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N0. 15#03, Jalan Suria 3, Bandar Seri Alam, 81750 Johor Bahru, Johor

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1 N0. 15#03, Jalan Suria 3, Bandar Seri Alam, 81750 Johor Bahru, Johor Tel : / Fax : +607 – Web :


3 Contents Introduction Wifi Network in IRDA Region
Proposed Roll-out to IRDA Iskandar Malaysia Roll-out Plan Technology Partnership

4 Introduction This proposal shows the initial roll-out plan in deploying Sadrajeya YGY Free Wifi network covering IRDA region. This plan is based on technical sharing between Sadrajeya and Wireless System Integrators . This proposal on providing free wireless internet is based on growth potential within the IRDA region, penetrating the local & foreign user market who live here targeting the “Generation Y”.

5 Wi-fi Network In IRDA Region
People residing here are in par with all major cities in Malaysia in-terms of internet usage. To date, there is number of free localize or paid wireless network in IRDA region. Adding value to Government initiative, we introduce our proposal to bring the digital divide closer and affordable to the society at large. To Provide Wider Connectivity in IRDA Region.

6 Roll-out Plan MOU with IRDA
IRDA supporting Sadrajeya as a provider giving FREE wireless broadband & infrastructure covering IRDA Development Areas. Plan roll out solution between IRDA & Sadrajeya including the network P-t-P and last mile by using Wi-Fi as the medium to roll out Broadband services to IRDA Region. ROI based on selling commercial advertisement slots with the technology implemented. MOU with IRDA

7 Location of Infrastructure
BUSINESS MODELS Sadrajeya will bear the initial cost of infrastructures installation. Project Funding Sadrajeya will utilize the existing location/infrastructure/resources provided by IRDA. Location of Infrastructure IRDA & Sadrajeya Maximize the coverage area and users of Free Wi-Fi Maximi Promotion Promoting YGY Wi-fi to the public. Assist Sadrajeya to achieve the above business.Assist Sadrajeya to achieve the above business. IRDA

Free Wi-fi End-Users Multiple SSID ISP Revenue From Ads & Broadband Wireless Infra Business Model MODEL 2 – END-TO-END SERVICES Free Wi-fi End-Users Revenue From Advertisement ISP Wireless Infra

9 Why YGY Wi-fi for Iskandar Malaysia
Wider and Extended FREE Wi-Fi coverage Free of additional cost for authorities, developer and ISP’s in infrastructures installation. Future add-on services enable like CCTV, RFID access system and Fault Management System. Central Network Operating Centre which can save money and time in access monitoring. Full deployment in Iskandar Malaysia within 3 years time. Supplementary to 3G & 4G services

10 Iskandar Malaysia Flagship
Senai - Skudai Johor Bahru Town City Nusajaya Eastern Gate Development Western Gate Development

Phase 1 Flagship A -JB Town Centre Flagship B -Nusajaya Phase 2 Flagship D -Eastern Gate Flagship E -Senai-Skudai Phase 3 Flagship C -Western Gate Throughout Johor

12 Technology Partnership


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