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Working the USDA booth at the Eastern States Exposition West Springfield, Massachusetts.

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2 Working the USDA booth at the Eastern States Exposition West Springfield, Massachusetts


4 WHY? Five USDA agencies join forces as Team USDA each year at The Big E.

5 THATS WHY… WE WORK TOGETHER. We have a common purpose: to educate the public about USDA, its agencies, programs and services. Plus, were more effective when we pool our resources.

6 THATS WHY… WERE AT THE BIG E. As one of the nations largest agricultural fairs, The Big E provides an unique opportunity to reach farmers and citizens from across the region.

7 Getting to West Springfield

8 Finding USDA on the fairgrounds 1. Drive to Gate #1. 2. Drive around the fairgrounds to the Ag parking lot. 3. Park, then enter Gate 10 on foot. 4. Walk past the midway to the Stroh/Farm-A-Rama Building.

9 The USDA exhibit theme is…

10 This includes an interactive exhibit that educates fairgoers about farms, food and forests.

11 The exhibit features a farmer, major food product and state tree from every New England state.

12 So, what will YOU do when you work the USDA booth?

13 Your role is to engage the public and tell them about USDA.

14 First, a few things you should know

15 Some housekeeping A USDA Big E Committee member will be present every day. Notes for/from other shifts may be left on a memo board in the storage area. You can take breaks for meals, etc. Please coordinate breaks with your coworkers. Talking points will be provided to help you speak with the public about USDA and the exhibit. More instructions will be available in the booth.

16 CHECKLIST: Opening for the day Sign in and put on a name tag. Replenish literature. Tidy up and dispose of any trash left by fairgoers. Turn on the DVD player. Put out the tattoos and supplies. Put out the What is it? tool(s)

17 CHECKLIST: Closing for the night Tidy up Empty the trash. Put away the tattoos and supplies. Put away the What is it? tools. Turn off the DVD player. Leave literature in the rack.

18 What should you do if you need to change or cancel your shift? Call Heather Baylis at 413-772-6810, x105 as far in advance as possible. If you must cancel and cannot reschedule, youll be asked to return your ticket and parking pass so that they may be given to a replacement worker.

19 Now, what are some ways that you can engage the public?

20 Here are a few ideas: Ask fairgoers if theyve heard of USDA. Ask what they know about USDA. Tell them an interesting fact about USDA. Give the elevator speech about your agency. Tell them a little about the other agencies.

21 Try this fun interactive activity with fairgoers…


23 What is it? – tools Well have on-hand tools used by USDA employees or farmers. Ask fairgoers to guess what it is and what its used for. Talking points will be provided to you.

24 What is it? – farm & forest photos The display will have close-up photos of ag products, livestock, trees and farm tools. Fairgoers will guess what it is, then lift the photo to reveal the answer photo underneath.

25 Other things that youll do…

26 Tattoos for kids… …temporary, of course!

27 Help teachers… …make their own packets.

28 Just a few dos and donts…

29 Do Engage the public. Be friendly and helpful. Present a professional and positive image of USDA. Keep the booth space looking neat. Offer to follow up or provide agency contact information if you cant answer a question.

30 Dont Eat in the booth. Rearrange items in the booth space or storage area without checking with the committee member on duty. Tell anyone that they cant have a teacher packet, poster or any other give away item.

31 Remember That fairgoer could be… a reporter a senior government official a congressional member or aide or an ordinary citizen/taxpayer All of our literature is public information. All visitors should be treated with respect and leave with a positive impression of USDA.

32 And one more really important thing…

33 Have a great time! And thank you for being part of Team USDA!

34 USDA is an equal opportunity employer and provider.

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