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PMLC Timeline/Process

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1 PMLC Timeline/Process
Initiation Stage Planning Stage Execution and Control Stage Closure Stage Post Review 1) Request for I/T Support 2) Project Registration 3) Business Requirements 4) Sponsor Approval 1) Architecture Review 2) I/T Solution Agreement 3) Project Plan 4) Change Mgt. Plan 5) EPQ Council Review 6) Key Control AD2 1) Project Plan Actioning 2) Team Meetings 3) Advisory Reviews 4) Change Mgt. Execution 5) Key Control AD3 6) Testing 7) Key Control AD4,5,6,7 8) Training 9) Final UAT Approval 1) Final Cutover 2) Post Support 3) KTLOs 4) Lessons Learned 5) Sponsor Sign-Off 6) Key Control AD8 1) Settling Period 2) Business Review SG-1 SG-2 SG-3 SG-4 Archive Project Status: “Initiation” Project Status: “Planning” Project Status: “Exec/Cntl” Project Status: “Closure” Project Status: “Complete” Project Status: “Archived” Note: Key Control AD1 occurs outside the PMLC timeline PMLC Process and Timeline

2 Request for I/T Support
BACK PURPOSE: To formally identify to the company that I/T is being asked to provide solution assistance for a given situation which is probably greater in effort than the parameters of the Work Request system allow. WHEN: Have the requestor complete this document anytime they are seeking assistance from you and, in your judgment, it seems to be greater in magnitude than a Work Request. If you are unsure, check with one of the Portfolio Managers listed on the form for guidance. PROCESS: Pull the document from the EPQ Dashboard to insure most current revision. Send to requestor and assist in completing the document. Forward completed document to the identified Portfolio Manager listed on the form. RESULTS: This starts the formal project management process. It will either be terminated and converted to a Work Request by the Portfolio Manager after initial investigation or a Project Manager will be assigned to complete the Initiation Stage. PMLC-I01 – Request IT Services PMLC-I02 – Business Requirements PMLC-I03 – Requirements Acceptance PMLC-E01 – Meeting Minutes PMLC-E02 – Issues Log PMLC-E03 – Development Control Signoff PMLC-E04 – Test Results PMLC-E05 – Financial Validation Project Closure PMLC-P01 – IT Specifications and Solution PMLC-P02 – Scope Agreement PMLC-P03 – Project Plan: WBS & Schedule PMLC-P04 – Project Plan: Risk Response PMLC-C01 – Project Completion Signoff Click here to see the form and instructions PMLC Process and Timeline

3 Request for I/T Support
BACK Requestor information (who’s asking for this and who are they) Sponsor information (It is the responsibility of the requestor to secure an executive (VP level or higher) who agrees with the request and is willing to sponsor efforts by I/T to at least work with the business to develop documented requirements. This would be the person who will sign off acceptance at all future stages of the project. Therefore, once they see the requirements document, they may choose to terminate the effort or approve it to continue to be planned in detail. Once they see the plan and the costs and benefits, they may choose to terminate the effort or support it going before EPQ Steering Council for corporate approval, etc… Description of the Request – If this is not enough room to briefly describe the request, attach additional documentation. Pull down and select business division. This will auto-populate the Portfolio Manager to be ed. PMLC Process and Timeline

4 PMLC Process and Timeline
Project Registration BACK PURPOSE: To begin tracking of activities and efforts being performed to the new project. WHEN: After the owning Portfolio Manager assigns a Project Manger to begin review efforts. PROCESS: I/T Request form is reviewed by the Portfolio Managers and ownership is established to one of them. They will select a Project Manager to run the project. The Project Manager must first contact their DPMA to establish a project ID and initial parameters to be populated. RESULTS: The new project ID is now available in the Dashboard for project details and is also available in LATTE for labor actual charges. INFORMATION NEEDED BY THE DPMA FROM THE PROJECT MANAGER WHEN THE INITIAL REQUEST FOR A NEW PROJECT ID IS MADE: Project or KTLO Project Name Brief project description Program Name the new project supports Portfolio Manager Owner’s name Project Manager’s name Line of Business this project supports Customer (Either Sanmina-SCI or specific external) Project Start date (should default to current date) Projected end date for the INITIATION STAGE Softcopy of the I/T Request for Service PMLC Process and Timeline

5 Business Requirements
BACK PMLC Process and Timeline

6 PMLC Process and Timeline
Sponsor Approval BACK PURPOSE: To document that the requirements are accurate as to what the business needs and have adequate detail to be used for establishing solution documentation. WHEN: Once Business Requirements have be documented and forwarded to the Sponsor for review. PROCESS: Project Manager will send documented Business Requirements to the Sponsor. Sponsor should review and 1) Approve (meaning they agree that their needs have been accurately identified and now expect effort to be expended to develop documentation for the complete solution and necessary activities and budget around achieving the solution. They understand they will be kept in the loop as the planning process progresses as they have the right to cancel the project if it becomes evident the value proposition is not favorable. They also understand the completed project plan will be presented for EPQ Council Review and they or their designate will be required to present this project at that council.) … 2) Cancel, or 3) Request additional redrafting of the requirements before approving. PROCESS: (continued) Their approval or cancellation is documented and filed on the Dashboard under the PMLC-I03 – Requirements Acceptance document placeholder. RESULTS: Approval is secured and Stage Gate 1 is cleared allowing the project to progress to the Planning Stage. Or, the project is cancelled whereby documentation of this decision is filed on the dashboard and all project activity is terminated. PMLC Process and Timeline

7 PMLC Process and Timeline
Initiation Stage BACK Initiation Begins when a request for I/T Service is formalized with a documented requestor and VP level Sponsor. Ownership of the request is determined among the IPM ranks. A project manager is assigned to evaluate and clarify the request. If the request cannot readily be converted into a Work Request, a project number is assigned and the project status is set to “Initiation”. An estimated end date for the Initiation Stage will be populated into the Dashboard along with estimated resource needs for this Stage. Generally, resource needs from I/T should be minimal during this stage as it is primarily a PM and a Business Analyst working with the business. Business requirements are drafted indicating the problem(s) or need(s), the current process, and the requirements needed to satisfy the issue(s). The “Initiation” Stage concludes with documented approval from the business sponsor that the documented business requirements are accurate. The approval will be filed in the Dashboard and the owning Portfolio Manager will indicate concurrence by setting a Stage Gate 1 Complete flag in the Dashboard. The project status changes to “Planning” Initiation Stage 1) Request for I/T Support 2) Project Registration 3) Business Requirements 4) Sponsor Approval SG-1 Project Status: “Initiation” PMLC Process and Timeline

8 PMLC Process and Timeline
SG-1: Stage Gate 1 BACK A milestone event at the end of the Initiation process. This gate is considered cleared or approved once documented evidence has been provided that the Business Sponsor of the project has accepted/agreed to the documented Business Requirements AND the owning Portfolio Manager has indicated concurrence. PMLC Process and Timeline

9 Project Status “Initiation”
BACK This is the first status of a Project. It encompasses at a high level the activities shown in the diagram. This status changes when: A project is cancelled A project is placed on hold A project clears Stage Gate 1 as signified by the owning Portfolio Manager. Initiation Stage 1) Request for I/T Support 2) Project Registration 3) Business Requirements 4) Sponsor Approval SG-1 Project Status: “Initiation” PMLC Process and Timeline

10 Request for I/T Support
BACK PMLC Process and Timeline

11 Request for I/T Support
BACK PMLC Process and Timeline

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