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HEINZMANN GmbH & Co. KG Engine & Turbine Management Electric Drives Company Presentation Flexible & Reliable Solutions.

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1 HEINZMANN GmbH & Co. KG Engine & Turbine Management Electric Drives Company Presentation Flexible & Reliable Solutions

2 1897 HEINZMANN founded in Dresden 1920 HEINZMANN specialises in mechanical speed governors for internal combustion engines 1970Development of electronic speed governors 1985 New business branch established in the field of Electric Drives 1992 Relocation to Schönau (near Freiburg/Black Forest) 1994 Digital control systems for Electronic Fuel Injection 1995/6Development of specialised digital systems for generators, locomotives, ships, and turbines 2000Large-scale special developments for Deutz, Liebherr and Daimler Chrysler History

3 SinceHEINZMANN becomes a system provider for 2001Digital Generator Management Gas Turbine Management Steam Turbine Management Dual Fuel Control Solutions Gas Engine Management Remote Communication Common Rail System (Injectors, High-Pressure Pump, Rail, ECU) 2005Acquisition of REGULATEURS EUROPA, specialists in hydraulic control systems 2006Development of Exhaust Gas Recirculation System Brushless Disc Motors 2007Injector based Dual Fuel System for vehicles Hybrid Electric Power Train 2008Acquisition of PERM Motor Expert for brushless disc drives

4 The Company Founded:1897 Legal form: GmbH & Co. KG (equivalent of a limited liability partnership where the limited partner is the managing company) Executive management since 1897:J. Heinzmann1897 – 1937 F. Heinzmann 1937 – 1967 A. Gromer since 1967 (chairman) M. Gromer since 1999 (managing director) Dr. Zahoranskysince 2008 (managing director) Head office D Schönau, Black Forrest, Germany Employees321 (worldwide), production facilities in Germany, The Netherlands and United Kingdom TurnoverHEINZMANN Group 2008: 64 million Branches/agentsin 32 countries

5 Engine & Turbine Management Products

6 Engine & Turbine Management Applications Diesel Engines Gas Engines Generators Dual Fuel On- and Off-road Vehicles Marine Rail

7 Engine & Turbine Management Applications Gas Turbines Steam Turbines Water Turbines

8 Disc Motors Hub Wheel Motors Motors for battery operated vehicles Hybrid Drives for off-road applications Electric Drives Products

9 Industry Medical devices Transportation systems Healthcare and rehabilitation Light electric vehicles Electric Drives Applications

10 Deutz GE Jenbacher Perkins MAN B&W Diesel Liebherr Siemens GT Caterpillar Hyundai Heavy Industries Greaves Farymann Diesel Seatek DALIAN HENAN DIESEL Daimler Rolls-Royce Yanmar HEINZMANN Engine Management Customers Guascor Dresser-Rand Wärtsilä JSC Kolomensky Hatz Diesel ISOTTA FRASCHINI NIIGATA MTU Daihatsu Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ABC Diesel WAUKESHA MaK

11 Wood Group Light Industrial Turbines Batelco Bahrain Schlumberger Natwest Bank EDF Martinique Caterpillar Gasprom Ukraine British Gas Qassim Power Station, Saudi Arabia Singapore Technologies Marine HEINZMANN Turbine Management Customers Bayelsa Province, Nigeria Kali & Salz, Germany Wood Group, Aberdeen Kawasaki, Japan Wood Group, Venezuela Repsol Oil Operations, Sahara Libya Harbin Marine Boiler and Turbine Research Institute Aero-Gate Singapore Turbo-Power-Maintenance Greenray Turbines Dale Power Solutions

12 Manufacturing bases: Headquarter HEINZMANN/ Germany HEINZMANN UK/United Kingdom REGULATEURS EUROPA/United Kingdom REGULATEURS EUROPA/The Netherlands

13 Company Philosophy Customer oriented High-quality products Customised solutions Professional consultancy Close to our customers - worldwide Competent and motivated employees Quality of service Efficient decision-making process


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