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Exotic beauty Caroline Young

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1 Exotic beauty Caroline Young
Born in Hong-Kong she began studying water color with master Lam Oi Char.From her teacher Caroline learned the traditional forms of Chinese art .She chose to paint in watercolor,acrylic and gouacheAlthough her Japanese themes brought her fame. In her paintings Caroline Young wanted to pay homage to her great grandparents who immigrate in Hawaii from China. Missing you

2 Miao chan

3 Courage and devotion

4 Healing legacy

5 Sisters

6 Autumn Moon

7 Peerless beauty

8 Lady Willow

9 Dragon’s gate

10 Love’s devotion

11 Spirit unconquered

12 Summer

13 Dragon’s King Daughter

14 Brillance and Mercy

15 Exotic beauty

16 Moon rising

17 Graceful perfection

18 Winter reverie

19 Beaurty

20 Beloved

21 Messenger of Love

22 Call of Destiny

23 Spring

24 Melody of Spring

25 Autumn

26 Winter

27 Mistique

28 Winter serenade

29 Reflections

30 Heroic Heart

31 Created by
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