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What are conditions like in space?

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1 What are conditions like in space?
Space is a vacuum—a place with almost no matter. Temperatures in space are extremely hot or extremely cold. Objects and people in space experience a feeling of weightlessness, or microgravity. Without the force of gravity to work against, astronauts in space must find ways to exercise to slow the loss of bone and muscle. 1. Identify Identify three conditions of space that are different from conditions on Earth.

2 What are space shuttles?
A space shuttle is a reusable spacecraft. A space shuttle can carry a crew and equipment into space, return to Earth, and then be reused for the same purpose. Most shuttle missions last an average of nine days.

3 What are space stations?
A space station allows long-term observations and experiments to be carried out in space. Space shuttles are used to take people and supplies from Earth to the space station. Most astronauts stay on the space station for four to six months. 2. Compare How does the length of a space shuttle mission compare with the length of time astronauts spend on the space station?

4 How do space suits protect astronauts?
A space suit is an accommodation that allows people to be outside a spacecraft in space. Space suits protect people from the lack of oxygen and severe temperatures that exist in space. (contd.)

5 A space suit protects an astronaut from being hurt by debris hurtling through space.
Tethers attached to rings on the suit prevent an astronaut from drifting off into space. A space suit’s helmet has many functions. It protects against flying objects and harmful UV rays. It helps direct oxygen to the mouth and nose. It also includes communication equipment. Gloves protect against harmful debris and radiation and keep an astronaut’s hands warm. 3. Describe Describe three ways in which a space suit accommodates an astronaut working outside a spacecraft.

6 Effects Space has on Humans
*Ions in space cause radiation that can cause cancer *Earth has 1G force & space has varying G Forces which causes muscle loss , heart rhythm dysfunction, heart and vision impairment, balance problems *Bone loss at a rate of 1 to 1.5% a month.

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