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Permeable Chemical Protective Clothing

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1 Permeable Chemical Protective Clothing
SAR A TOGA™ Permeable Chemical Protective Clothing

2 Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher
BLÜCHER – The Name Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher

3 BLÜCHER – The Company A privately owned company founded in 1969
Foam technology until 1989 (supplier to the German Army) SARATOGA™ carbon bead technology since 1983 = Over 30 years Experience and Competence in Permeable Protective Clothing World Market Leader for Chemical Protective Clothing

4 BLÜCHER – Our Philosophy
Custom made solutions Research & Development support Continuous and active customer care

5 What are the advantages of SARATOGA™?
Why is SARATOGA™ the world’s leading technology for protective clothing? What are the advantages of SARATOGA™?

6 Permeable Chemical Protective Clothing
SAR A TOGA™ Permeable Chemical Protective Clothing

7 History of Permeable NBC Protective Clothing
1965 Non-woven with activated carbon powder (UK) strengthened with a cotton outer layer 1968 Foam loaded with activated carbon (CAN) strengthened with Nylon mesh 1978 Carbonized and activated textile (UK) strengthened on both sides through 2 textile layers 1983 SARATOGA™: spherical adsorbers on a textile carrier (DE) covered with a light textile layer as required

8 Light textile carrier (knit) (this side towards skin)
Non-woven Light textile carrier (SCRIM) Foam Light textile carrier (knit) (this side towards skin) Carbonized Textile textile layers

9 Textile cover (if desired)
Textile carrier (this side towards skin)

10 CAPACITY – Available Activated Carbon per m2
Non-woven with activated carbon powder (UK) g/m2 Foam with an activated carbon layering (CAN) g/m2 Carbonized and activated textile (UK) g/m2 SARATOGA™: (DE) g/m2

11 Highest available activated carbon content:
180 g/m2 + Highest adsorption capacity + No significant desorption + Extended wearing time + Full protection after extended laundering

12 Accessibility of SARATOGA™
Free accessibility for chemical agents = Rapid & firm adsorption durable fixation to the textile carrier = High mechanical durability

13 Active Sweat Management System SARATOGA™ filter material
Carrier fabric Adsorber Non woven

14 + Low thickness (< 1 mm)
+ High air permeability + Low water vapour and thermal resistance + High sweat buffering capacity + High flexibility (Pumping Effect) = Lowest heat stress even in hot and humid climates

15 Difficult to predict and estimate if and when
chemical weapons are used Instability of political regimes and threat by terrorist groups Longer wearing time of protective clothing on lower protection levels Suitability of protective clothing in extreme climates and climatic zones

16 The JSLIST Program (U.S.A.)
Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology

17 JSLIST Suit Requirements
Evaluations under wartime conditions in different climatic zones (including arctic, desert & tropic): • Wearing time : ≥ 45 days • Launderability : 6 field launderings • Protection time : > 24 hours

18 Results of Testing and Evaluation - USA
USAF CWU-66/P USMC Overgarment

19 To date SARATOGA™ is sole source for permeable NBC protective suits
JSLIST Results 58 different fabric combinations were stringently tested 57 fabric combinations failed to pass the tests 1 fabric combination surpassed all requirements … To date SARATOGA™ is sole source for permeable NBC protective suits for all United States Services (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Special Ops)

20 SARATOGA™ in Action - Iraq 2003

21 Civil Users OPCW & UNMOVIC Inspection Teams Civil Defence
First Responders Domestic Preparedness State & Federal Police (FBI) Border & Coast Guards Firefighters E.O.D Personnel

22 C-Protective Undergarments
WORN UNDER DUTY UNIFORM - Little package volume (Liner concept) - Lower carrying weight - Logistical advantages

- Additional skin protection in case of leakage - No secondary contamination when taking suit off. - Improved microclimate (less humidity inside gastight suit)

24 Advantages of SARATOGA™
High Mechanical Stability High Protection Low Life Cycle Costs Reusability Low Heat Stress Extended Service Life Time Long Shelf Life

25 SARATOGA™ References The leading technology on the world market
Majority of NATO Soldiers are equipped with SARATOGA™ OPCW inspectors use SARATOGA™ exclusively Standard C-Protective Suit for U.S. First Responders

26 Countries using SARATOGA™
USA All Forces, First Responders Belgium Fire Brigade, EOD Finland UN Troops, Army Germany Air Force, Civil Defence Japan Coast Guard, Fire Brigade Norway Air Force Saudi Arabia Army Sweden Army, Civil Defence Switzerland Army The Netherlands Air Force, Army, EOD Greece Special Ops U.A.E. Army Australia Air Force OPCW Inspectors Hungary Army Kuwait National Guard Egypt Army Poland Army Israel Army, Air Force Estonia Land Forces Turkey Land Forces Canada Royal Canadian Mounted Police Croatia Special Ops Denmark Army, Air Force UNMOVIC Inspectors

27 ...over 4.5 million suits In service in 23 nations
Switzerland Sweden Saudi Arabia Norway Denmark Finland Netherlands Germany Turkey USA Belgium Hungary Israel Japan Egypt Kuwait Poland ...over 4.5 million suits In service in 23 nations Canada Croatia Greece Estonia U.A.E. India

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