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APEX /IntegUSB Digital Front End Acquisition Interface and Nuclear Medicine Processing Software for APEX Gamma Cameras.

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1 APEX /IntegUSB Digital Front End Acquisition Interface and Nuclear Medicine Processing Software for APEX Gamma Cameras

2 Benefits Interfaces directly with Detector Signals (analog summer)
More Stable Analog Signal path is reduced to a minimum, no signal drifts. Less Power // Less Heat // Less Noise Replaces all Analog Front End boards and Digital Correction & Processor Hardware, Less power consumption, No fans required. Smaller Footprint Bulky Consoles can be removed. Better Specs Final Camera Specs are usually better than the original (analog front end) camera.

3 IntegUSB DSP Based Front End
Valid Event Detection Real Time High Speed Integration of all six channels Pulse Pile-Up detection and correction. Pre Window Energy Discrimination Position Normalization Event Buffering

4 IntegUSB Description Six Analog Input Channels.
Six High Speed / High Resolution ADCs. Last generation DSP. High Count Rate (>500Kcps) , Low Dead Time (1 µs Typ.) USB 2.0 (480 Mbps) interface to IM512P Acquisition Software. Analog ECG Interface for standard ECG Monitor / Gate Digital input for “R” wave synchronization. Analog input for ECG waveform display. Digital ECG Interface (For FiberOptic Isolated ECG-RMT)

5 Modifications to original Apex Camera
Original APEX Gantry and Detector remain unmodified. We remove ALL Consoles, Monitors and Keyboard. We remove ALL Boards inside de Floor Cabinet. We add a last generation DSP based Front End and a DAC board to control PMTs and HV. We use existing HV and LV power supplies. We add a new opto-isolated ECG gating module. We add a last generation PC that hosts the IM512P Acquisition and Processing Software linked by a high speed USB2.0 interface. We provide a New Linearity Dot Mask, for Linearity Map acquisition. All Image Corrections are done in real time by our software.


7 Block Diagram – IntegUSB+IntDAC –> APEX
Versatile Link Optical Connection Optical Transceiver Digital ECG Module (battery powered) Patient Leads Gantry Digital ECG Input IntegUSB A/D Valid Event Detection Pulse Pile-Up Corrector Integrator Position Normalization Buffering Digital & Analog ECG Interface X+ APEX Gamma Camera Detector PC with IM512P Acquisition & Processing Software X- Y+ USB 2.0 (480Mbps) Y- 37, 59, 61 & 95 PMTs Heads E (On the fly Energy, Linearity, Uniformity and C.O.R. Corrections) Enorm IntDAC (mounted on top of IntegUSB) DACs to control PMT Gain and HV Auxiliary Gantry Control HV Control HV Power Supply PMT Gain Control Ethernet Link to Optional IM512P Processing Workstations and/or DICOM Devices Gantry Control

8 IntegUSB Board View (Size: 4.2” x 4.9”)

9 IntDAC (Digital to Analog Converter for PMT Gain Control)

10 IntegUSB and IntDAC Mounted Inside APEX Cabinet
HV P.S. Control USB 2.0 to PC +5, +12 Power PMT Gain Control Analog Input Signals E,X+,Y+,X-,Y-,Enorm

11 Digital Opto-Isolated ECG Module
Patient Leads Optical Fiber to Optical Transceiver

12 ECG Optical Transceiver
Optical Fiber Input from ECG Module Optical Transceiver (installed in Gantry Base) Digital ECG Output to IntegUSB

13 Linearity Correction SP6 HR Uncorrected Linearity Mask Acquisition
Lin. Mask with Linearity Correction Applied

14 Energy, Linearity & Uniformity Correction
SP6 HR Raw Unformity Flood (all corrections OFF) Flood with Energy, Linearity & Uniformity ON 99mTc 100M cts. 99mTc 30M cts. Integral Uniformity : 1.8% Differential Uniformity : 1.2%

15 Image Processing Software
Sample Heart Studies IM512P Image Processing Software

16 GSPECT summed slices, 3 axes, stress (S) and rest (R).

17 Endo-epicardial contours upon the beating slices. S & R.

18 Wall thickness, seen from the inner side of LV, S and R.

19 Ejection fraction. End diastole and end systole images. S.

20 Perfusion mapped on LV surface (summed), S.

21 Thanks!

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