1 set of individual DNA. 15

16 When something goes wrong with the transfer of DNA... Genetic Mutation occurs. This can often result in a handicap or other disadvantage. But... It can also result in an advantage! The advantage will be passed on to future generations. 11/06/201416



19 Which one did you see first?

20 Natural Selection Another theory is Darwins theory of evolution by natural selection. This states that over millions of years plants and animals were not necessarily created in the form we see them today. They have evolved and continue to do so. Only the species which are the fittest and best suited to the changing planet will survive.


22 Ali G


24 11/06/2014Free Template from www.brainybetty.com24

25 Evidence Fossils Homologies Transitional Forms Drug resistant bacteria

26 Homologous Body Structures Refers to any similarity between characteristics of organisms that is due to their shared ancestry. Remember the whale fin? –Similar to bird wing, monkey and frog foot!

27 Transitional Forms Fossils or organisms that show the intermediate states between an ancestral form and that of its descendants are referred to as transitional forms. A skull of the grey whale that roams the seas today (below right) has its nostrils placed at the top of its skull. It would appear from these two specimens that the position of the nostril has changed over time and thus we would expect transitional forms between the two

28 Drug Resistant Bacteria This is when bacteria in the body evolve to have the ability to withstand the effects of drugs, particularly antibiotics

29 Similar embryos Many species share similar embryonic development.

30 11/06/2014Free Template from www.brainybetty.com30

31 Similar DNA in different species

32 11/06/201432 Evolution and God Q. Is it possible to believe in evolution and a creator God? Give reasons for your answer. In Darwins time, Christians refused to accept his theory They believed it to be an attack on the creation story in Genesis

33 Many believers in God might argue that God has to use evolution to create intelligent life Some may even argue that even though the Bible may have the spiritual message of God there may be mistakes when talking about the physical explanations e.g. the universe being created in 6 days.

34 Arguments against Evolution In your jotter write down what you think might be arguments against evolution. You may get a book if you need help!


36 Missing Link: What is the missing link? Go through to the ICT room and look it up.

37 Arguments against evolution Not mentioned in Bible All species were set by God Humans are special- we did not evolve from something else. God made Adam and Eve in their final form not gradually Missing Link theory Timescale doesnt match- 6000 years vs 14 billion Difficult to understand Not enough proof- only a theory (could be proven wrong in the future) We werent there! Explains the how but not the why

38 11/06/2014Free Template from www.brainybetty.com38 Evolution does show how organisms have adapted but it hasnt proved that one species changes into another There are gaps in the fossil record

39 Arguments against Genesis In your jotter write down what you think might be arguments against Genesis. You may get a book if you need help!

40 Arguments against Genesis Evolution has taken billions of years, not 6 days Women werent made from men's ribs More evidence in Evolution theory than Bible Evolution is a logical explanation based on evidence not faith Homologies (similar characteristics in different species) Transitional forms (intermediate stages of evolution between species) Drug resistant bacteria Fossils

41 11/06/2014Free Template from www.brainybetty.com41

42 How can evolution and God co- exist?

43 How God and Evolution can co- exist Intelligent designer- could be the way God chose to create the world (Teleological Argument) The conditions for life are so precise that there must have been a purpose behind it The creation story isnt meant to be a scientific account Science may explain HOW the world evolved The creation story tells WHY

44 Timescale not a problem- it might be a mistranslation Evolution order matches Biblical order- starts off with simplicity When the Bible was written people didnt have the scientific grasp we have today. Genesis story is the only way to explain things. Evolution could be an ongoing form of creation- we could still be in the 6th day.

45 Arthur Peacocke Evolution is purposeful

46 Describe the theory of evolution 6 KU

47 Presented by Charles Darwin. He went to the Galapagos Islands and discovered that all the different types of finches on different islands. Life began with simple single-celled creatures. By chance they mutated and developed into more complex life forms. Species develop and adapt to their environment. Those more suited to survival pass on their genes to their offspring (Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest).

48 Q. The theory of evolution proves that God does not exist. How convincing do you find this statement? Give reasons for your answers.6 AE

49 Agree If evolution happened by chance God is not needed. It means Genesis is not true, so maybe the rest of Christianity is made up? If Nature selected those species who survived, again God is not needed. Survival of the fittest means that a lot of suffering happens. Surely a loving God wouldnt allow this?

50 Disagree Evolution is just a theory, scientists need to make guesses to make it work. Maybe God used evolution to create the world- Intelligent designer Context- maybe the Bible doesnt mention evolution as they didnt have the scientific grasp to write about it Evolution order still matches Biblical order- simplistic then gets more and more complicated We could still be evolving

51 Friends clip

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