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Overview of U.S. Special Operations Command Clothing & Textile Program

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1 Overview of U.S. Special Operations Command Clothing & Textile Program
Fred Chan Program Manager – SOF Warrior Protection Natick Soldier Center

2 Background Individual Protection Directorate
SOF Special Projects Team Individual Protection Directorate U. S. Army Natick Soldier Center Reporting to: PEO-SOF Warrior, U. S. Special Operations Command, Tampa, FL Responsibility: Development and fielding of clothing and individual equipment for SOF operators (SPEAR program).

3 SPEAR Program Growth 10X funding increase to $48M in FY06
$296M total funding in POM 06-11 $193M PROC funds in POM 06-11 $86M in O&M funds in POM 06-11

4 Current SPEAR Program Lightweight Environmental Protection
Body Armor/ Load Carriage System Modular Integrated Communications Helmet Lightweight NBC Protection Signature Reduction Ballistic/Laser Eyewear Modular Target Identification & Acquisition Team/Platoon C4I Physiological Management Maritime Equipment Survival Equipment

5 Lightweight Environmental Protection (LEP)
Environmental Protective Clothing Cold Weather Clothing (LEP & PCU) Wet Weather Clothing (PCU) Hot Weather Clothing Extremity Protection System Handwear (MGS), Headwear and Socks Tactical Boot Suite Winter Mountaineering Boot Hot Dry Boot Assault Boot Fielded Material Vendor – Malden Mills, Fabricator - NISH Currently fielded to all SOF users Based on existing commercial off the shelf technology Silk weight (commercial name – Capilene) is layer 1 wicking layer and worn next to skin Mid weight (commercial name – Capilene) is layer 2 insulation Stretch fleece (commercial name – Powerstretch) bib overalls provide layer 3 insulation 300 wt fleece (commercial name – Polartec) jacket provides layer 4 insulation Wind resistant (commercial name – WindStopper) fleece jacket provides alternative layer 4 insulation

6 Body Armor Load Carrying System
Body Armor Systems Releasable Body Armor Vest (RBAV) Modular Body Armor Vest (MBAV) Low Visibility Body Armor Vest (LVBAV) Load Carriage Systems Enhanced Load Carrying System (ELCS) SOF Load Carriage System (SOF LCS) SOF Backpack system BALCS Backpack SOF Backpack System Fielded

7 Lightweight NBC Protection
Garments All Purpose Personal Protective Ensemble (AP-PPE) Seven Day NBC protective garment Slag Protective Suit JSLIST Block 1 Glove Upgrade (JB1GU) Fielded

8 Maritime Equipment Garment Dry Bags Maritime Assault Suit (MAS)
Combatant Crewman suit (rainsuit) Dry Bags Fielded

9 Survival Equipment Tents Sleeping Bags

10 Product Transitions Fielded by Army Rapid Fielding Initiative:
Lightweight Environmental Protection Modular Integrated Communications Helmet Modular Glove System BALCS body armor plate

11 USSOCOM & NISH The product development relationship between
USSOCOM and the NISH needed improvements: Detailed specification vs. performance specs. Need access to rapid innovation and improvements. Overall product quality requires improvement. Enhance user acceptance of products.

12 Competitive Development Model (CDM)
Establish a JWOD compliant process for partnering the National Industries for the Severely Handicapped (NISH) non-profit agencies (NPAs) with commercial garment vendors to produce higher quality, Berry-compliant products that improve user acceptance in military applications. General description of the acquisition process. The target audience for this briefing are manufacturers and vendors of outdoor equipment. Their primary customer are retail outlets throughout the US. The government acquisition process is typically very different from how retailers buy inventory from the suppliers.

13 CDM Objectives Improve garment performance by leveraging commercial capabilities in design and innovation. Improve product quality through application of “best commercial practices”. Establish a mechanism for technology insertion and continuous product improvement. Improve user acceptance through branding. Applies to procurements within the micro-purchase threshold ($2,500) Applies to COTS purchases only Split purchasing (two purchases from the same source, done separately, that exceed the micro purchase threshold) is forbidden.

14 CDM Parameters Selection process of partners is transparent.
A contract defines relationship between partners. Partnerships should be mutually beneficial. Partnerships are for a specified timeframe. Partnerships are renewable. Partnerships can be terminated.

15 CDM Process USSOCOM defines product requirement.
NISH identifies potential partners through sources sought (i.e. using FEDBIZOPS). USSOCOM and NISH evaluate technical proposals from potential sources. NISH selects partner and negotiates legal terms. USSOCOM, NISH and partner initiate product development.

16 Benefits to Industry Diversification of marketplace.
Increase total market size. Eliminates need for domestic production. Involvement in design of garments for “extreme” applications.

17 Benefits to NISH Continuous organizational learning of new production techniques and quality assurance. Improved product performance and quality. Potential access to larger military or government market. A purchase order is a contractual relationship for a one-time procurement. It applies to commercial-off-the-shelf items only. Acquisition thresholds determine whether Simplified Acquisition rules apply or whether Full and Open Competition is applicable. Simplified acquisition applies to COTS items only. Synopsis of government intent or market survey is required to establish the range of offerors. Repeat purchases are allowed under Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA) or GSA purchases.

18 Benefits to USSOCOM Improved access to commercial innovation.
Improved product performance. Improved product quality. Improved user acceptance through branding.

19 Program Manager – SOF Warrior Protection
Contact Information Fred Chan Program Manager – SOF Warrior Protection

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