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Differentiation Presented by Redwood Teachers. Differentiation in a Nutshell Differentiation involves making curriculum modifications for every student.

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1 Differentiation Presented by Redwood Teachers

2 Differentiation in a Nutshell Differentiation involves making curriculum modifications for every student all of the time. It is about planning students learning experiences in response to what the teacher already knows about the students prior knowledge and learning style. Differentiation is a fantastic model for teaching not only gifted students, but students of all ability levels, in the same classroom.

3 Characteristics of a Differentiated Classroom (paraphrased from Carol Ann Tomlinsons book The Differentiated Classroom The teacher concentrates on the essential concepts, principles, and skills of each subject students who are struggling will focus on understanding, accelerated students will work with more complex issues dealing with the essential concepts. The teacher understands that students arent all the same - they dont all have the same preferred methods of learning. Assessment (formal and informal) happens continually – observations the teacher makes today will help to modify tomorrows instruction. Assessment has more to do with helping students grow than with cataloging their mistakes. The teacher modifies content, process, and products – not all students are being asked to do the same thing at the same time. The teacher uses methods of instruction that help him or her focus on small groups rather than the whole class.

4 Additional activities and clubs we offer at Redwood for our GATE students Journalism Club Math/Art Club Reflections Chess club Student Congress Thinking Cap (6 th grade) (motivate your kids to do this please, its amazing!) Knowledge Master Open (7 th /8 th grade) ( motivate your kids to do this please, its amazing )

5 Differentiation Categories 1. Independent Reading Projects that reflect choice and are offered appropriate to the individuals reading level. Use of Multiple Modalities Alternative activities i.e.. stations, tapes, computers, manipulatives Flexible Grouping -Think/Pair/Share -Cooperative -Lab groups -Two teams/Debate Extension/Challenge Problems Leveling or Scaffolding Groups and creating tiered assignments Varied Products/Expectation s Supplemental Assignments Alternative Problem Solving /Student Demonstration

6 General examples of differentiation at Redwood that one might observe in any classroom on any day. Debates and solve complex problems in a group Independent Reading Projects that reflect Use of Multiple Modalities Alternative activities Flexible Grouping: think, pair, share, lab groups, partner reviews, brainstorming, 3-5-7 student groups Extension/Challenge Problems Leveling or Scaffolding Groups Varied Products/Expectations

7 From the English department Invention assignment (create a time saving gadget and create a design, along with an advertising campaign --slogans etc. This goes with two standards: technical documents and persuasive techniques in the media Cross curricular unit on the Holocaust ---- math (pie charts and figuring out percentages), social studies (history lesson to give background) English--reading Anne Frank Museum of Tolerance trip with a debriefing which includes research on modern day civil rights issues.

8 From the English Department End of the year multi-media research report to explore one concept from their 8 th grade year. Read advanced supplemental literature in addition to the grade-level core literature Match ideas/characters from the book Animal Farm to the major players in the Russian Revolution Differentiated self select vocabulary Choices for appropriate reading books encouraged using a five finger test. Project connecting Multiple Intelligence theory and Flowers for Algernon increasing IQ

9 From the SS Department Expository research papers writing Products presented in a variety of ways Socratic seminars to prepare for the questions for We The People Problem solving activities Debates application of current events/primary source documents to topics in the text Map/graph analyses Essay writing and preparation for follow up questions (public speaking strategies) Writing connected with the curriculum in World History

10 From the Math Department Math Art/Club Key math vocabulary is defined, discussed and applied daily Advanced word problem interpretations involving writing and deductive reasoning (all levels) Challenge problems on tests Geometry Honors in 8 th grade at Redwood Geometry/Algebra Connections Connecting math to everyday life Making math connections across the curriculum Using literature to teach math concepts

11 From the Science Department Bridge building and design project Bridge building Computer design program Trebuchet project Extended Lab Projects Research Papers 3D projects and power points Bill Nye the Science Guy and other DVDs Interactive notebooks Songs and rhymes used to memorize vocabulary rules, concepts and ideas






17 From the Strings Program Flexible grouping –Student conductors are select eighth grade students. They conduct regularly in class and apply critical thinking and analysis skills to help small and large groups of students improve their performance. Varied product within the same product Worksheets with three sections and students are required to complete two of them, based on their level of musicianship.

18 Costas Three Levels of Inquiry Level one Its Right There Define, Describe, Observe, List, Identify, Level two Search & Find It Analyze, Contrast, Classify, Sort, Infer, Compare Level three Out there on your own Evaluate, Judge, Imagine, Predict, Hypothesize,

19 The use of the Kaplans Icons provides a forum for creating depth and complexity during class discussion through student questioning. Kaplan's Icons Language of the Discipline Details Patterns Trends Unanswered Questions Rules Ethics Big ideas Over Time Different Perspectives Types of Questions Inferential Questioning Higher level Questioning/Discussions Cross Curricular Questions and Analogies Open ended Questions Conceptual Questioning Integrated Questioning

20 Some AVID inspired strategies that have become concrete curriculum components at Redwood that support differentiation. 1. Cornell Notes Basic questioning and intro into Costas Inquiry More complex questioning processes Costa, Bloom and Kaplan Relationships Summarization and deductive conclusions writing 2. WICR Writing Inquiry Collaboration Reading Differentiation Strategies embedded into group work. Dialectical journals writing Interactive Notebooks writing Weekly Reflections writing Quick writes writing Four Corners Debate Literature 3. How to create and implement successful Socratic Seminars in the classroom.

21 What can you do to stimulate your child? Read and discuss newspaper and magazine articles Field trips (anywhere!) Help them make connections across the subject areas Expand and discuss vocabulary Teach them how to summarize Deepen their research with them. Read, discuss, read, discuss, read………… Help them learn how to ask higher level questions Make them compute everyday math problems, %, statistics, money markets, conversions, geometry problems etc. Speak to them about your career and college experience Get a large world map and have fun with it.

22 What do you do to promote critical thinking? Extend the Social Studies with discussion, films, and internet searches Answer their questions with a question and if they dont know the answer have them find it. Relate all subjects to real life Suggestions?

23 Differentiation Described….. Within the content area representative topics are explored and webbed, with open ended questions Curriculum must allow for students to discover the bridges between ideas and fields of study and the paths to new learning Slocumb and Monaco (1986)

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