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Quantum Parallel Computing BY NIC & TIM: GUARDIANS OF THE HOOD.

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1 Quantum Parallel Computing BY NIC & TIM: GUARDIANS OF THE HOOD

2 Table of Contents What is Quantum computing? Qubits Entanglement Types of Quantum Computers Quantum gate array One way computing Annealing Topological

3 Table of Contents Continued Uses for Quantum Computers Grover's' Algorithm Shor's Algorithm D-Wave D-WaveOne / Ranier D-Wave Vasevius New Breakthroughs Control qubits at room temp Billions of entangled Questions?

4 Quantum Computing

5 Simple Description A quantum computer is a computation device that makes direct use of quantum mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement, to perform operations on data Quantum computer requires totally different architecture and programming Quantum computers operate under quantum physics

6 Basics of Quantum Computing Qubits (sometimes 1 sometimes 0 sometimes in between), Superposition Redesign of almost all algorithms Quantum computers follow quantum physics Theoretical output exceeding that of classical supercomputers

7 Qubits

8 The basis for all quantum computing There are 3 different ways to keep track of and measure qubits The spin direction of a single atom/electron The polarization orientation of a photon Quantum spin of tiny magnetic field

9 Old ways to measure Qubits Take a bunch of atoms and line them up in a magnetic field Shoot electromagnetic radiation from an MRI to flip charges Measure Echo Problems Decoherence Noise

10 Quantum Gates Unlike most classical logic gates, quantum logic gates are reversible Quantum logic gates operate on one or two qubits Quantum logic gates are represented using matrices

11 Uses for Quantum Computing

12 Grovers Algorithm

13 Prime Factorization Quantum computers will excel at cracking primes Shor's Algorithm Runs in O( log 3 N ) Public key encryption, such as RSA, will be weakened New security measures will need to be implemented Suspected that most security measures will be done through some cloud service with access to a quantum computer

14 D-Wave

15 in 2007 came out with 16 qubit quantum computer Currently working on 512 qubit quantum computer Produces quantum annealing computers using niobium to store and measure qubits Only company that sells commercial quantum computers Quantum computers already used by Lockheed Martin and Google

16 D-Wave One First commercially available quantum computer 128 qubits in its Rainier Core Sold for $10 million Proved to show quantum entanglement Quantum annealing computer Relies on sub zero temperatures

17 D-Wave Versuvius Upgraded version of Rainier core 512 qubits Quantum annealing computer Used by Lockheed Martin Takes several months to calibrate Relies on sub zero temperatures

18 D-Wave circuit board layout video http://wwwyoutube com/watch?v=PqSgmCg1kew



21 New Advances in Quantum Computing

22 Room temperature controls Stability and coherence are longstanding issues with quantum computing Researches at Stanford University demonstrated a way to operate qubits at room temperature Make use of diamond-based sensors and studying qubits in a diamond-based materials

23 Billions of entangle qubits Princeton researches were able to control the spins of billions of entangled electrons for several seconds Made use of pure silicon-28 Will allow researchers to create bigger quantum computers

24 Questions?

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