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NAM’s Offshore PI Project

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2 NAM’s Offshore PI Project
Theo Huizinga Arjan Korzilius

3 The SCADA replacement project
Objectives: Replace obsolete systems De-man platforms Send more real-time data to the shore To enable: Full remote monitoring and control  Production optimizing Production maximizing Process improvement

4 SCADA Replacement Project
Indirect Control Direct Control Process Control Network PI Network Satellite Control Platform Control OPC Node Remote Control Station PI Process Book PI SERVER Ring Network structure is indicative and does not represent the physical route 1 Primary Control 2 Fall Back NEW SCADA System Functionality Den Helder L13C K15A K15B K14P K14C K81 L9 L2 L5 L15 F3 AWG LoCal HiCal Nogat L13D L13E K15G L13H K15C K15K K14B K71 K7B K7D K82 K83 OLT AME1 AME2 Den Helder Assen Control Tree FWPAS SCADA Replacement Project Yokogawa µXL Yokogawa CS Yokogawa CS3000 Honeywell UNC Foxboro IA Siemens PCS7 Yokogawa Centum XL (NOGAT) Yokogawa Centum CS (HiCAL) Yokogawa CS3000 (DHPAS) Honeywell UNC (LoCal) Yokogawa FastTools Existing XXXXXX New PAS System System Upgrade STRUCTURE

5 Network structure PCAD/PDG
PAS vendor Remote access 3th Party Data Historians 3th Party Data Historians Firewall Access management Process Control Network 3th Party PI to PI connections Office Network OFFICE DOMAIN PI Data Hist. PI SERVER Data historian PCAD/PDG PI Client POMC HMI. Future FWPAS Server Redundant CCK HMI. PI Client Eng. Station Process Control Network Remote Engineering & Maintenance Process Control Network OSIsoft PI Data Historian PROCESS CONTROL DOMAIN Process Control Network Yokogawa Fast Tools PAS HMI. PAS NODE PI NODE PAS HMI. PAS NODE PI NODE (Vendor A) Control Bus Gate Way. Gate Way. (Vendor A) Control Bus (Vendor B) Control Bus Glass Fiber PAS Control System IPF HIPPS IPS F&G. PAS Control System. IPF HIPPS IPS F&G. PAS Control System IPF HIPPS IPS F&G.

6 SOME FIGURES EPE NL Offshore epnlpi3 9 PI Servers
3 Development Servers > PI tags 716 Registered Users (NAM) NL Offshore epnlpi3 tags total Digital points Float 1.000 Integer 1.500 String

7 Services and Technologies Rosemount Micro Motion Rosemount Analytical
Systems & Solutions Measurement Asset Optimization Valves & Regulators DeltaV Ovation Industry Solutions Chemical Oil & Gas Refining Power & Water Life Sciences Remote Automation Marine Terminal Automation Production Management AMS Suite Services and Technologies Mechanical Equipment Electrical Systems Process Equipment Instruments & Valves Rosemount Micro Motion Rosemount Analytical Daniel Mobrey Fisher Baumann Bettis El-O-Matic Shafer

8 Emerson is OSIsoft Platinum Partner
Platinum VAR (Value Added Reseller) Emerson Process Management is a member of the highest tier of global partners for OSIsoft.

9 Customers Need Help Applying the Right Technology to Achieve Results
Project Planning & Management Project Engineering Plant Start-up & Commissioning Process & Asset Optimization

10 Emerson’s project execution
Project Planning and Management Project Engineering

11 Emerson Process Management
Asset Offshore DCS Invensys L9 PI Server DEN HELDER PI API Test line-up EMR 2xWS PI ACE Assen BUF OPC INT SDK OPC Server EXA OPC Windows Yokogawa Centum CS HICAL OPC CLient APP APP station PDC Honeywell TDC 2000 LOCAL NT K8FA1 K8FA2 K7FB1 K7FD1 Maintenance Station @ Emerson Conference room DCS-vendor Emerson Process Management Responsible SW : Responsible HW : ATT SW : Siemens NAM =script code =client *.exe file =none =ATT ExaOPC NOGAT

12 AutoTagTool Configure and maintaining the PI Database Benefits:
Create new tags Delete obsolete tags Modify existing tags Benefits: Flexible due to site-specific rules file No load on your DCS Intuitive sequence with GUI Customize option like exceptions and skips Excel output file from each run Extensive logging Write changes to PI

13 AutoTagTool

14 Emerson Conclusion Good planning Good approach Good teamwork
Good technical knowledge Good software = Project successfully executed in time and a satisfied customer

15 Example K81 K81 Cluster Centum CS DCS 15.000 tags 72 DCS Block types
PI 29 block types 7500 PI tags Tags AIN PV PID .PV .MV .SV .MODE SIO .PV .MV

16 PI Users Well Engineers Process engineers
Control and Automation Engineers Operation managers Forecasting/Dispatching Safety Department

17 Lessons Learned MANAGEMENT END USERS The needle in the haystack
No Excel OPC Browser tool DCS Deviation report END USERS The needle in the haystack Tag Conventions K7FD1.74PI041.PV K15FA1.PT-11.U K8FA1.81PI41.PV L9FF1.WELL_AA:AA_PI_4.PNT AWG1.PI U Search

18 ???                    


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