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It Takes More Than a Carrot and a Stick Practical ways for getting along with people you cant avoid at work Wess Roberts.

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1 It Takes More Than a Carrot and a Stick Practical ways for getting along with people you cant avoid at work Wess Roberts

2 IMPERIOUS JERKS The Masters of the Universe

3 What is an Imperious Jerk? Domineering and overbearing; driven by a sense of self-importance Conceited, arrogant authoritarians who take extreme measures to protect their fragile self-esteem Extraordinarily self-disciplined, methodical, intelligent & competitive

4 If You Work for an Imperious Jerk Understand whos in charge Learn to separate tactless putdowns from constructive criticism Dont be a wimp Be useful

5 If You Have a Peer Who Is an Imperious Jerk Refrain from getting into ego battles Stand your ground Choose your friends wisely Collaborate, cooperate, and communicate

6 If You Manage an Imperious Jerk Give them tough assignments Help them play nice Manage rewards justly

7 EMPTY SUITS The Fashion Models

8 What is an Empty Suit? Superficial and deceptive; often believing in the illusions they create High-strung, glib, clever, insincere & manipulative Optimistic, cheerful, and amusing; uses their resources efficiently

9 If You Work for an Empty Suit Raise your antiseduction shield Expect to be micromanaged Avoid jargon Be adult

10 If You Have a Peer Who Is an Empty Suit Put your job first Keep others informed

11 If You Manage an Empty Suit Fill their empty suits Give credit where credit is due Watch for red flags

12 LONE WOLVES The Fiercely Independent

13 What is a Lone Wolf? Impulsive, fearless, self-assured and in constant need to prove themselves Adventurous, impatient, confrontational Persuasive, self-confident & manipulative with a desire to help others and the organization succeed

14 If You Work for a Lone Wolf Take initiative Dont make excuses Leave your hypersensitivity at home

15 If You Have a Peer Who Is a Lone Wolf If you cant assist, stay out of their way Establish boundaries

16 If You Manage a Lone Wolf Load them up with assignments Expect candor Keep intent in perspective

17 ANDROIDS The Blindly Obedient

18 What is an Android? Mindless, compliant, & insecure people pleasers Unimaginative, self-conscious, submissive worriers Passive, deliberate, & dependent

19 If You Work for an Android Take them solutions, not problems Make reasonable requests

20 If You Have a Peer Who Is an Android Include them in your activities Assure them

21 If You Manage an Android Help them succeed Teach self-reliance Communicate clearly Ask for their opinions Dont exploit vulnerability

22 WORKAHOLICS The Power-Starved

23 What is a Workaholic? Compelled, tenacious, & driven by an insatiable need to feel powerful Tense, unsociable, competitive, & overly domineering Exceptionally productive, work well under pressure, & pay attention to details

24 If You Work for a Workaholic Set limits on your availability Put important things in writing Dont let their personal stress be your problem Meet your deadlines

25 If You Have a Peer Who Is a Workaholic Concentrate on progress, not process Involve them only where they belong Set reasonable limits on your availability

26 If You Manage a Workaholic Establish their priorities for them Reward output, not input Monitor their progress When the day is over, send them home

27 SLOUGHERS The Responsibility-Challenged

28 What is a Slougher? Unhurried, indifferent, & dillydallying through each day Bright people who are uninspired by their work assignments Unassuming, harmonious, with finely tuned social skills

29 If You Work for a Slougher Dont ask permission Report frequently, but not everyday Solve problems yourself Lighten their load

30 If You Have a Peer Who Is a Slougher Dont let them dump their work on you Be forthright Take the high road

31 If You Manage a Slougher Distinguish ability from motivation Keep them in the spotlight Tell other staff members not to do a Sloughers work Promote them to their level of competence

32 GATEKEEPERS The Empowerment Police

33 What is a Gatekeeper? Guarded, vigilant, & fixated on procedure Obsessive rule followers who strictly abide by the letter of the law Careful, accurate, stable, & generally trustworthy

34 If You Work for a Gatekeeper Make the rules fit the situation Outmaneuver an unyielding Gatekeeper Go out of your way to be friendly

35 If You Have a Peer Who Is a Gatekeeper Dont allow them to have power over you Dont validate their moral judgments

36 If You Manage a Gatekeeper Hold them personally accountable Force them to take initiative Keep them from becoming obstacles to others

37 FAULTFINDERS The Self-Righteous

38 What is a Faultfinder ? Sanctimonious, inflexible, & secretive members of the morality police Reserved, inflexible, easily offended & hypocritical Dedicated to their jobs & quite productive when placed under close supervision

39 If You Work for a Faultfinder Refuse to spy Be discrete Dont sweat the boss stuff

40 If You Have a Peer Who Is a Faultfinder Show some grit Avoid retaliation

41 If You Manage a Faultfinder Expect them to tell on you Dont encourage tattletales Put an end to the problem quickly Be circumspect

