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Escape to Paradise by Roie Galitz

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1 Escape to Paradise by Roie Galitz


3 Blue & White The Catlins

4 Castle Rock Farewell Spit

5 Tongariro Crossing Tongariro

6 Clouds rest Fiordland

7 Rainbow Valley Manapouri, Fiordland

8 Emerald Lake Tongariro Crossing

9 Hells Gate Rotorua

10 Flow The Catlins

11 Green Falls The Catlins

12 Mclean Falls The Catlins

13 Whanganui River Whanganui

14 Fiord Doubtful Sound

15 The Cloud Piercer Mt. Cook

16 Days End Westport

17 Standing Tall Dunedin

18 The Present Westport

19 Sun Saddle Westport

20 Yin & Yang Nelson Infrared Photography

21 Zen Garden Nelson Infrared Photography


23 Friendsheep Sheep

24 Show Off Sea Lion, Male Curio Bay

25 Family Hookers Sea Lion, Male, Female and Cub Curio Bay

26 Lions Roar Hookers Sea Lion, Female Curio Bay

27 Young One Hookers Sea Lion, Male Cub Curio Bay

28 Pondering Fur Seal, Young Milford Sound

29 Playful Dusky Dolphin Kaikoura

30 Glistening Common Dolphin Bay of Plenty

31 Jump Common Dolphin Bay of Plenty

32 Surfing Dolphin Hector Dolphin Curio Bay

33 Facing New Zealand Sperm Whale Kaikoura

34 Tail Sperm Whale Kaikoura

35 Love Australiasian Gannet Kidnappers Cape

36 Lunch Time Australiasian Gannet Kidnappers Cape

37 Landing Australiasian Gannet Kidnappers Cape

38 LAAAAA!! Bellbird Kapiti Island

39 Looking at my kingdom Kea Aspiring

40 Shes got the Look Kea Aspiring

41 The Friendly Fantail Fantail Port Levy

42 Dont Feed the Penguins Yellow-Eyed Penguin Moeraki

43 Nesting New Zealand Pigeon, Kereru Kapiti Island

44 Baby Kiwi Kiwi Whangarei

45 I hope you enjoyed watching For more photos, photography articles youre welcome to my website אני מקווה שנהנתם בצפייה לצילומים נוספים, מאמרים בנושאי צילום וקורסים בצילום, מוזמנים להיכנס לאתר שלי

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