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FB Lead By Brian Lim Ea sy.

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1 FB Lead By Brian Lim Ea sy

2 I will help you to generate LEADS from Facebook at controllabl e cost and measureable ways.

3 There are many ways to reach Rome, how my method is different.

4 There are many ways to reach Rome.

5 You might have tried some of the following: Offline: Newspaper/Strait Times Magazine Postcard Flyers Leaflets

6 Effective Marketing Ends Up at STOMP.

7 You might have tried some of the following: Online: Property Guru ST Property SEO Web Design Wordpress Email Marketing Blogging Articles Writing

8 Too Crowded. Too Costly to Get Good Seats.

9 Attending SEO Courses.

10 SEO Makes Easy?

11 I See You, I See You Not.

12 Until you see the bill.

13 Introducing FB

14 Q: How many people around you do not have Facebook?

15 ST Reach (1.25 mil)

16 FB Reach (2.7mil)

17 Singaporeans are among the most active social media users, with 3 million using Facebook…

18 Simple Calculation: Population = 5 millions FB User = 3 millions Actual FB User = 90% x 3 millions = 2.7 millions Market Penetration = 2.7/5 x 100% = 54% Every 2 person, 1 will have active FB.

19 How to Use FB to Get Leads?

20 Free Methods To Get Leads From FB

21 FBL 01: Your FB

22 Personal Influence.

23 FBL 02: Your Fan Page

24 Separate Personal and Work.

25 FBL 03: Your FB Group

26 Group with Same Interest

27 FBL 04: Create a Fan App (e.g. Like Gate/Share Gate)

28 FB Like Gate is Free.

29 FBL 05: Advanced Method Get Friends Help

30 Your Enemys enemy is your friend. Your Friends friend is your business lead.

31 Your Friend with Most Friends.

32 Paid Methods

33 FBL 06: FB Ad (Standard)


35 Where People Normally Gets Burned.

36 CPC or CPM

37 Q: How to save cost on advertising?

38 Play With CPM VS CPC.

39 FBL 07: How To Advertise to Your Competitors Fans

40 FBL 07: How To Advertise To A Specify Group of People?

41 For example: To Someone Who Likes Huttons and Likes Robert Kiyosaki?


43 These Peoples Friends 8 People More Than 1,000 People

44 For example: To Someone Famous.

45 Facebook UID = 1808278210

46 For example: To Someone with All Lot of Fans.

47 Facebook Fan Page ID = 503899969672714

48 For example: To A Open Group.

49 Leverage


51 I Control Who See My Ad

52 Next Level: How To Get Lead At No Cost?

53 FBL 07: Zero Cost Ad (ZCA)

54 Advertise Right in Your Post

55 Summary

56 FBSTPropertyGuru Laser Focused Audience You Dont Know Who is Your Audience Daily Ad Cost as Low as $10 USD/ day ~$40-$50/ad Your Ad can appear to your prospect several times in a day (active). Almost Immediate Ad Approval Your Ad appears once to your prospect in a day (passive). See Immediate Ad Results You Measure Your Results by Waiting for Calls To check with Raymond

57 What I will cover:

58 2 Days Extensive Training Facebook Fan Page Design and Implementation 1-to-1 Customized Facebook Ad Campaign 12 x Zero Ad Cost (ZCA) 8 weeks ask me anything on my personal email support. Gathering (online or offline meeting) for FB update for next 12 months. [Software] FB Lead Search To search for the UID [Software] FB Fan Page Creator To create your own FanPage FB Ads Secret (Home Study Video Course)

59 This is not a mass market training. This is going to be a close, very target specific group training. I will teach you whatever I tried, failed, success and what works and what doesnt. The power to reach your prospect is in your full control. No Fear Tactics, No Price Dropping, No scarcity, here in this room we all are professional sales in our domain.

60 I only have limited time to personal hand holding 10 students. The course fee will be called in next slides. You decide if my program suits you. This is on first come, first register basis.

61 The Course Fee is: $XXXX

62 This is the Era of Too Many Choices. I will choose the Mainstream.

63 Focus Pick One and Focus

64 Thank You

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