42 BUNGEE JUMPERS The Thrill Seekers

43 What is a Bungee Jumper? Theatrical, easily distracted, with an incessant need to try something new Attracted to activities that are exciting & stimulating, but have no real purpose Perform best in structured environments with minimal distractions

44 If You Work for a Bungee Jumper Fill in the gaps in their managerial observations Lend a basic management hand Be diplomatic Attend their social gatherings

45 If You Have a Peer Who Is a Bungee Jumper Teach them how to solve problems Dont put up with a nuisance Enjoy the show

46 If You Manage a Bungee Jumper Train and retrain Structure their environment Demand attention to detail Keep an open mind

47 PERPETUAL VICTIMS The Whiners and Bitchers

48 What is a Perpetual Victim? Peevish & bitter with an inability to cope with the least bit of adversity Extremely high-strung, impatient, & emotionally erratic Self-disciplined, thorough, & organized hard workers

49 If You Work for a Perpetual Victim Carry an emotional umbrella Reject undue criticism Be cheerful and proactive

50 If You Have a Peer Who Is a Perpetual Victim Avoid complaint sessions Dont be a scapegoat You dont have to like them

51 If You Manage a Perpetual Victim Team them up with positive peers Dont confuse attitude with aptitude Redirect their complaints Teach them how to deal with adversity

52 COLLEAGUE SLAYERS The Backbiters, the Rumormongers, and the Saboteurs

53 What is a Colleague Slayer? Predatory, venomous, & relentless snoops who destroy their coworkers reputations Self-centered, ruthless, methodical villains Polite, pleasant toward their allies, & protective of close associates

54 If You Work for a Colleague Slayer Do your best Keep your distance Be discrete

55 If You Have a Peer Who Is a Colleague Slayer Interact on a need-to-know basis Keep your small talk small Safeguard sensitive information Expose them

56 If You Manage a Colleague Slayer Keep them productively occupied Be decisive Discipline justly Keep your personal thoughts positive

57 PRODUCTIVITY REBELS The Secretly Defiant

58 What is a Productivity Rebel? Cynical, sullen, & intentionally ineffective Deep-seated sense of anger toward authority figures Skillful in gaining others sympathy & they escape accountability by masking their intentional impediments to progress

59 If You Work for a Productivity Rebel Be proactive Remain independent Be optimistic

60 If You Have a Peer Who Is a Productivity Rebel Practice proactive damage control Dont rub your success in their face Be generous with appreciation

61 If You Manage a Productivity Rebel Teach them to be responsible, not self- defeating Put it in writing Supervise them closely Dont tolerate sulking behavior

62 TEMPERAMENTAL TYRANT The Happiness-Impaired

63 What is a Temperamental Tyrant? Unstable & disgruntled; always appearing to be mad at the world in general Cantankerous, volatile, truly unhappy; extremely difficult for them to form healthy interpersonal relationships Technically competent, conscientious; excellent mentors

64 If You Work for a Temperamental Tyrant Show some courage Refuse to be abused Try to sense their mood Take the opportunity to learn something new

65 If You Have a Peer Who Is a Temperamental Tyrant Avoid needless conflict Recognize normal mood swings Let them save face Sometimes its best to turn the other cheek

66 If You Manage a Temperamental Tyrant Discipline maladaptive behavior Help them become self-aware Use their skills wisely Be of good cheer

67 TOUCHY-FEELIES The Social Workers

68 What is a Touchy-Feelie? Hypersensitive, meddlesome, & fanatical members of the self-esteem police Fussy, stubborn, terribly insecure, & often affectionate for the wrong reasons Perfectionists who perform best when working jobs with a high degree of freedom & scrutinized accountability

69 If You Work for a Touchy-Feelie Help them stay focused Be generous with appreciation Feed their need to control Mind your manners

70 If You Have a Peer Who Is a Touchy-Feelie Keep your private life private Keep them uninvited to your business Encourage them to be responsible

71 If You Manage a Touchy-Feelie Establish expectations and deadlines Watch your back Praise results Dont excuse them from reality

72 FREQUENT FLIERS The Entitlement Chasers

73 What is a Frequent Flier? Shortsighted & self-justifying; often use their organizations resources as their own Situational ethics; believe the rules they break dont apply to them Individualistic, shallow, & greedy with a relentless pattern of serving their own needs first & foremost

74 If You Work for a Frequent Flier Sidestep doing personal favors Take the ball and run Wear your ethics

75 If You Have a Peer Who Is a Frequent Flier Be cautious about reporting misuse of resources Refuse to be an accomplice Refrain from becoming petty

76 If You Manage a Frequent Flier Set a proper example Teach them to exercise good judgment Accept nothing less than their best performance Decide where to draw the line

77 SUCCESS – As a Manager Communicate Stand by your associates Forgive honest mistakes Show appreciation

78 SUCCESS – As a Peer Be an ally Dont quibble Be objective Compete fairly

79 SUCCESS – As a Subordinate Do your job Be cheerful Dont be a burden Abide by rules meant to be obeyed

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