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A Gate Tune-Up on Best Practices for Differentiation

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1 A Gate Tune-Up on Best Practices for Differentiation
Universal Themes A Gate Tune-Up on Best Practices for Differentiation

2 Philosophy Behind Universal Themes
Gate teachers are to take the core curriculum and look at ways to get greater depth. This means demanding more sophisticated thinking of your students. This is achieved by weaving connections to get a greater fabric of understanding.

3 Developing Greater Intellectual Depth
The process to achieve this combines the use of universal themes, and knowledge of specific disciplines with complex thinking strategies.

4 Simple Concept Complex Concept Universal Concept desert environment systems igloo shelter adaptations flower structure plant growth

5 How is Using a Universal Theme Different from Traditional Thematic Instruction?

6 Thematic Instruction In thematic instruction the teacher develops a theme and makes the connections for the students. All this does is ask students to know the content and how it is related.

7 Interdisciplinary Thematic Instruction
Students have a universal theme and what appear to disparate parts or pieces. They must apply knowledge in order to make connections. Often, this approach requires that students begin with the complex and work backward to connect to the simple concept.

8 Connections When one steps back to view the knowledge, not from within the discipline, but from without, one sees that all the parts touch, overlap, and form a tapestry of interconnection.

9 Therein lies meaning for the child seeking order in a world which appears disjointed and chaotic.
The true test of an individual’s intellect may not be in their ability to describe the uniqueness of a thing, but rather in their ability to state the commonalities that binds us all.

10 Generalizations In making connections between seemingly disparate concepts, students begin to form generalizations. Thus, generalizations are the basis of connections.

11 Some Universal Themes and Generalizations
Patterns 1. Have segments that are repeated 2. Allow for prediction 3. Have eternal order 4. Are enablers Systems 1. Are many parts arranged into a unified whole 2. A group of elements that work together 3. Are manmade or natural

12 Change 1.Can be natural or man-made 2. Different kinds of change 3. Is inevitable 4. Necessary for growth Conflict 1. Composed of opposing forces 2. Natural or man-made 3. Intentional or unintentional 4. May allow for synthesis and change

13 A Few Basic Generalizations
__________are reciprocal and interdependent. __________is inevitable. __________can be natural or imposed. There are __________within__________. __________can be positive or negative. __________have structure and functions.

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