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Mars EVA Computing Environment Project Introduction Mark Smith

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1 Mars EVA Computing Environment Project Introduction Mark Smith

2 Mars Society Australia Not for Profit Society, one part of global mars society. The goals are: – Public and outreach programs to promote mars science and exploration – Encouraging Government endorsement and funding of mars exploration program – Support of privately funded mars exploration – Promotion and support of australian contributions toward mars exploration through education, industry, government and individuals. Operation Red Centre to build: Rover, Hab, and Suit. People from Uni's in Perth, ANU, Uni NSW and QLD involved in various aspects of projects

3 Mars Skin Mars Skin is the project to develop a Mechanical Counter Pressure (MCP) Suit. Led by James Waldie – RMIT – PhD student Requires a method of logging data captured during the mission. ExOne planned for 'Version 2' Mars Skin.

4 Data Logger History Mars Society Canada – Produced a Data Logger Integrated with MarsSkin in Utah(ExOne). Technologies: – Linux – 'C' – PC104 platform – Custom 4x4 keypad & display for user input Logs to hard disk for later evaluation

5 Why Yet Another Data Logger? Not just a data logger – think of the wider problem What are we trying to do when we go to mars and do an EVA? – Explore – gain scientific understanding – collaboratively work through the problem – Co-ordinate our activities

6 Mars EVA Computing Environment Develop software system: – Plan Missions & EVA's – Execute and Monitor the Plan – Analyse the results afterwards Let's take an example:

7 Features: Planning Plan the Rover Route from Hab: EVA Points along the way. Drill to EVA's, and plan eva route Plan resources: – Equipment – Personnel – Suits – Rover

8 Features: Execution Tracking of Route vs Planned At EVA Points, log EVA activity Suit will know the EVA it is on, establish Voice Communications network Network 1 Network 2

9 Features: Execution 2 Video, Data logged to disk, but also streamed to Rover Rover Operator can be in conversation Command of robots through same software GPS Vital Signs Suit Data External Instrument Suit 1..n

10 Features: Monitoring GPS tracking of each suit through planned route of EVA. Events logged by EVA participants, causes annotation to data stream. Event summary sent through to any hab, or terrestrial monitors. Aliens 2 type video/vitals display Event Data thru 802.11b Or, if proximity allows thru 802.11b Event Summary to HAB Monitor To earth?

11 Features: Analysis Post Mission/EVA, events punctuate collated data. Event data can be extracted for analysis. Mission Results stored in Global Mission Store

12 How? Technology Search: – perl, jxta, palm technologies, C++ streaming libs, SIP phones Decided: – Windows/Linux with 802.11b – Wireless Network – Java – high level language & detailed platform – Jini – Spontaneous Network technology – JMF – Java Media Framework – media capture & streaming. – JSP – Java Server Pages – GUI for planning/monitoring

13 Systems Overview Main Points: Wireless LAN for opportunistic connection Jini Services: Global Mission Controller Global Mission Store Local Mission Controller

14 RTP Streaming – for Voice & Data

15 JINI Spontaneous services – perfect for Mars! Combined with Wireless networking Ubiquitious, proximity based service and data provision Registrar Local Mission Controller 1. Registers LMC with Registrar EVA Participant 2. Asks for LMC, gets service Object 3. Makes use of LMC service

16 Project Status Documentation Begun: – Model in ArgoUML containing: High level use cases Mission store & hab/suit/rover servers begun. Mission/planning objects & services Rover UI is furthest advanced, shows not much, and trying to integrate with JINI JMF used for Audio Streams (not yet operational) Code available on source forge. Susan Smith in Sydney working on persistence for mission store.

17 Possible Projects(1)

18 Possible Projects(2)

19 Possible Projects(3)

20 Where Now? Project needs: – Programmers – Mars Mission Planners – Integration with Hab/Rover/Suit groups – Target? ISU July 04? Contact me if you can help!

21 Questions?

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