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Responsibility. Importance of positive role modeling Doing your best and striving for excellence Providing educational resources to young people Emphasizing.

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1 Responsibility

2 Importance of positive role modeling Doing your best and striving for excellence Providing educational resources to young people Emphasizing the importance of animal welfare Teaching the importance of food safety when raising livestock Overview

3 Adults have the responsibility to be positive role models and set good examples. This includes: –Engaging in ethical practices –Demonstrating good sportsmanship –Providing resources young people need –Producing safe food products Positive Role Modeling

4 As young people develop, they seek role models. Role model – a person who serves as a model in a particular behavioral or social role for another person to emulate Positive role models are essential for youth development. Role Modeling

5 Young people find both positive and negative role models in todays society. Young people often idealize sports figures, yet many athletes have been accused of using performance-enhancing drugs. These negative role models may make it seem acceptable to use performance- enhancing drugs in livestock. Role Modeling in Society

6 As society becomes more complex, positive role models are harder to find. Societal influences that affect the unity of young people and adults: –Increased mobility –Distancing from relatives –Sports icons –Generational differences Every young person needs a positive relationship with at least one adult. Ideally, young people will have positive relationships with: –Church leaders –School leaders –Business leaders –Other positive leaders Positive Role Models in Society

7 A positive role model demonstrates character traits such as: Groups that serve as role models include: What is a positive role model? – County Extension agents– Master volunteers – Agricultural science teachers – Family members – Project committee members– Other adult volunteers – Trustworthiness– Fairness – Respect– Caring – Responsibility– Citizenship

8 It is the responsibility of adults to teach young people about showmanship both inside and outside the ring. Young people must understand the difference between sportsmanship and gamesmanship. Sportsmanship – exhibiting livestock with honor Gamesmanship – striving to win for gain and glory Sportsmanship vs. Gamesmanship

9 Examples of good showmanship –Picking up a show stick someone drops in the ring –Teaching a younger exhibitor how to clip and fit a steer –Opening a gate for someone who has a pig penned –Letting another exhibitor borrow a brush –Taking leadership of the county/chapter showmanship training to help others –Sharing your knowledge about selecting projects with others –Helping a younger exhibitor carry a bucket of water Sportsmanship

10 Examples of gamesmanship –Jabbing someone elses animal in the show ring –Being dishonest about an animals age when registering –Showing an animal in the wrong breed or division –Telling the judge that your animal weighs a different amount than the card says –Blocking the judges view of another animal in the class –Depriving your animal of the appropriate amount of feed and water to get its weight down –Providing compensation to the judge to influence his or her decision Gamesmanship

11 Making ethical choices involves choosing to do your best, strive for excellence, pursue victory, and display accomplishments with honor. It does not involve giving in to unethical practices in order to win. Competitors expect to compete, not to forfeit to their opponents. When times get tough, parents and adult leaders should demonstrate the following practices: –Perseverance –Diligence –Hard work –Accountability –Self restraint –Search for improvement Doing Your Best and Striving for Excellence

12 The ancient Greek definition of happiness was the full use of your powers along lines of excellence. John F. Kennedy Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected. Steve Jobs The quality of a persons life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor. Vincent T. Lombardi Striving for Excellence

13 The educational resources adults provide can help young people better appreciate and understand agriculture. Resources may include: –Extension publications –Extension specialists and agents –Feedback from project experts –Master volunteers –4-H and FFA curricula –Extension trainings –4-H and FFA camps Providing Educational Resources for Young People

14 Young people must learn personal accountability when raising livestock. They are accountable for the methods they use. Raising livestock requires commitment. –Feeding and watering daily –Safe handling of livestock –Giving only prescribed medications and feeds –Providing a safe environment for animals –Treating livestock that are sick Animal Welfare

15 Market livestock projects account for nearly 7 million pounds of meat each year. Adult leaders must emphasize the importance of producing safe, high-quality meat. Adults should help young people understand Food Quality Assurance and learn to use Hazard Analysis Critical Control Plans (HACCP). Food Safety

16 Established in 1979 by federal government Monitors the production, processing and distribution of all food products Eliminated overlapping, inconsistent, complex specifications for various food products Goal – help consumers buy food as efficiently and economically as possible while taking advantage of the innovations and efficiencies of the commercial marketplace Food Quality Assurance

17 Responsibilities of Food Quality Assurance Program: –Assure food quality and manage Commercial Item Descriptions (CID) –Coordinate CIDs with users, regulatory agencies, inspection and testing agencies, and the food industry –Review CIDs to ensure document requirements conform to applicable laws, regulations and policies –Approve CIDs, as appropriate, and arrange for their printing, indexing and distribution –Maintain a complete and current inventory of CIDs Food Quality Assurance

18 Plans that identify where and how food safety problems occur and how they can be prevented HACCP plans should be used with 4-H/FFA livestock projects. They ensure that meat will be safe and wholesome for the consumer. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)

19 When implementing HACCP plans: –Identify hazards –Find critical control points for each hazard –Establish critical limits for each control point –Monitor –Take corrective action if there is a problem –Keep records on each critical control point –Verify that the HACCP plan is working correctly Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)

20 Importance of –Positive role modeling (sportsmanship vs. gamesmanship) –Doing your best and striving for excellence –Providing young people with educational resources –Animal welfare –Food safety (Food Quality Assurance, HACCP) Conclusion

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