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Redwood City School District GATE Program

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1 Redwood City School District GATE Program 2014-2015
Parent Orientation Meeting Redwood City School District GATE Program Natalie Sanchez

2 Introductions Natalie Sanchez 2nd year teaching the GATE program
North Star Academy Kennedy Middle School Specialize in Differentiated Instruction Over the past few years I have worked with learning different kids primarily in math and reading Now looking forward to being back in redwood city teaching a unique and integral position Excited to be a teaching the program Have spent many hours creating a fabulous units and am looking forward to seeing the kids be creative and challenged in different ways

3 What is GATE? GATE: Gifted and Talented Education
These are students whose potential requires differentiated and challenging educational programs or services beyond those provided in the general school program. Redwood City School District All day pull out program Differentiated, complex, enriching, and rigorous learning Homogenous group of gifted students Grouped by grade level

4 Gifted Learner Characteristics
Asks the questions Good guesser Is highly curious Is keenly observant Plays around yet tests well Thrives on complexity Discusses in detail, elaborates Initiates projects Shows strong feelings 1-2 repetitions for mastery Is intense Creates a new design Enjoys learning Inventor Our class website has a link to Association and more info on gifted learners These are some of the characteristics. For more information visit California Association for the Gifted

5 GATE Learning Objectives
At all grade levels, students will explore, problem solve and use various avenues to address educational challenges.  They will learn there is no "right way" to tackle concepts.  Students will also examine GATE characteristics and identify their learning styles. 

6 Social & Emotional Benefits of GATE Program
This is an opportunity for GATE identified students to work together in a homogeneous group.  Group work and social interactions with gifted students and their peers. Understanding of GATE characteristics and how that effects one socially and emotionally. The grouping of GATE students allows them to exhibit their GATE characteristics in a like minded environment. Students have said they enjoy this grouping because of the shared interests and intensity on projects

7 GATE Program 11-13 class meetings (1-2 times per month) during the year including 3 field trips Program schedule: Classes meet either Tuesday, Thursday, or Fridays Students will miss class during Smarter Balance Testing GATCA: Gifted and Talented Children’s Association Information and support for GATE children Supports our program-field trips, computers, speakers Introduce Marlene as Board Member and have her speak

8 Expectations Consistent attendance Be Punctual
Please or call me ASAP if your child will miss class. Please leave a message at the Selby Lane office after 8:20. Be Punctual 8:20-2:30 Regular Day 8:20-1:30 Minimum Day Students line up at 404 line outside in morning Come prepared and ready to learn! Lunch, snack, water bottle, uniform type clothes Good Behavior Especially important due to the design of the class If there are any extra materials for students to bring to class, I will you and let you know ahead of time.

9 Uniform Policy Pants or skirts: khaki or black
Shirts or blouses: plain white collar shirt/blouse OR school t-shirt Sweatshirts: plain black, khaki or light gray OR a school sweatshirt Coats or Jackets: any style or color except red or blue. No sport jerseys Shoes: closed toed only Please go to Selby Lane office if you need of assistance to purchase uniforms Clothing is to have no writing or pictures on them

10 Transportation No buses available for drop off/pick up
Sections are grouped by school Carpooling is encouraged with your fellow schoolmates Please allow appropriate travel time to ensure your child is on time to class. Drivers are needed for field trips –no buses I know transportation is a difficult one for some, a reason why their child cannot attend the program. I truly hope you can find a way to get your child here to participate in this wonderful program.

11 Homework and Materials Needed
No GATE homework Materials to bring to class Donations from materials list –simple household items to help supply for design challenges Water bottle, snack/lunch and uniform Further learning: Visit class website to further explore our units. Website will be updated as the year progresses. I also all 4th -6th grade teachers asking to reduce GATE students workload. I am hoping they will do this, but please also suggest it to your teacher. I plan on ing classes asking for donations of design supplies from home. These are simple household items you may have

12 Sample of 4th Grade Topics
Electricity and Magnetism: Students will experiment with and build different types of circuits. They will combine their knowledge of magnetism and electricity to build an electromagnet for design challenges. Animal Adaptations: Students will examine adaptions and create a super animals based on their given environment. World conservation: Students will examine ways perform design challenges to conserve our resources. Fibonacci: Students will learn about the Fibonacci pattern and create their own designs based on Fibonacci numbers. The fourth grade curriculum is the first step in the GATE program. This year focuses on design challenges that explain major scientific concepts. They will take these concepts and apply them in more depth than a general classroom

13 Sample of 5th Grade Topics
Crime Scene Investigation Mysteries: Students will crack cases using the knowledge they’ve learned about fingerprints, chromatography, and scientific observations of forensic evidence. Simple Machines:  Students will experiment with levers, pulleys, wheels and axles and solve design challenges using these simple machines. Mystery Material: Students investigate the properties of common elements and learn how they are organized on the periodic table. They will use tools and tests to separate and identify properties of a mystery material. Biomimicry: Students will learn how to apply animal adaptions to solve real world problems. These units are designed to be highly interactive, problem based and allow more time than a regular class for multiple redesigns This way students learn to reevaluate their work Because of the unique opportunity of having a GATE all day class, students can explore and dig deeper into the concepts with their classmates. They can explore more ways to design and test different materials in both design challenges and experiments

14 Sample of 6th Grade Topics
Renewable Energy: Students will learn about the types of renewable energy and solve real life problems with these energy sources. They will also design a “solar oven” to roast marshmallows. Bridge Design: Students will apply the concepts of force and energy to solve bridge design challenges. Ancient Civilizations: Students will connect natural resources with ancient social systems to understand the problems ancient peoples faced. Our World, Our Lives: Students will investigate different biomes, and the importance of natural resources to their personal lives. Students will design an invention to a real world environmental issue. Fabulous Physics:  Students will explore the laws of physics through fun activities and experiments. The sixth grade curriculum is designed to discuss major issues facing our natural world and devise solutions. Students engage in debates discussing our human impact and find solutions to real life problems.

15 Field Trips 3 Field Trips each grade level
Field trip permission forms will be sent home in September Car checks 24 hours in advance-at YOUR school site (not Selby Lane) Bring drivers license and insurance card during car check Booster chair (if under 80 lbs or 8 years) Please take a moment tonight to fill out the forms needed to attend the field trips in advance. This would help streamline all the paperwork beforehand!

16 Parent Help Administrative tasks Field Trips
collecting materials list items Arrange carpooling with your school Field Trips Organizing drivers and forms Drivers Chaperones Coordinators: One per grade level would be helpful! I would also appreciate any ideas of educational field trips or particular guest speakers you may know of for our class.

17 Questions ??? Contact Info: Natalie Sanchez Selby Lane Elementary School 170 Selby Lane Atherton, CA 94027 Room 404 Selby Lane phone: (650) 368 – 3996 GATE classroom direct line: (650) There is no voic , so is a better way to contact me

18 Before you leave tonight…
Confirm your child’s enrollment Fill out a parent/student information form Complete the Field trip forms-if interested in participating Field Trip Guidelines for Chaperone Driver Forms Please turn them in to the basket If you are undecided, you can enroll online at Thank you for attending the New Parent Meeting! Class section dates are organized by school Please look for your child’s school to figure out what group you are in The field trip forms are also organized by section Please take a moment to fill out the forms and if you can drive for any of the trips , please fill out the driver form so I can contact you beforehand.

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