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Electronic Design Laboratory

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1 Electronic Design Laboratory
CD4007 CMOS Pairs Electronic Design Laboratory

2 Overview CD4007 Dual Complementary Pair Plus Inverter
Rise Time and Fall Time Design Number Documents Six Configurations

3 CD4007

4 CD4007 Reference Inverter and Center Pair

5 Warnings Don’t subject CD4007 to high voltages or static electricity.
Store CD4007 in an anti-static bag or in anti-static foam. Momentarily touch a metal part of the workbench to discharge yourself before handling the part or touching the leads. Never let voltage on any pin be more positive than pin 14 or more negative than pin 7. The circuit may “latch up”— possibly causing permanent damage.

6 Warnings Always connect pin 7 (substrate for n-channel transistors) to your negative supply voltage and pin 14 (substrate for p-channel transistors) to your positive supply voltage. Connect or turn-on the supply voltages (pins 7 & 14) before any other voltages in your circuit. For added safety, ground any unused inputs.

7 Standard Load -- Pin 12 47 pF

8 Rise & Fall Time VOUT 100% 90% 10% 0% Rise Fall time

9 Rise Time VDD PLH = 1.29 RonpC r = 2 PLH Ronp r = 2.58 RonpC 47 pF
VC(0) = 0 V

10 Fall Time VC(0) = 5 V PHL = 1.29 RonnC f = 2 PHL 47 pF
f = 2.58 RonnC 47 pF Ronn

11 Design Number Document

12 Design Number Document

13 Design Number Document
1SP 1DP 1A DN 1SN VDD 2A DP 2DN VSS 3SP 3A Y 3SN 2 1 5 4 14 13 8 7 11 12 9 3 6 10

14 2-Input NAND RISE and FALL
VDD Worst-Case One Pull up Ronp for RISE Worst-Case Two Pull up Ronn for Fall

15 Six Configurations Inverter Triple Inverter

16 Six Configurations 3-Input NAND 3-Input NOR

17 Six Configurations OR-AND-INVERT (OAI) OUT = (A+B)•C 1Y = (1A+3A)•2A

18 Six Configurations Dual Bi-Directional Transmission Gate

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