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“Hill of Humanity” Yaotsu - Japan

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1 “Hill of Humanity” Yaotsu - Japan

Yukiko Sugihara served as the Japanese consul to Lithuania, during the German invasion, that took place on March Which at that time the soviets have retreated and the Germans took over. There were 29 days that this brave consul, with the help of his wife, Chiune produced about 6000 visas, that enabled the local Jews and the ones that came over from Poland. Those visas gave them hope for life and a chance to travel east and eventually leave Europe for good. Part of them stayed in Harbin, China and others traveled further to Kobe, Japan. The consul and his wife took a great risk by acting against the official position of the Japanese Government, that was supporting and collaborating with Germany. By the end of the war, Consul Yukiko Sugihara & his wife found themselves in a camp in the USSR, in which they stayed for almost two years. When returned to their homeland, Japan, he was released from his diplomatic service. For many years, making a living for themselves was a great struggle. In the mid 60's they got the attention of the Israeli Attaché in Tokyo, who reported their predicament to Jerusalem.

3 He got the honor and gratitude so well deserved, for having the courage and human spirit to act as he did. YUKIKO SUGIHARA died in 1986 and his wife in 2005, but not before she wrote the book " visas for life.“ The book is available in several languages and is followed by some books, that were written by some of his survivors. Part of them are in Israel and part of them are spread all over the globe. His hometown, Yaotsu, in Japan created the 'HILL OF HUMANITY" dedicated to him and the brave humanitarian attitude he showed.

4 Student and cadet of the diplomatic core

5 His parents wanted him to study medicine but he was a gifted multilingual man, so he joined the foreign Ministry and had a diplomatic career.


7 The Japanese Consulate in Kovno.
Jewish refugees were gathering at the consulate gate, trying to be saved by acquiring visas to travel to anywhere east and preferably out of Europe. After the war the Lithuanian government honored this Japanese hero, by having named a street in kovno, in his name


9 The typewriter on which the brave Consul and his wife produced the dear
"Visas for life" in a period of 29 days, between the soviets leaving Lithuania and the Germans takeover. They worked late into the nights, sometime producing 300 copies a night. Jews that were saved by those Japanese Visas, are building a new life in Canada.

10 A passage visa to Japan and “to life” (one of the 6000)
that were Produced by Chiune Sugihara

11 Escape routes from Lithuania to the east

12 variety of books, telling the story of the brave humanitarian, the Japaneze consul.



15 Flag of Lithuania, which on its territory,
this story took place.

16 Honors and gratitude from the Israeli Government.

17 In 1968 the Israeli religious minister MR
In 1968 the Israeli religious minister MR. ZERACH VARHAFTIG met with our hero. No one was better appropriate to do the honor, as Zerach himself. He was a refuge from Belarus, who escaped to Lituania and was saved by the visa provided by the courageous Japanese consul Yukiko Sugihara & his wife Chiune.

18 This brave man paid dearly for his courage
This brave man paid dearly for his courage. After the war and after his return from the soviet’s camp, he was released from the diplomatic core. At one point he had to sell electrical bulbs, door to door, to earn a living. Due to the American occupation of Japan, he got a job with the American civil administration, which improved his family's life. While on duty in Berlin, since he was famous for being a multilingual, he was asked around for help in English, Russian, Chinese, German and of course Japanese. At one point, the Israeli economic attaché in Tokyo, found him and transferred the information to Jerusalem, where they started planning a set of honors and recognition events, in his honor. The citizens of Yaotsu came to know about him as they noticed the attention he was getting from abroad.

19 The original desk, where “visas for life” were written.


21 Love- courage – heart Humanity Hill and 3 peace Bells
They represent stacks of visas and are called Love- courage – heart






27 On top of the hill Water fountains and bells are activated during Memorial services. The surrounding stone benches are a good place for peace thoughts and contemplation


29 On top of the hill there is a museum,
Memorial hall On top of the hill there is a museum, Dedicated to the honor of Chiune Sugihara and also a small screening hall Memorial hall On top of the hill there is a museum, dedicated to the honor of Chiune Sugihara and also a small screening hall.

30 The End By Yehuda Oren Or press Esc
Pictures and editing By Yehuda Oren The End Or press Esc

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