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JERUSALEM Part I By: For free distribution.

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2 JERUSALEM Part I By: For free distribution

3 Where is Jerusalem?

4 Map of Jerusalem

5 Municipality Compound Safrah Sq.




9 View of the Old City from the Municipality

10 HaNevyim St.


12 The Russian Compound Named Russian because of the Russian Church and other old Russian facilities in this area.

13 The Russian Compound


15 Western Jerusalem

16 The Supreme Court of Israel

17 The Library

18 The Foyer

19 The Courtyard of the Arches


21 Passageway to the Knesset (Parliament)

22 Knesset, the Israeli Parliament

23 Mount of Olives

24 Russian Church Church of All Nations Towards Gethsemane

25 Russian Church Dominus Flevit

26 Gethsemane: Church of All Nations




30 Getsemane: The Olive Trees Garden

31 The meaning of Gethsemane In Hebrew Gat Shmanim, the Oil Press

32 Church of Mary Magdalene, Russian Church

33 Looking towards the Temple Mount and the Golden Gate

34 The Cavern of Agony, Tomb of Mary

35 Tomb of Mary

36 Temple Mount viewed from Mount of Olives

37 Presentation made for free distribution only. For comments: mw1112@gmail com

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