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Adopted Budget 2010-2011 Summary. Public Hearing – Tier III Programs It is the intention of the Palmdale School District to receive Tier III funding and.

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1 Adopted Budget 2010-2011 Summary

2 Public Hearing – Tier III Programs It is the intention of the Palmdale School District to receive Tier III funding and to utilize these funds in 2010-11 through 2012-13 for unrestricted educational purposes Administrator Training Program (AB430)Community Day SchoolsRecruitment Grants Adult EducationCounselors, Grades 7-12Regional Occupational Centers/Programs Alternative CredentialingDeferred MaintenanceSB 472 Professional Development Arts & Music Block GrantEducational TechnologySchool & Library Improvement Bilingual Teacher TrainingGifted & Talented Education (GATE)School Safety Competitive Grant California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) High Priority Schools/ II/USP (2009-10) School Safety Consolidation California School Age Families EducationalIndian Education CentersSpecialized Secondary Programs Center for Civic EducationInstructional Materials FundStudent Leadership Certificated Staff Mentoring ProgramInternational BaccalaureateSupplemental Hourly Programs Charter Schools Categorical Block GrantNational Board CertificationTargeted Instructional Improvement Grant Child Oral Health AssessmentsPeer Assistance and ReviewTeachers Credentialing Block Grant Class-Size Reduction-9 th GradePhysical Education TeacherTeacher Dismissal Apportionments Community Based English Tutoring (CBET)Professional Development Block GrantWilliams Audits Readers for the Blind

3 Overview Governors Budget Proposal January - Specific Reductions to K12 ($1.5 billion) May Revise – Reductions Remain – District Decision - $4.6 m Revenue Limit Deficits - $26 million State Economic Condition Property Tax Revenues are down Sales Tax Revenues are down Unemployment Rates are up District Declining Enrollment Budget Reduction Plan – 2011-12 & 2012-13

4 Enrollment History – Includes Charter School 2009-10 20,958 These figures include Charter School Enrollment – 2010/11 = 443 PSD = 20,115 20,558 2010-11

5 Base Revenue Limit

6 Revenue Limit Apportionment District Revenue Limit per ADA (Prior Year) 121,004,574 $6,166.85 COLA per ADA – Reduction ($467,842) -24.00 Equalization0.00 Total Base Revenue Limit Per ADA6,142.85 Revenue Limit ADA (prior year ADA used)19,557 Total Base Revenue Limit$120,139,587 Additional Revenue Limit Adjustments (Meals for the Needy/Beginning Teachers) 475,623 Revenue Limit Subject to the Deficit$120,615,210 Deficit Factor (18.355 = 0.81645)-22,138,922 Deficit Unallocated Reduction (3.85%)-4,643,686 Revenue Limit after Deficit Reductions$93,832,602 Other Revenue Limit Items (Local Revenue, Pers, UI, Property Taxes, COE Transfer) -4,667,698 Total State Aid Portion of Revenue Limit$89,159,886

7 Revenues $181,794,793 Million Charter School $1,106,148 SELPA Pass-Thru $17,745,036 SELPA Pass-Thru $28,152,878 Total SELPA Pass-Thru $45.8 million Total Charter School Pass-Thru $1.1 million

8 Expenditures $199,217,441 Million Includes SELPA & Charter School Pass-Thru Funds - $47,349,208 Other Outgo Total Salaries & Benefits = $129,461,137 (86% of expenditures)

9 Expenditures - Unrestricted

10 Contributions

11 Salary Adjustments 2010-112011-122012-13 Certificated – Step and Column Increase$1,325,973$1,233,324$1,255,829 Classified – Step and Column Increase$431,228$363,905$370,469 Step and Column Total$1,757,201$1,597,230$1,626,298 Classified – Compensation Study Phase IV$170,000 Budget Reduction Amount Required$5,406,550$1,500,000$8,300,000 Furlough Days – Adjustment (Union Negotiation) $840,130$855,252 Budget Reduction Amount Required$5,406,550$2,340,130$9,155,252

12 Budget Reduction Plan – 2010-11 Budget Reduction PlanAmount Reduced Leadership Team$648,000 Palmdale Elementary Teachers Association (PETA)$3,567,550 California School Employees Association (CSEA)$1,155,000 Total$5,406,550

13 Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes (TRANS) Apportionment Deferrals Schedule TRANS 2010-11$7,175,000July 2010100% + 25% to September 2010 October 2010100% to January 2011 February 201194.4% to July 2011 March 2011100% to July 2011 April 201133% to August 2011 May 201150% to August 2011 June 2011100% to July 2011 Cash Management – TRANS & Deferrals

14 Multi-Year Projections - Factors 2011-20122012-2013 Enrollment Growth-300-250 ADA Decline-286-238 Step & Column Movement1.8% Cost of Living Adjustment (zero used)2.10%2.40% Revenue Limit Deficit-18.355% Base Revenue Limit Increase (zero used)$128$149 Equalization Aid00 Lottery Revenue – Unrestricted$111.00 Lottery – Restricted$14.50 Interest Rate for 10-year Treasuries4.4%4.6%

15 2010-20112011-20122012-2013 Revenue$181,794,793$183,301,775$185,232,858 Expenditures$199,217,441$197,324,277$189,525,983 Beginning Fund Balance$41,497,180$24,074,532$10,052,030 Ending Fund Balance$24,074,532$10,052,030$5,758,905 Components of EFB Reserve 3%$4,599,586$4,542,791$4,308,842 Revolving Cash/Stores$100,000 $19,374,946$5,409,239$1,350,063 Includes Budget Reduction Calculations Multi-Year Projections - Combined

16 All Other Funds – 2010-2011 FundDescriptionBeginning Balance Revenue Budget Expenditure Budget Ending Balance 12Child Development$765,251$13,046,323 $765,251 13Nutritional Services$2,279,152$8,915,000 $2,279,152 14Deferred Maintenance (Tier III)$5,147,548$55,000$0.00$5,202,548 20Postemployment Benefits$167,999$2,000$0.00$169,999 21Building Fund$14,577,398$425,000$0.00$15,002,398 25Capital Facilities (Dev Fees) $1,534,971$90,000$120,062$1,504,909 35County School Facilities$5,537,193$35,000$280,000$5,288,031 40Capital Outlay$1,229,216$30,000$112,500$1,150,878 51Bond Interest & Redemption$1,410,845$0.00 $1,410,845 52Debt Service$6,961,606$3,355,000$1,523,473$7,283,133


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