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Hatboro-Horshams approach to ensuring equity within its athletic program.

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1 Hatboro-Horshams approach to ensuring equity within its athletic program

2 All School Districts have the responsibility under the Education Amendments of 1972, 20 U.S.C.1681 and 34 C.F.R Part 106 (Title IX) to provide equivalent benefits, treatment, services and opportunities to its male and female student- athletes participating in its interscholastic athletics program.

3 In order to prevent inequities in equipment, opportunities, services provided to one gender over the other The Office of Civil Rights is responsible for ensuring that all institutions that are funding in any part through the federal government are compliant with Title IX regulations

4 In 2008, the District of Hatboro-Horsham received notification by the Office of Civil Rights that an individual had filed a complaint against the district. The basis of the complaint related to what this individual considered inequities in booster fundraising for girls sports versus boys sports

5 The complexities of enforcing Title IX have always been a challenge. Most school districts, HH being no exception were not tuned in completely to the need to aggressively account for private fundraising efforts conducted by booster clubs and other fundraising groups

6 Began a self-study of the athletic program Designed and offered a Resolution Agreement to the OCR After the OCR accepted this Agreement the district took the following steps to investigate and correct any inequities that might exist

7 Field, locker room and equipment inequalities were addressed and on-going efforts to seek equities continue The financial accounting process for boosters and fundraisers was tightened up and is monitored for inequities All athletic fundraising efforts are required to be approved by the Athletic Department

8 Fundraising groups and boosters have been informed of equity requirements Attempts to pair opportunities, travel, equipment and services are on-going, male and female sports similar in nature can at times take advantage of the same benefits, regardless of who funded the opportunity, equipment, service or equipment Scheduled presentation for boosters, fundraising groups, athletes and the public regarding Title IX will be held on January 24 th at 7:00 pm at the high school. Ms. Sheila Murphy of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association

9 The Athletic Department must continue to work with boosters and fundraising groups in order to continue to work toward equity in services, opportunities and Equipment that may be caused by fundraising differences *This is a difficult and relatively new concept and will take time to completely transition *Regardless of the difficulty, we must press on in order to satisfy the conditions of our Agreement with the OCR

10 Developing a single booster/fundraising group district wide supervised by the district Limit all fundraising efforts to a level that all groups could successfully maintain that level District supplements the fundraising efforts of less successful groups through gate receipts and snack bar revenues Sharing of benefits, equipment, services and opportunities by gender and sport Eliminate outside fundraising efforts altogether

11 Continue to work toward seeking and maintaining equity in all athletic endeavors Seek and solidify a solution to our booster funding inequities Complete required documents for the OCR Establish on-going compliance monitoring structures

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