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In the Name of God. Ministry of Roads and Transportation General Directorate of International Affairs.

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1 In the Name of God

2 Ministry of Roads and Transportation General Directorate of International Affairs

3 National Report of I.R. Iran on the latest Measures Taken in line with Promotion of Multimodal Transport November,2004

4 Overview of I.R.Iran


6 Located at the South Western Asia Joint land and water borders with 15 countries Connects by road to: Turkmenistan via Sarakhs border Republic of Azerbaijan via Astara & Bilesuar border Republic of Armenia via Nordooz border Turkey via Bazargan border Afghanistan via Dugharoun and Milak border Pakistan via Mirjaveh border Iraq via Khosravi border. joint water border in North through Noshahr, Neka and Amirabad Ports with: Russia, Kazakhstan Azerbaijan Turkmenistan Via Imam Khomeini, Boushehr, Khorramshahr, Assaluyeh, Shahid Rajaee and Bahonar ports in South connect with: Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean basin countries and all ports of the world.

7 I.R. Iran has got many connecting and access routs So enjoys a high potential for turning to a strategic highway for passengers and freight transportation from continent of Europe to Eastern and Central Asia and Vice Versa. So it is regarded as a gate way for the connection of West to East.

8 I.R.Iran has signed bilateral agreement on road,air and maritime transportation with almost all CIS countries,Persian Gulf basin and European countries I.R.Iran is the member of the multilateral agreements such as Asian Highway. In this respect, the statistics show that during last year, 50000 Iranian trucks transported goods to the territory of Central Asian countries.

9 Principal policies of I.R.Iran as set in 3th Economic and Social Development Plan Reducing the costs and tariffs Exemption in ports and shipping fees Deregulation Secure, smooth and low-cost transportation

10 Multimodal Transportation Special attention is given to Multimodal Transportation by Governmental and private sector because of Strategic position of Iran 11 active ports throughout the country suitable railway infrastructures Roads variety based on International Standards

11 Road, Rail, Maritime and Air Transport Corridors Establishment Accession to the Convention Customs Facilities for Access to the Markets

12 Road Transport

13 Total length of nation wide roads is 180,000 Km 85,000 Km. of it are national roads. 196,000 trucks 65,000 passenger transport vehicles 6,000 international terminals 41 welfare service complex

14 Renovation of passenger and goods transport fleet ِDevelopment and rehabilitation of transit roads Elimination of accident prone spots and safe travel Increasing share in goods transit Simplification of documents and regulations Transparent dissemination Development and promotion of transit corridors advantages Development and completion of passenger and goods terminals

15 Rail Transport

16 Total length of I.R. Iran railways is more than 7,000 Km. 3300 Km. length under construction 5000 km. length under study 500 km. length average of annual construction

17 I.R.Irans railways network links: to European and Middle-Eastern railway at west, to central Asian and CIS countries and China at east, to worldwide open seas at south, to Caspian sea states (Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Russia) at north.

18 Fulfilled projects for the developing cargo transit Bafgh-Bandar Abbas railway of 670 Km. length Sarakhs-Mashad railway of 165 KM. Length Double tracking the Tehran- Mashad line of 926 Km length. Construction of the second and the third tracks of Tehran- Qom of 155 Km. length. Construction of Badroud-Meibod railway of 252 Km. length.

19 Under construction projects Bafgh-Mashad railway of 780 Km. length which will shorten Sarakhs-Bandar Abbas route up to 1000 Km.

20 Kerman-Bam has been operational Bam-Zahidan is under construction Kerman- Zahidan Railway

21 And also other important measures are Planning in the field of IT in railway Movement system mechanism The issuance on the field of bill of lading Launching an interest site for tracking of cargo in the railway network Offering discount on the basis of cargo volume Strengthening the facilities for changing the bogies in the border station of Sarakhs.

22 Maritime Transport

23 11 commercial sea ports in the North and south. More than 50 million tons of goods capacity of statewide ports. 101 specialized jetties. Among the greatest maritime fleet in the Middle –East with 125 ocean ships which all have security license.

24 Anzali Port The most active transit port throughout the country with 10 jetties

25 Shahid Rajaee port in southern part of country It passed around 78% of the country's transit. Between 24 - 48 hours average stop for transit cargo

26 Air Transport

27 With 69 operational Airport 61 commercial airport 8 noncommercial airport International Airports are as following: Mehrabad International Airport,Mashhad International Airport,Isfahan International, Bandar Abbas International Airport and International Imam Khomeini Airport which has been inaugurated in 2004 and will be operational in near next.

28 Renovation of Irans aviation fleet is under consideration. Total domestic fleet has been increased to 79 aircraft since past 10 years 85,305 over flies over Iranian sky in 2002 21,263,750 passenger handling 11,033,160 goods handling

29 Establishment of Corridors North-South Corridor Traceca Transit Corridor Rail Corridors

30 North-South Corridor

31 Initiated by I.R.Iran,Russia and India Russia Iran India Kazakhstan Belarussia Oman Tajikistan

32 Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Syria are on the verge of accession to this agreements. 20-30 percent economic saving in time and costs for goods holders.

33 Traceca Transit Corridor

34 I.R. Iran announced its readiness for accessing to Traceca. Accession of I.R.Iran to Traceca means the cooperation and strategic linkage between North-South corridor and Traceca.

35 China,Middle East and Europe Rail Corridor One of the important East- West Corridor Easy access to European market for the countries on the route Important role in further growth and development in the region Khorramshahr,Basre, lattakia in Syria, Mediterranean Sea and Europ Rail Corridor

36 Accession to the international conventions Islamic Republic of Iran, as one of the important transit countries in the region always tries to pave grounds of transport facilitation for itself and the other countries through accession to the different customs and transport conventions. In this regard,Islamic Republic of Iran holds membership in many transport conventions

37 Application of Information and communication technology (I.C.T) in country 's transportation system Establishment of ACIS in 2002 based on the mutual agreement between Ports and Shipping Organization and other International Organization such as UNDP ASYCUDA Customs of Iran have been equipped by it

38 Establishment of GPS system on the road transport fleet by launching on the entire – city buses in Tehran-Isfahan and Tehran-Mashad routes. Establishment of internet sites for information provision in the country 's transportation affairs. Inaugurating and launching ITS (Wan satellite network and on-line monitoring system) in Bazargan-Gurbalak border customs house (Iran and Turkey Border).

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